985 Chapter 985

“Isn’t this fate? Even I have to humble myself. On the account that it’s my first time hurting you, let’s forget about it.”

As Lin Shu spoke, she walked toward Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan.

“Stop! Don’t come over!”

Jiang Ming sensed danger and raised his hand to stop her.

Lin Shu did not mind and continued to move forward.

“What’s wrong with you? Why is your reaction so intense?”

Sikong Wuyuan did not feel anything. However, he agreed with Jiang Ming. “You should leave as soon as possible. We have no interest in you at all. You can scram now.”

He emphasized the last sentence.

He did not believe that such an arrogant woman would beg for mercy.

However, Lin Shu did not show any anger on her face. Instead, she smiled. “We’ve already become friends. Why are you still so aggressive? Let’s be harmonious.”

In her heart, she was furious.

No one had ever said such words to her. Even the families that were a level higher than the Lin family had to respect her.

Who was Sikong Wuyuan? If he dared to speak to her like that, he would be forced into the Otherworld later. He would suffer!

Seeing that Lin Shu was about to approach them, Jiang Ming could not help but feel uncomfortable. He raised his hand and conjured a barrier in front of them.

Lin Shu could not get past the barrier.

Unexpectedly, Lin Shu was not so easy to deal with. She had already expected it and began to pretend to be pitiful.

“I really came here voluntarily to make peace. If you don’t give me such a chance, I will be very disappointed.”

As she spoke, she secretly glanced at the secret guards.

These secret guards were carefully nurtured by her and would also set up a barrier. It was just that the power of the barrier was weaker than the barrier she had set up.

Sikong Wuyuan noticed Lin Shu’s actions and was puzzled.

“Who are you talking to?”

Lin Shu’s heart skipped a beat.

She did not expect Sikong Wuyuan to have such sharp eyes. She smiled awkwardly and said, “What? You’re wrong. Sir, do you want to try my new pastries? I originally wanted to give these pastries to Jiu Zhu. Now, I suddenly feel that you’re also extremely handsome. Why don’t you try the pastries I made? You’ll definitely like it very much.”

“What? Are you trying to seduce me? You’re not pretty enough.”

Sikong Wuyuan sized her up and deliberately clicked his tongue before shaking his head.

He did not believe that Lin Shu would not react no matter how he provoked her.

Jiang Ming rolled his eyes. He had lost his patience. He looked at Lin Shu. “What do you want? Just say it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a vortex suddenly appeared behind him and Sikong Wuyuan.

The vortex had a strong suction force, and they almost got sucked in.

Lin Shu, on the other hand, clapped in glee. “I was wondering how many spells you knew. In the end, you’re nothing much. I think you two should go practice more. Don’t embarrass yourselves here. The Otherworld is the place where the Lin family closes off the spirit beasts. You guys can enjoy staying there.”

As she spoke, she waved at Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan.

However, after a while, the two of them were still not sucked in.

Lin Shu’s face turned red. She immediately raised her hand.

However, the barrier did not budge. The vortex was shattered by Jiang Ming.

He clenched his fist.

“Let me see if my fist or your vortex is stronger. However, it doesn’t seem like you created it.”

Jiang Ming found one secret guard and directly pulled him down. He broke his neck.


Lin Shu’s face contorted when she saw that her secret guard was dead.

“Are you going to kill me? I’m the eldest daughter of the Lin family. Even if I die, the Lin family won’t let you off. The surrounding families will also hunt you down.”

She was about to go crazy from anger and could not control herself as she spoke.

“We can give it a try.”

Jiang Ming sneered and conjured some flames. “Let all of this disappear.”

He raised his hand and threw the flames over.

Lin Shu did not expect this. She turned around and wanted to escape, but the barrier suddenly enveloped her, not giving her a chance to escape at all.

She knocked hard on the barrier, but the flames were already in front of her.

The flames burned Lin Shu to ashes.

Lin Shu was screaming in pain.

She felt the flames enter her body and burn everything inside.

However, she seemed to be in so much pain that she could not feel anything.

In her daze, she seemed to hear someone calling her.

“Young Miss, I’m here to save you.”

As soon as she said this, she felt as if she had left the fire and disappeared from where she was.

“How unfortunate.” Seeing that Lin Shu was gone, Jiang Ming said seriously, “This lady has been rescued.”

“They left quite quickly. The Lin family is quite strong. Where are we going now?” Sikong Wuyuan said.

“Let’s go outside and take a look. Maybe we’ll find the exit.”

Jiang Ming pursed his lips tightly.

They had been trapped in the Lin family for too long. If they did not go back now, they would not be able to solve some problems. They did not know how the government of the Xiaguo Kingdom was doing.

Without him, no one knew how presumptuous those ministers would be.

“That’s true. I wonder how the Xiaguo Kingdom is doing.”

Sikong Wuyuan followed Jiang Ming out of the Lin family’s house.

A miraculous scene happened. It was clearly the entrance of the Lin family house in the desert, but there was a market in front of them.

A peddler’s voice could be heard, and the fragrance of snacks wafted around.

“Let’s go out and take a look.”

Jiang Ming could not help but feel curious.

He did not think that these things were created by the Lin family. Perhaps they already existed, but they were hidden by the Lin family.

Sikong Wuyuan nodded.

They lifted their feet and walked on the street. When the people saw Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan, everyone cast them a strange look.

Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan felt their gazes and could not help but feel strange.

They were dressed exactly like the hawkers. Why would the hawkers pay all their attention to them?