987 Chapter 987

“Yeah, we’re starving,” Sikong Wuyuan said. “I heard that the Lin family is charitable. No matter what, you have to give us a meal, right?”

Lin Shu’s face darkened.

They were already so heavy! Why did they still want to eat?

Seeing that the two of them did not say anything, Sikong Wuyuan opened his mouth to shout again.

However, Lin Siqing stopped him.

Lin Siqing quickly said, “We’ll go and prepare some food now. You guys go to the side room and sit for a while. The Lin family has always sympathized with and helped the impoverished. Therefore, please don’t say anything unnecessary later.”

“Are you threatening us?”

Sikong Wuyuan snorted coldly and began to knock his walking stick on the ground again.

“It’s definitely not like that.” Lin Siqing smiled awkwardly. “Don’t worry.”

Lin Shu was a little annoyed, but she did not show it. She said helplessly, “I still have some things to do. You two can rest here.”

At this moment, they had already arrived at the side room.

Sikong Wuyuan pretended to be considerate. “Go ahead. It’s been hard on you two siblings. We will definitely speak well of you to the public.”

“Thank you, sirs.”

Lin Shu pretended to thank them and left in a hurry.

She had yet to settle the matter in the beggar’s temple. Recently, a new batch of medicine had arrived. By then, she would have endless spiritual energy.

When he saw Lin Shu’s actions, Jiang Ming keenly sensed the purpose behind them. He gave Sikong Wuyuan a look.

“We don’t need you now. You can leave too,” he said to Lin Siqing.

Lin Siqing could not wait to leave. He nodded. “If you have anything to do, just call the servants. I’ll be leaving first.”

After Lin Siqing left, Jiang Ming conjured two shadows that were exactly the same as him and Sikong Wuyuan. He made them stay here, and he followed behind with Sikong Wuyuan.

In the beggar temple, a group of beggars were tied to pillars.

They were on the verge of death, and their bodies were covered in wounds.

There was a huge cage in front of them, and countless demons were locked in the cage.

Lin Shu walked over, and the demons became excited. They kept hitting the cage, but it was useless. The cage kept them locked up.

Lin Shu took a step forward and smiled. “You’ll be free soon. Don’t worry. I’ll give you a quick death.”

One of the demons transformed into a human and begged, “Please save us. We can’t bear this kind of torture. If you want the inner core, we can give it to you.”

“What use can there be with just one inner core? You’d better stay here obediently. Only by being obedient can you have meat to eat.”

Lin Shu did not think much of it. Instead, she walked up to the beggar.

“You can have your last dinner. I’ll make sure that you have an especially sumptuous meal.”

Sikong Wuyuan and Jiang Ming had already arrived at the hidden place. They were shocked by the situation in front of them.

They had thought that Lin Shu was just an ignorant young lady of the Lin family. They did not expect her to be such a cruel person.

“That beggar is going to be fed to the demon. I wonder why Lin Shu wants so many demons?”

“Let’s follow Lin Shu for now,” Sikong Wuyuan whispered to Jiang Ming. “We’ll find out the rest later.”

Jiang Ming frowned.

They had no way to save these beggars now. Moreover, if they did, they might not be grateful. It was better to wait for the situation to develop.

Sikong Wuyuan felt that it made sense. Then, he saw one of the beggars break out of his chains and charge straight at Lin Shu.

Lin Shu did not notice and was immediately caught by the beggar.


She was shocked and shouted repeatedly.

The beggar wrapped his hands around Lin Shu’s neck.

Lin Shu wanted to use her spiritual energy, but she realized that she could not release it at all. She could not help but shout, “Someone, come quickly. I’m going to die!”

However, no one came over. The beggar laughed crazily.

“You keep feeding us to these demons, so I’ll kill you. Even if I can’t kill you, I’ll make you suffer.”

Then, he spat at Lin Shu and went directly to her body.

Lin Shu sensed what the beggar was about to do and quickly shouted.

“Are you crazy? If you attack me, the Lin family will torture you to death. I’m the Lin family’s darling!”

Why did her words sound so familiar? Jiang Ming touched his ears and wondered if Lin Shu would say this every time she was in danger.

The beggar did not care. “I’m going to die. Why should I care about you? If you want to die, then let’s die together! Don’t worry, I’ll let you die a quick death. Consider it repayment.”

He laughed out loud again and lifted Lin Shu’s skirt.

Lin Shu burst into tears.

As the Lin family’s beloved daughter, she had never suffered any grievances.

Now that she was being treated like this, she really could not accept it.

Sikong Wuyuan was hesitant. He asked Jiang Ming in his heart, “Your Majesty, should we go and save Lin Shu first?

“Evil begets more evil. Wait until she loses her innocence.”

Jiang Ming wanted to wait before he stepped in.

By the time the beggar was done, Lin Shu was like a broken puppet, her pupils completely devoid of light.

It was almost time.

Jiang Ming saw everything. He pulled Sikong Wuyuan out and immediately stepped forward and kicked the smug beggar.

The beggar’s body was very weak. He died under the impact of the kick, but he still died with a smile.

No matter what, he had ruined Lin Shu’s innocence. He could die without regrets.

“Are you alright?”

Sikong Wuyuan looked at Lin Shu and asked sympathetically.

“Why didn’t you come earlier?” Lin Shu asked angrily. “What were you doing?”

She vented her dissatisfaction. Then, she realized that it was Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan who saved her. She immediately said in a panic, “Could it be that you guys are the ones who caused trouble? You must have released the beggar, right?”

She gritted her teeth and released the ribbon from her hand.

The ribbon instantly turned into a whip.

“I will make you pay with your lives!”

Furious, she threw her arms at Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan.

“You’re already covered in wounds. Do you still think you can defeat us?”

Sikong Wuyuan easily took the whip and pushed Lin Shu to the ground.

Her lower body was still in pain. She gritted her teeth and conjured another whip. She was determined to take revenge.

“You’re asking for trouble.”