Gu Nan actually dared to attack first!

Facing one Tier 10 and four Tier 9 enemies, Gu Nan struck without the slightest hesitation, and with an absolutely fatal blow as soon as he attacked.

Since his advancement to Tier 8, this was probably the first time Gu Nan had gone all out.

Even back when he killed Shi Yeyan, it was still a sneak attack from the shadows, which allowed him to kill the Tier 9 Star Ruler with ease.

But it was different this time. Even while facing an unimaginably powerful enemy, he planned to forcefully kill at least two Tier 9 gods!

That was why Gu Nan struck with a lightning-fast blow, the law of shadows erupting in full force to envelop one of his enemies, followed by a barrage of furious close-quarters blows.

When had that god ever seen such a battle before? They tried to counter Gu Nan's punches and kicks with their own laws but never expected those laws to be smashed apart without a hint of delay.

Even Fang Chaoyun's characters could be blasted to pieces by Gu Nan; it really wasn't that hard to shatter laws with his physical body.

After that god took two punches, cracks instantly appeared in his divine body. By the time the god made to turn around and put some distance between them, the law of shadows surrounding the god finally had an effect.

Purely in terms of laws, it was unrealistic—even for Gu Nan—to resist Tier 9 laws with his Tier 8 laws, especially since he was still under attack from outside.

That was why his shadows shattered almost instantly, but Gu Nan's goal had been achieved.

He used laws to stall his opponent for an instant, and that instant was enough for him to deal a fatal blow!

A heavy punch slammed into the enemy's heart, shattering the heart inside his divine body. And at the same time, attacks from the rest of the enemies landed on Gu Nan.

A bone spear coalesced in front of the Skeletal Sage and pierced Gu Nan's abdomen, leaving a huge bleeding wound on him.

However, Gu Nan ignored these attacks, not even paying attention to the injuries on his body, and simply continued hunting down the person in front of him.

One punch, then another!

Gu Nan's fists rained down, throwing dozens of punches in the blink of an eye and actually beating a Tier 9 god to death.

His body, however, was run through by a bone spear and hit by the remaining three’s attacks, so it was already riddled with holes.

The demonic flames were still burning, even spontaneously drilling into Gu Nan's body through the open wounds and setting his internal organs aflame as well.

Gu Nan had managed to kill a Tier 9 god at the cost of being heavily injured and dying himself. If he were a normal person, he wouldn’t even have the strength to move at this moment.

However, Gu Nan's eyes remained cold as he slowly turned back to look at the still-surviving Skeletal Sage and the other Tier 9 gods, his gaze stony.

For some reason, even though they clearly had the advantage, the several gods still felt like they were targeted by a hunter.

Stevenson said in a heavy voice, "Everyone, scatter. Don't give him the chance to get close… All of his strength is focused on close-quarters combat."

Having personally seen Gu Nan strike, the Skeletal Sage finally understood their enemy’s characteristics.

The gods reacted extremely quickly. Some directly disappeared into a pocket dimension while others added a layer of protective laws to ensure their own safety.

Only Stevenson himself remained in front of Gu Nan—as a Tier 10 god, this wasn’t enough to intimidate him.

Another bone spear shot out, and this time Gu Nan didn't remain in place. His body instantly transformed into shadows that split into three, simultaneously heading towards the three gods.

The three Tier 9 gods learned their lesson this time, relying on their spatial barriers to disappear again without waiting for Gu Nan to get close. Instead, Gu Nan was hit by two more bone spears as he entered and exited space.

Gu Nan only smiled coldly at this, and without sparing these people another glance, he lunged towards Fairhaven.

This was the frontline command center for the World of Gods!

"No good!" One of the Tier 9 gods couldn't help showing himself to stop Gu Nan. In all likelihood, someone important had been left behind in Fairhaven, so the gods couldn’t just sit back and watch Gu Nan run amok there.

Reality proved that only the winner in a head-on battle could have the final say.

The instant that person appeared, Gu Nan suddenly switched his target, once again displaying his outrageous speed.

And so a scene not dissimilar to the previous one reappeared—Gu Nan caught a god and hammered him with attacks while allowing the remaining enemies’ strikes to freely hit him.

He looked like he should have died a long time ago, but he was still able to make frenzied attacks, perfectly aware of the key to group fights—it doesn’t matter how many enemies there are; just grab someone and beat that person to death.

But that god was also prepared, mobilizing the full power of his law in an attempt to force Gu Nan away while he himself traveled to Fairhaven.

But Gu Nan intended to tank even the Skeletal Sage's attacks, so why would he care about attacks from a Tier 9 god?

A few short minutes later, another god had died at Gu Nan’s hands at the cost of having most of his body destroyed. Of his four limbs, only one arm could still move.

Stevenson's expression was frigid, but his heart was already speechless.

He had never seen an opponent fight like this before. Gu Nan was practically using his own life to kill enemies… Why would he go this far?

And after Gu Nan almost lost his life to kill two Tier 9 gods, he finally revealed a satisfied smile as his tattered body crashed down towards Fairhaven.

The three people led by the Skeletal Sage, however, only ever dared to strike across several layers of space, not daring to get close enough to capture him at all.

It was only until Gu Nan completely fell that Stevenson ordered darkly, "All gods, withdraw from Fairhaven and conduct a full search for Gu Nan's whereabouts… I want to see his corpse!"


In the current Myriad Heavens, the war between the two worlds was undoubtedly the most important matter, but any news related to it would become a hot topic.

And just when the war was burning up, an earth-shattering piece of information spread throughout the entire Myriad Heavens in the blink of an eye.

Academic Heaven had sent out a team consisting of four high-ranked Star Rulers—an elite assassination squad in the truest sense—to successfully kill Demon Lord Alfred!

And who was this Demon Lord?

Thanks to Academic Heaven’s propaganda, bringing demon necromancers onto the battlefield became Alfred's foremost feat, and killing him undoubtedly boosted the morale of the Myriad Heavens!

As the details of the entire assassination operation were revealed to the world bit by bit, the existence of a single person instantly attracted all the attention.

Gu Nan? Why did Gu Nan appear here?

To think he would actually participate in this Great War, even decisively staying behind to give everyone else a chance to escape…

This didn’t make sense!

Not only did this not match people's usual impression of Gu Nan, it was even more inconsistent with Gu Nan's own position.

How could he—a core member of the Heaven-God Alliance and a fellow who’d always been selfish and unscrupulous—do such a thing?

Academic Heaven did not offer any explanation for this, so a plausible-sounding rumor began to make a clamor.

Academic Heaven must have something they were using against Gu Nan—perhaps even pertaining to his very life—which forced Gu Nan to secretly change sides.

Gu Nan's eventual decision to stay behind to help his teammates escape could also be explained by this.

Almost everyone believed this explanation. The only thing still up for debate was what exactly Academic Heaven was holding over Gu Nan’s head, as well as whether or not he was already dead.

Even Fang Chaoyun half-believed the rumors and called Lin Huan in front of him.

"Are you threatening Gu Nan with some kind of secret?"

Lin Huan couldn't help smiling bitterly. "How could your disciple have this ability…? If anything, it’s that he secretly helped us, but there was still no need for him to personally stay behind!"

Fang Chaoyun knocked on the table suspiciously. "Then what exactly is he trying to do?"