How powerful would a Tier 9 Gu Nan be?

To existences like gods or Star Rulers used to the original power system, Gu Nan was like an extra realm that popped out of nowhere.

There was originally an insurmountable chasm between those at Unified Dao and below, but Gu Nan was slowly closing that gap.

Immortal Empress Taisheng, who originally thought that Gu Nan had already withdrawn, felt an inexplicable sense of danger in her heart as she began to clean up the divine servant army and pacify the civil unrest in Imperial Glory Heaven.

Immortal Empress Taisheng was also someone who’d experienced layers of intrigue and power struggles to finally get to her current position, so she never lost her vigilance and immediately reacted.

Immortal Empress Taisheng abruptly dodged to the side, and the terrifying power that crushed heaven and earth reappeared. Only then did a shadow slowly appear in her original place.

"Gu Nan?" Immortal Empress Taisheng glanced over in surprise, shocked at Gu Nan's return and even more shocked at the power he just displayed. "You—"


Gu Nan threw a fist, his speed reaching an unbelievable level. The punch headed straight for Immortal Empress Taisheng but hit the barrier in front of her with a muffled sound.

Fear lingered in Immortal Empress Taisheng’s heart, while cold sweat had already broken out on her forehead. She thanked the fact that they were in Imperial Glory Heaven and that she could solidify the power of heaven and earth with a single thought.

In terms of the influence of laws on the world, Immortal Empress Taisheng’s technique to solidify heaven and earth was definitely one of the best.

But Gu Nan just revealed a cold smile and wordlessly swung another punch.


The terrifying force shook Immortal Empress Taisheng’s heart as the law barrier created from the solidified power of heaven and earth was struck. She could even feel faint tremors, as if the world itself was trembling from the punch.

"How can…"

Another punch landed, and Immortal Empress Taisheng felt her entire body shaking along with the world. This empress might not have experienced earthquakes before, but now she did.

But she had no time to think about that. She only wanted to know how Gu Nan's power suddenly grew so much.

A secret technique? A special magic treasure? A gift from a Unified Dao bigshot?

Countless possibilities instantly flashed through Immortal Empress Taisheng’s head, but none of them could explain the situation in front of her. It wasn’t until she tried to get away, her figure dodging upwards, that she realized.

Gu Nan staggered his steps, his entire body instantly transforming into shadows. He emerged above his opponent in the blink of an eye and smashed a vicious punch down on Immortal Empress Taisheng.

This action allowed Immortal Empress Taisheng to finally see Gu Nan's law.

"Heaven Level!" The empress blurted out, her face filled with horror.

‘A Star Ruler who just advanced to Realm Level not long ago is now advancing again a few short years later, stepping into Heaven Level in one fell swoop… Is such a thing even possible?’

This completely defied common sense!

Immortal Empress Taisheng stared at Gu Nan like he was a monster. This was no longer a matter of genius or talent—such a thing was simply impossible!

When did he have time to accumulate the resources needed for his astral world, and how did he recruit enough experts for his astral world? The comprehension of laws might be dependent on one’s talent, but how could all these things be achieved overnight?

The advancement of one’s astral world had to be done one step at a time; there was no such thing as ascending to heaven in one fell swoop.

But Gu Nan did it, which Immortal Empress Taisheng found utterly incomprehensible.

With her thoughts distracted for a split second, her control over the laws of heaven and earth seemed to slip slightly. The perceptive Gu Nan instantly grasped this moment of weakness and thrust out the sword of shadows.


The longsword pierced Immortal Empress Taisheng’s chest, and pain that she hadn't experienced in a long time made her come back to her senses.

After all, she was a figure who distinguished herself from hundreds of successors and ultimately took over a major astral world. Immortal Empress Taisheng’s immediate reaction was so decisive that even Gu Nan admired it.

Without any hesitation, she stood up as the laws of heaven and earth suddenly exploded. She actually detonated the power of her astral world.

The terrifying explosion directly sent Gu Nan flying. He immediately lost control over Immortal Empress Taisheng, which gave the latter the chance to escape.

After realizing defeat was imminent, Immortal Empress Taisheng even abandoned her own astral world, risking everything to create an escape route.

This kind of decisiveness and courage was rare even among men.

"Quite decisive."

Seeing that it would be hard to find further traces of Immortal Empress Taisheng, Gu Nan simply stopped pursuing her. The most urgent matter was harvesting points.

In this Divine Kingdom War, Gu Nan had given the order to "kill with all your power regardless of casualties", so even though the harvesting was extremely efficient, the losses were also quite heavy.

Under such orders, it was needless to say that the divine servants—which were created entirely by points—and even the apostles were constantly dying.

Over half of Gu Nan's player army had already died. If not for the fact that these people could be resurrected, Gu Nan's earlier move would’ve been tantamount to squandering money in vain.

Of course, Gu Nan wouldn’t bat an eye even if he did lose the entire player army.

After harvesting this wave of points, Gu Nan's goals had all been accomplished. He only needed to return to the Divine Kingdom to advance to Tier 10, and then he could start preparing for the Second Round.

At that time, he would undoubtedly be able to fly as high as the sky would allow, completely disregarding the Divine Kingdom—anyhow, everything needed to wait until after the Second Round.

Pre- and post-Second Round were two completely different worlds.

The entire First Round was centered around the Divine Kingdom gameplay, but once the Second Round was completed, players would go back to the gameplay that revolved around themselves.

Of course, there were also people who remained addicted to the Divine Kingdom playstyle for their entire lives and were unable to extricate themselves from their obsessive management, but Gu Nan was clearly not this kind of person.

Gu Nan simply stayed inside Imperial Glory Heaven, watching the divine servant army slaughter all inhabitants, then issued an order.


"Lord Shana, we really must thank you guys this time," inside the Imperial City, a handsome-looking youth sincerely thanked Shana.

This time, an alliance of eighteen vassal states joined hands for a crusade against the muddleheaded royal family in order to purge corruption. They agreed that whoever broke into the Imperial City first would gain the merit of protecting the country and take over the continent.

"General Zhang is too polite." Shana seemed like a native of the Myriad Heavens; outsiders couldn’t tell that she had grown up in the World of Gods at all.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries with Shana, this young General Zhang was ready to bring his own troops into the Imperial Palace and invited Shana to accompany him in passing.

General Zhang undoubtedly held great fondness for this powerful woman who seemed to have descended from the sky and helped him wholeheartedly.

He had long decided that when the world was at peace, he would definitely take her as his empress.

"Miss Shana, would you like to accompany me inside the palace for a visit?" General Zhang asked with a smile.

Shana smiled noncommittally and was about to respond when her expression froze slightly before she continued smiling. "General Zhang, I don't think that's necessary anymore."


Before General Zhang could understand what she meant, he saw Shana flatly issue an order behind her, "Attack."

The next second, Shana's left hand instantly transformed into a red ray of light that pierced General Zhang's stomach.

Blood gushed out crazily, leaving behind only General Zhang's lifeless body and the look of disbelief in his eyes.