"It's not that simple." Gu Nan couldn't help laughing. "It’s precisely because their levels are too low that Lin Ling can rest assured when taking concubines, or else he would’ve interrogated them long ago."

Succubi were one of the most common demon races in the abyss. Common often meant average. Their individual strength was indeed weak. Not many could even reach Tier 3.

But succubi had quite the outstanding talent when it came to lovemaking.

Their physical recovery ability was superb, allowing them to have super long-lasting "combat power", and at the same time, their passionate nature made them the ideal lovers.

It was such a unique existence that plunged Graceful City into chaos.

Some men randomly picked up a succubus and took her home. After getting a taste, they insisted on taking the succubus as concubine without regard to opposition, resulting in family discord and chaos.

Some people took the opportunity to capture succubi on a large scale, leaving a few for themselves and selling the rest at high prices to others, making a fortune without any cost.

There were even people who—after getting tired of playing with their succubi—exchanged them with others or sold them directly…

Throughout all this, the succubi themselves never once resisted. Even if she was sold by her master for money, she could still quickly cater to a new master and was definitely the most qualified personal maid.

In fact, this was the norm in the abyss; the succubi had long gotten used to it.

But when this trend spread quickly, Graceful City—and even the entire astral world—was greatly affected.

Owning a succubus slave became a status symbol. If they didn't have one, they would find a way to disguise a human as one.

Some people even made a special trip to the frontlines to purchase succubi. It can only be said that as long as there’s a profit, there will always be someone doing that business.

However, these matters had nothing to do with Gu Nan and his group.

Gu Nan originally just wanted to use the succubus army to disrupt Graceful Academy, but it was surprisingly effective. Even Lin Ling was forced to leave, so they could set up the formation with less worry.

Gu Nan stayed in Graceful City for the next three days, entering Graceful Academy every night and personally setting up the formation.

After the first sub-formation was finished, Gu Nan would bring out the skull exuding strong bloodthirst from the Evil God Temple’s second floor and place it on the eye of the formation.

Thus, a mysterious connection began to appear between the sub-formation and the skull. Even if the skull was removed from the formation eye, this connection still wouldn’t be broken.

"Let's go, still 998 left," Gu Nan muttered with a helpless shrug.

999 sub-formations might sound very impressive on paper, but they were extremely cumbersome in practice.

Fortunately, while the first sub-formation was being laid out, preliminary work had already begun on the other sub-formations.

This allowed Gu Nan to just travel all over the plane to activate them instead of waiting for three days every time he reached a new spot.

And with Gu Nan and Zhuangxuan's realms, distance was completely negligible. They could arrive immediately by breaking through space.

But they also knew all too well that the next step was a battle against time.

It was impossible to set up thousands of formations without leaving any trace.

Once people inside Graceful Heaven noticed, the grand formation must be completed as soon as possible.


"Senior Martial Brother Hou! Another academy sent a report about seeing suspicious activities near their academy!" A disciple notified Hou Songshan.

"This is the sixth time in two days." Hou Songshan frowned heavily, almost squeezing together the wrinkles on his aged face. "Has that academy found any information on the other party?"

The disciple shook his head. "They haven't found anything yet… but Northwind Academy followed the traces and found an underground formation."

Northwind Academy wasn’t far from Graceful City. It was a veritable military science academy. Most of the disciples who left the academy went to the battlefield.

Therefore, the management of Northwind Academy was extremely strict, and it was least affected by the succubus crisis. At the same time, it was also the most vigilant.

Hou Songshan asked in surprise, "What formation?"

"They’ve yet to ascertain its effect." The disciple answered with a shake of his head. "But according to the explanation from there, the formation should’ve been installed not long ago. It wasn’t left behind from ancient times."

Hou Songshan didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt uneasy. He decisively ordered, "Ask Northwind to send me a formation diagram immediately!"


Long-distance communication naturally wasn’t hard for a large plane like Graceful Heaven. Hai Tong, the dean of Northwind Academy, quickly received the news.

"Formation diagram?" Hai Tong looked at the request with a little surprise. He felt that Elder Hou was making a fuss over nothing.

Someone had set up a grand formation under the academy—although this sounded scary, Hai Tong also had confidence in his own academy.

"Forget it, since Elder Hou requested it, just draw a formation diagram and pass it on," Hai Tong didn't think much of it and ordered.

"Yes, Dean."

Creating a formation diagram would take some time. Hai Tong also didn’t slack off during this time and started studying this grand formation.

This should be a kind of formation passed down from ancient times and improved upon by modern cultivators. The other party seemed to have intentionally hidden the function of the formation. Many of the changes were focused on concealing the formation’s effect.

Hai Tong was also someone with vast knowledge. He discovered something when he calmed down and slowly studied the formation diagram.

"This formation… seems to be both a core formation and a part of a larger formation?"

Hai Tong didn't dare neglect this matter. If his guess was correct, then the ones who set up this formation definitely weren’t some petty thieves. They probably had grand designs.

"Immediately ask someone from the main academy to come over. Additionally, inform Elder Hou that this… Where is everyone?! Where have they gone?!"

Hai Tong issued a series of orders but received no response. After a while, he couldn't help glancing behind him in annoyance, but what entered his sight was an unexpected person.

"Your insight isn’t bad." Gu Nan's faint laughter echoed underground.

The next moment, the head of the dean of Northwind Academy flew up and landed to the side.

After the grand formation was discovered, people from the Heaven-God Alliance were naturally monitoring this side. Seeing that Hai Tong was about to discover the final secret, they had no choice but to ask him to shut up forever.

Zhuangxuan's figure slowly walked out from the shadow behind Gu Nan and said heavily, "The formation is only about one-third complete. It really is impossible to completely hide all traces."

Gu Nan didn’t feel much and casually said, "Since it’s already been discovered, tell everyone to speed up at all costs. There’s no need to worry about hiding themselves."

Zhuangxuan couldn't help but frown upon hearing this. "It's not like we don't have other options…"

"There’s not enough time," Gu Nan cut in.

Zhuangxuan glanced at him in confusion. "Is it Senior’s astral world?"

There was no doubt about Fang Chaoyun's ability, but it was still a little too fast for him to have already captured Gu Nan's astral world.

There was also the secret help from Zhong Qinghe—the armaments alone were enough to delay Fang Chaoyun for a long time.

Gu Nan shook his head. "The last person I wanted to discover me has finally discovered me."

At the edge of the Myriad Heavens, a ray of holy light descended from a distant place.