Just when the Unified Dao figures thought the gods had gone crazy trying to kill Gu Nan at all cost, the lifeform inside the dream realm finally woke up completely.

A faint sigh that seemed to emanate from ancient times rang out in the dreams of everyone in the Divine Kingdom.

Almost at the same time, Gu Nan also opened his eyes. Graceful Heaven’s blood sacrifice finished just now.

Due to Fang Chaoyun's death, most of the plane collapsed, and all the living beings had their vitality completely drained by Gu Nan. It could be said that Graceful Heaven had ceased to exist.

And when all the life force was absorbed by the crimson skull, the skull started emitting a strange brilliance, even dyeing the Divine Kingdom Treasure Orb scarlet.

After all, the Divine Kingdom Treasure Orb was just an item and had its own usage limitations; the crimson skull clearly almost exceeded its usage range.

Gu Nan removed the skull from the orb without hesitation, then made for the Evil God Temple, heading up to the second floor.

As long as he placed the crimson skull back in its original spot, the Second Round would be complete!


Outside the Divine Kingdom, as that woman sighed, the Great War happening on the frontlines slowed down.

"Dream Immortal returned so soon?" Yu Lian raised a brow slightly and asked with some surprise.

The timing of Dream Immortal’s return was uncertain, but the general consensus was that it would be at least a hundred years later… What allowed her to return early?

Yu Lian looked at Lu Wen. The two happened to be on the same battlefield at this time, and the fact that Lu Wen had already intervened in Dream Immortal’s return a long time ago was no secret.

Lu Wen smiled and had no intention of hiding anything anymore. He told Yu Lian everything about Dream Immortal’s former followers, who went to the World of Gods to collect the power of faith to help her recover in advance.

"Speaking of which, it’s all thanks to the recent war." Lu Wen added, "If so many gods hadn't died, they wouldn't have been able to collect faith so easily."

"So then, they might also be the ones who instigated the Great War between the two worlds?" Yu Lian raised an eyebrow.

"It's hard to say." Of course Lu Wen also suspected them before, but he still had some doubts. "This time Dream Immortal’s return… Wait! This is not Dream Immortal’s power!"

Lu Wen was startled. Glancing back at the Myriad Heavens, he saw that the place Dream Immortal revived from looked a little familiar.

Dream Immortal just happened to revive inside Gu Nan's Divine Kingdom, but the power she ultimately used was not her own. Could this even be a coincidence?

As if to confirm Lu Wen's suspicions, a dark purple beam slipped out of the dream realm and quickly shot towards the Evil God Temple.

After the purple beam passed, a girl with a graceful figure slowly emerged, frowning at that ray of purple light.

"You’re scheming me? I don’t care who you are—"

"Dream Immortal," another voice interrupted from behind her. It was a square-faced man wearing full golden armor.

Alkaid Heaven’s Huo Kui, the only one of the Thirteen Heavens who started out as a mortal general and ultimately reached this position. He was also Dream Immortal’s most important ally in the past.

In the battle where Dream Immortal almost died, Huo Kui was the only one who stood by her side. He also sustained heavy injuries because of that, or else Lu Wen wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to swap Dream Immortal’s son.

Dream Immortal nodded slightly at him. "I haven't seen you for tens of thousands of years. I don't seem to recognize these Myriad Heavens anymore."

"A lot of things happened." Huo Kui sighed. "Not counting you, one more new Unified Dao cultivator might emerge soon… It could also be two."

Dream Immortal was slightly taken aback. She knew perfectly well what the birth of a new Unified Dao existence meant, and she also knew just how difficult it was to take this step.

Don’t be fooled by how there were over ten such existences in each of the two worlds. In fact, this number was accumulated over endless years.

Before Dream Immortal could ask anything else, her former followers arrived.

"We welcome the Cult Master’s return!"

Star Rulers and Void Cutters with various appearances—dressed in black cult uniforms—all looked at Dream Immortal with tears of excitement.

They were diehard cultists of the Cloud Dream Cult in the past. After ten thousand years of perseverance, they finally witnessed their Cult Master’s return.

Dream Immortal still attached great importance to her old subordinates, and almost everyone wanted to have a few words alone.

But then the leader felt ashamed. "Your subordinate is incompetent. The Young Master…"

"I already know about this." Dream Immortal interrupted, "I personally swapped three babies back then in order to fool everyone. I didn't expect Lu Wen to know about it."

Dream Immortal was slumbering in the long River of Time and was unaware of events in the outside world. Only things related to Lou Wanying could be known through the connection of fate.

"The person who killed him has been implicated by my mark. I can feel that he is here." Dream Immortal's expression gradually darkened. "Since you dared to kill my son, you will naturally have to pay…"

She was only halfway through when her attention was drawn to movement in the distance, causing her to stop talking.

She saw the purple light in the distance landing on top of the Evil God Temple. Immediately after, the light erupted, turning into a figure with a sublime aura.

"Dream manifestation? Someone else ascended to Unified Dao using the Great Dao of dreams?" Dream Immortal suddenly turned around and asked Huo Kui.

Huo Kui slowly shook his head. "No. It's the Ruler of Nightmares from the World of Gods. As for why he can project his power here… He probably borrowed the power of your resurrection."

While the two were talking, the figure made of holy light that manifested through projection was already holding a longsword of holy light and slashing down directly at the Evil God Temple!

Everything that happened before was just a diversion, distracting all the Unified Dao powers and preventing them from immediately discovering Dream Immortal’s return.

And when the power of the dreams completely materialized, Kenneth took advantage of it to transfer Austin's power over—this was the gods’ ultimate goal!

"Austin…" Dream Immortal frowned tightly. She didn't completely understand this God of Light’s actions.

‘The person he wants to deal with is the same fellow who killed my son? Judging from the astral world, he should merely be a normal top-tier Star Ruler. Why would Austin need to personally take action?’

Dream Immortal's gaze paused for a moment and then stopped looking. She borrowed the mental power of this world’s inhabitants to revive, so she knew this Star Ruler’s level very well.

However, a surprising twist happened when the sword of holy light fell.

That temple seemed to have predicted the holy sword in advance and voluntarily split into two, revealing a human figure in the middle.

"Austin, Kenneth." A calm voice came from that person’s mouth, seemingly with a smile, "I’ll pay you guys a visit when I have time. As for this time… I accept your partial Godheads."

In order to ensure nothing could go wrong, the two greater gods simultaneously sent out clones, and they were clones that truly possessed portions of their own powers. After all, these clones were created using a fragment of their Godheads!

Austin didn’t seem to hear the other party’s words, and the holy sword accelerated slightly, as if he wanted to slice apart the opponent's body along with his astral world.

Dream Immortal glanced at Huo Kui in confusion and asked, "Who is this person? A Star Ruler who just advanced in the last ten thousand years?"

Huo Kui answered gravely, "Ten thousand years…? No, he’s a Unified Dao power who just ascended within a hundred years."

As Huo Kui finished speaking, Gu Nan instantly took action. Boundless shadows seemed to be surging behind him, swallowing up the holy sword and the power of nightmares.

This was genuine Unified Dao Realm power!