When news came out that Gu Nan had once again changed his astral world’s name, his acquaintances didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

"He doesn’t want anyone to interfere with his astral world that badly?" Xue Ren sat calmly across from Zi Luo Elder, chuckling over Gu Nan’s matter.

He was once known as "the one closest to Unified Dao", but now… Well, he still was the one closest to Unified Dao; someone merely shot past him.

However, Xue Ren didn’t seem to mind such an embarrassing situation at all. At least, nothing could be seen from his face.

Zi Luo Elder was still smiling, but his complexion looked much better than before.

His law was very special and was related to "organizations", so his self-advancement path was to develop organizations. It could be said that the Heaven-God Alliance was his main foundation.

If Xue Ren, a pillar of the Heaven-God Alliance, broke through to Unified Dao, it would be enough to fully recover all of Zi Luo Elder’s injuries, and he would even get to advance further than he ever had.

After all, Gu Nan wasn’t a diehard loyalist of the Heaven-God Alliance, and his ascension did not help Zi Luo Elder as much as he had imagined.

"Gu Nan always has his own goals behind everything he does, but they are unfathomable to others." Zi Luo Elder chuckled.

Xue Ren nodded. "Everyone has their own path."

Zi Luo Elder stared at Xue Ren with a deep gaze. "After taking this path, you will not be able to turn back. Now that my injury has stabilized, you no longer have to hurry."

Even if he wasn’t a diehard Heaven-God Alliance loyalist, Gu Nan's advancement still greatly extended Zi Luo Elder’s lifespan. The ten-year time limit no longer existed; he could afford to wait now.

Everyone could see that Xue Ren would definitely break through within a hundred years, and Zi Luo Elder would also officially return by then, so the Unified Dao figures already regarded Zi Luo Elder as a member of the "Unified Dao Club".

Xue Ren said expressionlessly, "We can't wait any longer. I have a hunch that what Austin said… may not be impossible."

"You mean, Gu Nan will cause the world to collapse?" Zi Luo Elder shook his head. "Even if you have a premonition, you still cannot win other people's trust with just a hunch."

The Star Rulers here were not gods. The Unified Dao powerhouses all reached this point by relying on their own cultivation, step-by-step, and not the faith of all living beings.

So they didn’t believe in any legends at all; they only believed in themselves. They had absolute confidence in themselves. Even existences at the same level as them would find it hard to destroy them, let alone completely destroy everyone.

Of course Xue Ren knew this, but that didn’t mean he would give up. "That's precisely why I have to hurry."

Zi Luo Elder stared at him for a long time, then finally gave a soft sigh. "Alright. I have a unique secret technique that no one else in the world knows, which can help you hide until the critical moment."

"Many thanks."


Gu Nan didn't care what other people were doing. He was busy tinkering with new things in his own Divine Kingdom.

Two crystal-clear Godheads floated in front of him, and Gu Nan was using his own law of shadows to erase the divine imprints in them bit by bit.

These two Godheads were naturally Austin and Kenneth’s Godhead fragments that Gu Nan captured from their clones.

If Godheads on this level could have their ownership imprints purged, they would undoubtedly become extremely precious items.

More importantly, being able to control two greater god-level Godheads—even mere fragments—would be of great help to Gu Nan's next operation.

After the player's Second Round, the only key to self-improvement was Evil Value while points became supplementary.

In fact, this had always been the case, but in the Divine Kingdom phase, points were necessary to upgrade the Evil God Temple’s level, which was why they became particularly important.

Earning Evil Value by killing gods was still a viable option, but the problem with this was… there weren’t enough gods to kill.

The total number of gods in the entire World of Gods probably didn’t exceed a thousand. Among them were a large number of low-level gods with very few followers, and the proportion of high-level gods was very small.

Previously, just to advance to Tier 10, many high-level gods had been killed, and the remaining gods were definitely not enough for Gu Nan to reach Tier 15.

For example, just to advance to Tier 12, he would need to have an Evil Value of 200,000, which was a full 70,000 difference from his current Evil Value.

Therefore, if he wanted to continue earning Evil Value, he must find a sustainable, long-term method, and the method given in the game was very simple: to cultivate blasphemers.

What was a blasphemer?

To put it simply, they were former believers who fell and abandoned their faith.

Blasphemy is sin, and blasphemy by a blasphemer’s hands is undoubtedly an even greater sin. Therefore, the ultimate goal of cultivating a blasphemer is for them to personally kill the god they originally worshiped.

It was precisely because of the existence of this final goal that players were only able to use this method to earn Evil Value after completing the Second Round.

After all, having the blasphemer kill the god themself meant the blasphemer needed to be trained into a new god, which could only be done after the Second Round.

It was just like how Gu Nan obtained a water-type Godhead in his early years and gave it to Lan Si, but the current Lan Si could no longer be regarded as a true god.

Strictly speaking, Lan Si was also a blasphemer, but if he expected her to kill Rolensia, Gu Nan might as well just complete the mission himself.

Although Gu Nan could use his own power to accelerate the blasphemer’s growth, he wouldn’t be able to hide the Evil God’s aura on the blasphemer. They would be easily discovered, so it was a waste of money.

The best method was to provide the blasphemers with a high-level Godhead so that they can grow quickly and reach the point where they can kill gods.

The power of shadows was still surging, constantly purging the divinity imprints from the two Godhead fragments in the air, one white and one purple.

The white fragment from Austin remained motionless, as if it was completely unaffected by the power of shadows, but the Nightmare Godhead was already swaying.

From purely a laws perspective, Gu Nan was only at Tier 11, so it would be a bit more difficult to rewrite Austin's godhead.

On the other hand, Ruler of Nightmares Kenneth was merely at Tier 13, and because he only played a supporting role in this battle, he used a very small fragment of his Godhead this time. The internal laws were almost completely cleansed.

"I’ll finish Kenneth’s first and keep the Tier 15 Godhead for later." Gu Nan originally had the attitude of giving it a try. Seeing this situation, he immediately made a decision.

As long as he had a greater god's Godhead in hand, he would have a way to cultivate the first blasphemer. As for later… he could simply retrieve the Godhead after the blasphemy was completed.

"Call Red Tail over," Gu Nan's voice traveled out from the Evil God Temple and was quickly conveyed to Red Tail through Yan Xiaoxiao.

"My Lord." Red Tail quickly walked in. She didn't need to prepare for any wars recently, so she also had a little free time and looked a bit stout.

"You’ll be busy again in the future." Gu Nan patted her on the shoulder. "White Mist is going to build a new branch."

"What branch?"

"World of Gods branch."