Management was a science.

As a shut-in who only knew how to play games, Gu Nan didn’t actually know much about management. All he knew was to leave the professional matters to professionals.

If a professional refuses to do it, then find a way to get him to do it. If that still doesn't work, threaten him with a knife.

Therefore, when something like the Blasphemer Project—which had the highest priority and took precedence over everything else by Gu Nan’s orders—suddenly entered White Mist’s daily workload, all kinds of problems were bound to arise.

But discovering the problems right now wasn’t too late, and Gu Nan's countermeasures were effective.

Since the Greater God Dimension’s planning and preparation required too much manpower and affected White Mist’s normal operation, this part of the work could simply be handed over to another organization.

Even if they couldn’t do this work, they still knew how to push it onto someone else, right?

Shifting management of the Greater God Dimension to the Cabinet was also a more beneficial approach for the Divine Kingdom.

Because Gu Nan implemented the policy of "complete isolation", it was crucial for the Divine Kingdom itself to still maintain external exchanges, and the Greater God Dimension was a very good entry point.


Half a month later.

Gu Nanan was sitting in the Divine Kingdom while Yan Xiaoxiao was reporting on the progress of the Greater God Dimension and Blasphemer Project during this period.

"The Blasphemer Project is progressing quite smoothly. Currently, the number of candidates has exceeded one hundred, and nearly twenty of them have been evaluated as S-Ranked and have relatively high potential to inherit the Godheads."

"As for the Greater God Dimension, the Cabinet has now established the Greater God Department, which is responsible for handling these matters."

"Currently, we have prepared over fifty ownerless planes. All missions that the blasphemers will carry out will be formulated and screened by the Cabinet to avoid errors in mission difficulty evaluation ratings."

The Cabinet was indeed much more well-developed than an organization like White Mist in terms of execution of affairs.

At least for the missions issued by the Greater God Dimension, White Mist could only rely on reincarnation missions, but the Cabinet could prepare people to design missions from scratch. The gap in resources here was extremely huge.

After all, the Cabinet was the essence of the entire Divine Kingdom, and almost all its think tanks were included in it.

"Well done," Gu Nan praised with a nod. "The Cabinet needs a prime minister. Have you considered taking up this position?"

Of course his words were directed at Yan Xiaoxiao.

After becoming the spirit of the Divine Kingdom, Yan Xiaoxiao would never tire and could always maintain endless energy. She didn’t need to eat or sleep and could easily understand what was happening in every corner of the Divine Kingdom…

Such an existence was simply the perfect candidate for the administrator role.

"I would be happy to accept." Yan Xiaoxiao said with a chuckle, "If Teacher doesn’t mind that the Divine Kingdom will never have a second prime minister, that is."

Gu Nan shrugged, indicating that he didn't mind. Even the current Cabinet was only able to achieve such high efficiency largely thanks to Yan Xiaoxiao.

Moreover, after Yan Xiaoxiao became the spirit of the Divine Kingdom, it was almost impossible for her to betray Gu Nan because she herself coexisted with the Divine Kingdom.


"How does it feel to be the King of the World?" In Void Grotto Heaven, Yu Lian asked Gu Nan with a slight smile on her face.

"Not bad," Gu Nan replied casually. "But that Zero… Why does her accent sound like someone from the World of Gods?"

Although she spoke the language of the Myriad Heavens, Zero's words gave Gu Nan a familiar feeling, just like the way system NPCs spoke in his past life’s game.

Yu Lian cast him a meaningful glance. "You’re right. Zero's original body did come from the World of Gods. A long time ago, My Martial Ancestor and the other two Saints once visited the World of Gods and even participated in the First Divine War.”

"The First Divine War?" Gu Nan couldn't help raising an eyebrow.

The First Divine War happened before the current generation’s most active group of greater gods truly grew up, and it belonged entirely to the era of the older generation of gods.

If the two sides had contact or even dealings since a long time ago, then the backstory of the World of Gods here may be somewhat different from Gu Nan's memories.

Yu Lian just nodded slightly, waiting for Gu Nan to ask questions. Of course she didn't bring up this matter unintentionally. Rather, she was deliberately testing Gu Nan's origins.

The Myriad Heavens’ Unified Dao cultivators now had no doubts about Gu Nan's identity. After all, Austin personally verified Gu Nan’s identity as an Evil God.

But what deeds this Evil God accomplished in his past life and who he had contact with were still mysteries shrouded in fog.

Of course Yu Lian and the others tried every means to investigate, but they found nothing.

The ancient World of Gods was in the same era as the ancient Myriad Heavens. That was before the collapse of the three realms. There were almost no historical records handed down from that time, and future generations did not know what happened back then.

Gu Nan thought for a while. "Does Void Grotto Heaven have any records in this regard?"

Now that the Second Round was completed, Gu Nan had ways to escape from even Austin himself.

The Blasphemer Project was already in progress, so Gu Nan had enough time to do some things that interested him, such as exploring the mysteries of the World of Gods.

Zero's existence felt vaguely familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint where he’d seen her before. Perhaps he would only remember if he found her true body.

"Yes." Yu Lian's smile grew a little wider, as if she was waiting for Gu Nan to ask. "But in exchange for reading that information, I hope you can help with a matter."

Because they couldn’t threaten each other’s lives, Unified Dao powers often engaged in such transactions. Yu Lian was already extremely familiar with this.

Gu Nan also didn't mind paying some remuneration to obtain information in a time-saving and effort-saving way, so he nodded immediately. "What the matter?"

"I have a disciple who wants to study under you for a while," Yu Lian said, staring into Gu Nan's eyes.

Gu Nan couldn't help laughing in spite of himself. "Since you know I’m an Evil God, you should understand that there are some things that cannot be learned by studying."

"Of course." Yu Lian said, "She will learn by merely shadowing you, so you don't need to teach her anything. We at Void Grotto Heaven like to collect all kinds of cultivation routes."

"Ye Wu."

While she was talking, a young girl walked out from behind her with small, quick steps. She hurriedly stopped before Gu Nan and bowed. "Lord Gu Nan, my name is Ye Wu. You can call me Little Wu… Please take care of me!"

Gu Nan glanced at her and said noncommittally, "How long will she study for? I may have to go to the World of Gods soon."

"One… year." Yu Lian glanced at Gu Nan's expression. She originally wanted to say a hundred years, but considering Gu Nan's growth speed, she straight-out compressed that by a hundred times.

"No matter where you go, just take her with you. When the one-year agreement expires, Void Grotto Heaven’s records will be open to you."

"Alright." Gu Nan didn't have any objections. With his current abundance of time, he could still afford to wait a year. It was just a matter of heading to the World of Gods to investigate first.

Ye Wu seemed to be very excited when she heard Gu Nan agree. Her little face flushed bright red. "Then I’ll have to trouble you, Lord Gu Nan! Please don't pay attention to my existence. Be it cultivation or enlightenment, please go about it the same as usual."

"Same as usual?" Gu Nan glanced at her. "I usually don't cultivate; I just play."