Perhaps Ye Wu's origin made Old Hank misunderstand Gu Nan's identity, believing that Gu Nan also came from Void Grotto Heaven, and even the address he used was a bit weird.

"This… Daoist Priest." Old Hank smiled with some respect. The pronunciation of the word "Daoist Priest" was not very standard. "May I inquire about the purpose of your trip to Saint-Groux Continent? Perhaps I can help."

Gu Nan originally wanted to ignore him, but since this old man volunteered, he didn't mind using Old Hank to disguise his identity.

"We just want to go to the Scholar Temple and check some information."

There was nothing suspicious about this answer. At least six out of ten foreigners heading to Saint-Groux Continent were going to the Scholar Temple.

Old Hank was not surprised by this, evidently having expected it. "It just so happens that I, Old Hank, know a few priests from the Scholar Temple. Daoist Priest, why don’t I lead the way for you?"

Gu Nan agreed with a faint smile.


Just when Gu Nan was heading to the World of Gods again, the Heaven-God Alliance was facing a dilemma.

Xue Ren’s whereabouts were unknown and Immortal Empress Taisheng was busy repairing her destroyed astral world, so Zhuangxuan was the only person remaining by Zi Luo Elder’s side.

However, usually Zhuangxuan's ability was more than enough to handle the various matters by himself, but he really couldn't handle the problem this time.

Rolensia sent a message hoping that the Heaven-God Alliance would expel Gu Nan, or else she would voluntarily withdraw from the Heaven-God Alliance.

To put it simply, it was just three words— “Me or him!”

The message was very long, but it merely emphasized the dangers of the Evil God and the fact that Gu Nan would inevitably bring the world to ruin in the future. Even if the Heaven-God Alliance didn’t try to hunt him down, it could at least still kick this person out.

"What exactly is an Evil God?" Zhuangxuan frowned. "I’ve checked a lot of records, but such an existence has never been mentioned. However, many of the living gods say they’ve heard of related legends before."

Zi Luo Elder didn't find it strange and replied calmly, "Information on Evil Gods isn’t written down; it’s only passed down orally. This is a rule that only existed in ancient times. They believe that writing about Evil Gods will lead to the advent of evil."

Hearing this, Zhuangxuan could only shake his head wordlessly.

If there was any major difference between Star Rulers and gods, it was that the element of mysticism was more important in the gods’ world, to the point where even the greater gods would be affected.

Gods believed in fate, believed in ancient legends, and even believed that the more ancient the existence, the more powerful they were… To the Myriad Heavens, this sounded like utter nonsense.

For example, the first and second generation Saints in ancient times would definitely be no match for modern Unified Dao cultivators in a real fight. This was the result of overwhelming superiority in terms of knowledge, techniques, and laws.

As the discussion on Evil Gods failed to produce any results, Zhuangxuan began to seriously consider the situation and suggested, "The core of the Heaven-God Alliance is still you, Esteemed Elder. I think it’s best not to respond to this matter."

"What if Rolensia insists on withdrawing from the Heaven-God Alliance?" Zi Luo Elder asked with a smile.

"Then let her quit." Zhuangxuan said without hesitation, "Even if we force her to stay, it will still be impossible for her to ever cooperate with Senior Gu Nan in the future. But after this incident, we do have to find opportunities to make Senior Gu Nan also withdraw from the organization.”

Zhuangxuan knew very well that Rolensia was definitely not an exception. In fact, she was just a representative of the godly members.

As long as Gu Nan was in the Heaven-God Alliance, it was impossible for the gods to feel a sense of belonging to the organization. And without the support of the gods, the Heaven-God Alliance would no longer be worthy of having “God” in its name.

Zi Luo Elder sighed softly. "What we want is a complete organization, not a single individual… I'll leave this matter to you."



The Scholar Temple was actually very easy to find.

Or rather, on the Saint-Groux Continent, one could see Scholar Temples everywhere. It wasn’t just a single building, but the knowledge inside was all the same.

In more modern terms, it was a huge database with countless terminals spread across the continent, and any one of them could be accessed.

"Daoist Priest, Miss Ye, this is the Scholar Temple I'm talking about." Old Hank led Gu Nan and Ye Wu along and found a Scholar Temple in the corner of a rural town.

This temple really was dilapidated. Two of the pillars in front of the door were even broken. It was more accurate to say that one shouldn’t expect a temple in a place like this to be luxurious.

Ye Wu cast Old Hank an odd look, which made the latter look slightly embarrassed as he quickly explained.

"I’ve been staying in the Myriad Heavens for the past two years. In the past… In the past, this place used to be quite popular. However, the records in the Scholar Temples are all connected, and the information can be accessed from any branch."

"No matter." Gu Nan waved his hand. Of course he knew the database in the Scholar Temples was connected, and he much rather preferred an obscure location like this in the first place.

Old Hank really did know the priest of this temple, and the priest here seemed to be very friendly, quickly letting Gu Nan and Ye Wu inside.

This was also related to the God of Knowledge. Every single generation’s God of Knowledge had opened their temples to the outside world, and anyone could come to consult any records.

Gu Nan didn’t choose to slaughter his way inside this time. On one hand, he had more time now and didn’t need to pursue extreme efficiency. On the other hand, he did not want to expose his identity prematurely.

If he killed people inside the temple, even if Jones couldn’t trace his whereabouts, he would immediately realize that Gu Nan had come to the World of Gods.

"Daoist Priest, what information are you looking for?"

"Ancient myths and epics," Gu Nan casually answered. The ancient era of the World of Gods had no such thing as historical records; only myths and epics remained.

"Oh, okay." Old Hank nodded repeatedly, then began to think hard. "Regarding ancient mythology, that should be in…"

"Legends Section 19, this way." Gu Nan knew the ropes and led the way.

Ye Wu naturally followed quickly, while Old Hank looked surprised. "Daoist Priest, have you been to a Scholar Temple before?"

Gu Nan just nodded without responding. Much of what players knew about the game world came from the Scholar Temple. This was similarly true for Gu Nan, who often came here to investigate information.

After all, the game background had way too much content and was too complex. It was impossible for even top players to stuff all that information into their heads. They were just good at finding the information they needed most.

Gu Nan barely paused as he flipped through several files in quick succession, but the results were no different from what he remembered.

Old Hank couldn't help taking a sneak peek and found that the information Gu Nan was looking at was all related to the First Divine War, and he suddenly felt confident.

‘This Daoist Priest is probably interested in the history of the World of Gods, so…’

"Who is this God of Twilight?" Gu Nan suddenly stopped and pointed at a name in the file.

He was certain that there was absolutely no God of Twilight in his memories.

"It should be some ancient god…" Old Hank said unknowingly. He was just a mortal and did not have a deep understanding of gods.

However, at this moment, a voice came from next to the group. "Young man, why do you want to know about the God of Twilight?"