"Senior Lingyang." Ye Wu hurriedly gave a respectful salute, clearly having known Daoist Lingyang for a long time.

Gu Nan glanced at the two of them and couldn't help feeling amused. "You two know each other?"

"She also studied with Xue Ren for a while before," Daoist Lingyang revealed without hesitation. Xue Ren and Yu Lian had always had a good relationship—Gu Nan knew this.

Ye Wu also nodded. "Senior Xue is a very good teacher…"

As a very special existence in Void Grotto Heaven, Ye Wu had studied under many teachers. Star Rulers like Xue Ren, whose laws were very unique and had a good relationship with Void Grotto Heaven, naturally couldn’t escape Yu Lian’s “evil clutches”.

As the oldest of the three largest Heaven Level astral worlds, the fact that Void Grotto Heaven was still standing today was not without reason.

There were a large number of people in the astral world, all with their own duties. Ye Wu, who specialized in learning the essence of each cultivation path and then bringing that back to the sect, was by no means the only person with this job.

"Let's reminisce about old times later," Gu Nan interrupted the conversation between the two. "What about the information I asked you to investigate earlier?"

Daoist Lingyang looked away from Ye Wu and replied, "The God of Twilight? I've had someone investigate, and it's indeed the same as the information you gave me… But he seems like a very ordinary god."

The information Gu Nan found was that the God of Twilight was active after the First Divine War, but traces of him suddenly disappeared before the Second Divine War started.

But upon closer inspection of the God of Twilight's specific achievements, he hadn’t done anything earth-shattering.

It was nothing more than having participated in certain battles together with certain gods or taking action in a certain battle to stop the opponent's offensive…

In Gu Nan's words, it was the same with or without him, so the subsequent history was not greatly affected.

And judging from his military successes, the God of Twilight was roughly around Tier 7 to Tier 8. He couldn’t really be considered a top-tier god.

This person was definitely not the Martial Ancestor that Yu Lian mentioned. This was also to be expected. It was unlikely that a confrontation at the greater god level would be recorded by mortals.

Overall, the God of Twilight was—as Lingyang Daoist put it—a "very ordinary god."

"But this ordinary god shouldn't exist in the first place." Gu Nan shook his head.

Daoist Lingyang stared blankly for a moment, not understanding what Gu Nan meant. Of course he wouldn't be able to guess Gu Nan’s true thoughts, but since he himself came from the Myriad Heavens, he had other ideas.

"You mean, he’s someone who came from the Myriad Heavens back then?" Daoist Lingyang frowned slightly. "As far as I know, there should be very little communication between the two sides back then."

"Oh? Why is that?" Gu Nan couldn't help raising a brow. Daoist Lingyang's statement was slightly different from Yu Lian's.

Daoist Lingyang explained, "Only after the collapse of the ancient three realms did the Myriad Heavens truly see the outside world. From then on, they gradually became aware of the existence of the World of Gods."

"However, during the era of the Saints, the Myriad Heavens’ cultivators were very xenophobic and regarded inhabitants of the World of Gods as barbarians, so very few people were willing to come here."

Gu Nan slowly nodded. Combining the information from both places, it seemed that normal cultivators weren’t willing to come here, but the Saints back then might have.

Gu Nan could even take a bold guess that the way the Saints suddenly proposed a cultivation method to combine cultivators with astral worlds was likely inspired by the gods’ Divine Kingdoms.

It's just that the Myriad Heavens naturally lacked the environment for faith to develop, so the Saints were forced to make some changes.

"Since you said the God of Twilight may be from the Myriad Heavens, let's take a look," Daoist Lingyang continued, suddenly showing great interest in this.

Because he himself also walked this path and had recently begun to rebuild his astral world. Being able to learn from a predecessor would undoubtedly be of great help.

After his words fell, Daoist Lingyang led the two outside.


Crescent City, the mayor’s mansion.

The reason Gu Nan came to Crescent City was precisely because he discovered that the successive mayors of Crescent City were descendants of the God of Twilight. This was also the only trace of the latter that still remained on the Saint-Groux Continent today.

Daoist Lingyang was obviously extremely familiar with the mayor’s mansion. He led them directly to a secret room, pointing to the front. "The mayor’s secret vault is back there. I saw him use his own blood to open it. Do you have another method—"


Before he could even finish, Gu Nan punched the wall. Countless magic ripples flashed across it, and then the entire wall instantly collapsed.

"Yes," Gu Nan's belated answer traveled over.

Daoist Lingyang shrugged. "We’ll have to hurry then."

The sound of the wall collapsing would undoubtedly draw other people here. But that didn’t matter, because there was no way the mayor himself wouldn’t be alerted of the lock’s destruction.

Gu Nan walked in immediately, his eyes quickly scanning the countless treasures without stopping at all.

"My Lord, this bead seems to have a mysterious aura!" Ye Wu quickly had a discovery and ran over, as if offering up a treasure.

However, Gu Nan just glanced at it and immediately said, "The blood beads of the Hydra Emperor don’t have much use. But to think this mayor even has such things. He’s not simple."

The Hydra Emperor was a Tier 5 creature that could not be killed by normal Legend Ranks.

"Oh…" Ye Wu lowered her head and turned around to look for treasures again. She sincerely wanted to help, but Gu Nan didn't need it.

Thanks to Gu Nan's understanding of the World of Gods’ treasures, his eyes were definitely more effective than appraisal skills.

Gu Nan's footsteps didn’t pause at all, reaching the depths of the treasure vault in a few steps. Countless boxes were swallowed up by the power of shadows, and all the seals on them were instantly broken, revealing the treasures hidden inside.

It wasn't until he saw a strange talisman that Gu Nan suddenly stopped.

"Look at this." Gu Nan picked up the talisman and handed it to Daoist Lingyang.

Daoist Lingyang looked down and saw that the talisman looked very worn, but the pattern on it gave him a familiar feeling.

"This is something from the Myriad Heavens!" Daoist Lingyang made his judgment immediately without any hesitation. He was familiar with the styles of the two worlds. The natives of the World of Gods would never be able to make such a talisman.

"But the material is from this side." Gu Nan said, "It means this is a talisman made here by a person from the Myriad Heavens."

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately activated the talisman. However, the scene that followed surprised even Gu Nan.

A burst of energy shot out, like a sharp arrow heading straight for Gu Nan. It instantly broke through the spontaneous protection of the power of shadows and pierced Gu Nan's forehead!

Daoist Lingyang's expression suddenly changed, and he hastily retreated. There was cold sweat on his forehead, and he barely managed to utter two words, "Greater god!"

Ye Wu was still in a daze, not understanding what was happening, until an illusion appeared in front of her.

"All who discover me… must die…" A sound like the radio waves being cut off rang intermittently in Ye Wu's ears.