"Evildoer, thou shalt be punished…"

Before Jones, the God of Knowledge, could finish his declaration, Gu Nan had already sent a flying kick towards the statue’s stomach. The entire statue was instantly smashed apart, and the descending light of divinity dissipated.

Jones's aura suddenly disappeared without daring to utter another word, and the whole temple was swallowed up by the shadows.

Jones's apostles felt as if they plunged into hell. Before they could even rejoice in the miracle, it had already vanished.

Of course they wouldn’t understand that Jones was currently extremely grateful that he didn't rashly descend with his real body and only sent a clone down.

As long as the other party didn’t chase him back to his own Divine Kingdom, he would only lose a small part of his divine power, which wasn’t a serious injury.

‘This is that greater god-level Evil God!’

The moment the opponent struck, Jones already discovered his enemy’s identity. If he’d personally descended, he might have died in that instant.

"I must contact Austin immediately!" Jones directly decided without any hesitation.


No matter what the God of Knowledge was doing, Gu Nan was quite happily working as a porter.

After slaughtering everyone in this Scholar Temple, he continued to transport files directly from this terminal, temporarily storing them in a pocket dimension he just created and preparing to take them back to the Divine Kingdom.

A lot of records were stored in the Scholar Temple, but Gu Nan also moved them at a breakneck speed, almost sweeping them away in batches.

Mere moments later, Austin descended directly on the Saint-Groux Continent, the endless holy light almost burning away the surrounding laws.

"He ran away?" Goddess of Darkness Daisy walked out from the side and looked at the wrecked Scholar Temple, frowning slightly.

This was probably the first time that the leaders of the two major factions cooperated so harmoniously, working towards the same goal without any discord.

"He left something behind." Austin's gaze shifted slightly as the holy light covered the entire temple, and he quickly fished out a piece of paper.

On that note, the shadows twisted to form a sentence: “Austin, why don’t you check on your sister back home?”


"Lord Gu Nan, when did you do that?" Ye Wu asked curiously on the starship returning to the Myriad Heavens.

"Do what?"

"Austin's sister!" Ye Wu naturally read the note.

Gu Nan replied with a shrug, "I lied. Let him be suspicious for a while. Next time I really want to make a move, maybe I can even trick him with the reverse."

"Ah?" Ye Wu opened her mouth wide and couldn't help muttering softly, "But that's the mighty Ruler of Light…"

In Ye Wu's impression, Austin, who was equivalent to a Unified Dao existence, should not have been deceived so easily.

But Gu Nan was all too aware that although the greater gods were powerful, they were by no means invincible. On the contrary, because these gods relied on the power of faith to arrive at their current positions, almost all of them had character flaws.

Austin's flaw was that he would never let even a single suspicion go uninvestigated. Putting it nicely, this was called "meticulous", but putting it bluntly, it was excessive paranoia.

Once he returned, even if he saw that Sylvia was uninjured, he would still wonder whether Gu Nan secretly did something to Sylvia and was just waiting for the most critical moment to trigger it.

Naturally, there was no need to explain all this to Ye Wu. Gu Nan gently tossed the talisman in his hand up and down, very interested in this item made by a greater god.

This item came from the Lord of Death, a figure active during the second generation of Saints, yet neither the Myriad Heavens nor the World of Gods seemed to have such a Unified Dao existence.

But what was certain was that the Lord of Death himself must still be alive, or else the talisman’s power wouldn’t be able to activate repeatedly.

"Is he really in the Myriad Heavens? Then how did he hide himself?" Gu Nan stared at the starry sky outside the window and kept thinking.

They were currently in the gap between the two worlds and were about to enter the Myriad Heavens… ‘Wait!’

Gu Nan seemed to remember something and suddenly grabbed the talisman, immediately pouring some power into it and activating the item.

"All who discover me… must die…"

Gu Nan was very familiar with the situation this time. Before the deathly ripples could form, the law of shadows had completely engulfed it, leaving no chance for the opponent to strike.

But this time, he unexpectedly received a response when he tried to trace the law of death to its source.

‘He’s really here!’

The Lord of Death who made the talisman was in neither the World of Gods nor the Myriad Heavens, but in the gap between the two worlds!

‘Could he have entered Unified Dao here?’

Perhaps this was the real reason why no one ever discovered that there was another Unified Dao cultivator hidden among them!

Just as Gu Nan activated the Death Talisman this time, a power rose up from the depths of the starry sky and quickly stopped near the starship.

But this energy was extremely well-hidden. Except for Gu Nan, who was holding the talisman, no one else could sense it.

"I'm going out for a bit," Gu Nan casually threw out this sentence as his figure suddenly vanished, leaving Ye Wu alone.

It was originally agreed that Ye Wu would follow Gu Nan wherever he went, but when the latter didn't want to take her with him, there was nothing she could do.


Gu Nan stood in the void, looking at the figure that suddenly appeared before him without any surprise on his face.

This person wore a gray robe. Under the hood, he had an average appearance and even had a few wrinkles.

"Lord of Death? God of Twilight?" Gu Nan raised his eyebrow and asked directly.

"Looks like Daoist Friend Gu Nan knows this humble one very well." The gray-robed man revealed a strange smile, then made an extremely authentic ancient salute.

The other party did not deny that the God of Twilight and the Lord of Death were actually the same person.

Gu Nan wasn’t surprised that this person knew his identity. The other party was just hiding in the gap between the two worlds; it didn’t mean he knew nothing about the outside world.

Gu Nan could practically fill in the blanks. This was a cultivator born in the Myriad Heavens who had great success while developing his astral world.

Then he came to the World of Gods in person and gained the identity of a god, but very few people on either side knew that the two were actually the same person.

However, as his strength gradually improved and he was about to approach Unified Dao, he suddenly disappeared for some unknown reason and then completed the breakthrough in the gap between the two worlds…

All of this instantly flashed through Gu Nan's mind. He looked at the gray-robed figure. "Am I the first person to discover you?"

"You can say that." The other party nodded. "Some people also discovered me in the past, but then they all… Mm, they now belong to me."

Not dead, but belonged to him.

Gu Nan frowned slightly. "What do you mean?"

"Please follow me." The gray-robed man replied with a smile, "Daoist Friend Gu Nan, you should feel lucky. You will be the second Unified Dao existence to know this secret."

After saying this, he continued without waiting for Gu Nan to ask, "In this universe… there is actually a third world."