Gu Nan silently followed the gray-robed man, slowly moving through the gap between the two worlds.

The stranger, or the Lord of Death, walked in front with a serene smile on his face, and he didn't seem to mind sharing secrets with Gu Nan.

"You can call me Daoist Yellow Springs. That’s my original Daoist name." The Lord of Death said, "My name in the World of Gods should also be the God of Yellow Springs… But as you know, those fellows don’t understand what ‘Yellow Springs' means."

There was no concept of reincarnation in the World of Gods, so there was no such thing as the Yellow Springs Road leading to the underworld. Therefore, in the continuous evolution of history, the God of Yellow Springs was distorted into the God of Twilight.

Gu Nan was noncommittal, clearly not interested in this kind of gossip.

But Daoist Yellow Springs then chuckled. "Speaking of which… we should be from the same place."

This sentence finally made Gu Nan suddenly turn to him, and Daoist Yellow Springs also happened to be looking in his direction. Their eyes met, but neither took a step back.

At this time, Daoist Yellow Springs stopped in front of a world.

Like he said before, there was a third world in this universe. This world was very small, as small as a normal plane, and it was a world Gu Nan was very familiar with.

Gu Nan slowly turned around and saw the familiar blue planet.

With his current knowledge, this world should be described as a "galaxy-type plane". Overall… It seemed to be nothing special.

That is, besides being located at the junction of two worlds and also having a game called the Evil God Game.

"I don't know which planet you came from and whose inheritance you got… But things like Evil Gods should have gone extinct in the World of Gods long ago, so they can only come from here." Daoist Yellow Springs was very certain.

Nothing could be seen from Gu Nan's expression. He just cast the other party a glance and asked, "From your words, it seems like there are many people like us?"

"Quite a few." Daoist Yellow Springs replied, "But there are very few who can truly reach our realm. Apart from you and me, there’s only Jiu Po. Oh, there’s actually someone who also had a chance, but that person wasn’t very lucky and was also a little stupid.”

"Jiu Po?" Gu Nan raised a brow, recalling that ordinary face in his mind, then asked, "Who’s the other one?"

"Zero. At present, she should have been made into a toy and placed in the Myriad Heavens to play the King of the World, right?" Daoist Yellow Springs sneered.

Gu Nan was a little stunned—not because the answer was beyond his expectations, but because he was reminded of certain past events when the other party mentioned Zero’s name.

When he first met Zero, Gu Nan felt that the other person gave him a familiar feeling, but he couldn't recall where he’d seen her before.

Now he finally remembered. There was an NPC who appeared in the game very early on. That NPC also shouted something about becoming the "King of the World" but only appeared in a small expansion pack before disappearing completely.

Such a character was so unremarkable that Gu Nan couldn't even remember his existence until Daoist Yellow Springs mentioned the "King of the World" again.

This NPC had no important missions on him, nor was he very strong. He was just an insignificant extra in the grand scheme of things, but who would’ve thought… ‘Could it be that Zero received his inheritance?’

Seeing Gu Nan's silence, Daoist Yellow Springs didn’t probe further. He just spoke again, "What Jiu Po and I received is information on the Myriad Heavens. And you should be the same as Zero, having gotten information on the World of Gods."

"That's right. It's just that a slight mishap occurred when I left here, causing me to go to the Myriad Heavens," Gu Nan looked up at him and said with a smile.

With Gu Nan's current insight, he could already see the unusual features of this Gap World without needing any explanation.

The Gap World was where he lived in his previous life. It was a small world independent of the two larger worlds, but it had the power to map all the information in the two worlds and could even predict the two worlds’ future events on its own.

Jiu Po left the Gap World in ancient times and obtained information on the Myriad Heavens at the same time, which was how he was able to take the Earth Realm’s essence for himself.

Daoist Yellow Springs was in a similar situation, but he left much later than Jiu Po and arrived in the Myriad Heavens during the era of astral world pioneering.

As for Zero, she was really unlucky and merely got an NPC’s inheritance, so she wasn’t able to take that final step, instead becoming the Inner World’s administrator.

The Evil God Game in his past life was essentially a projection of the World of Gods. But what Gu Nan received was an unprecedented Evil God player route…

According to Daoist Yellow Springs, there were actually quite a few people who left the Gap World. Some went to the Myriad Heavens while others went to the World of Gods.

Some of them may have died, some might still be lurking silently, and others might have become powerhouses in their own right, but Gu Nan and Daoist Yellow Springs had yet to learn of them.

Slowly withdrawing his gaze from the Gap World, Gu Nan looked at Daoist Yellow Springs. "You chose to advance to Unified Dao here because you want to see what’s special about this world?"

"No, no." Daoist Yellow Springs waved his hand with a smile. "I’m naturally afraid of death, you see. If I’m the only Unified Dao cultivator in this world, then isn't it safer than anywhere else?"

He broke through to Unified Dao in this gap, so no one in the two worlds even knew he existed. Instead, he could go anywhere he wanted. He could attack or retreat as he pleased.

Daoist Yellow Springs saw that Gu Nan understood and continued, "I shared this world’s secret with you in hopes that you can also keep this secret."

"Okay." Gu Nan nodded. "But I want to take a look inside the Gap World."

"You can do whatever you want." Daoist Yellow Springs smiled again. "I just came here to ascend to Unified Dao. I don't regard the Gap World as my own astral world."

Gu Nan couldn't help raising his head and carefully studying the other party. Only then did he confirm that Daoist Yellow Springs walked the path of the ancient Saints, whose cultivation method never included astral worlds.

In that era, the Star Ruler route was on the rise. While many people embraced it, there were naturally others who stayed with their original cultivation route.

Daoist Yellow Springs had experienced both worlds, but he ultimately chose to cultivate only himself without an astral world. He probably had his own understanding of the cultivation path.

Gu Nan nodded wordlessly, his figure already heading into the Gap World.

Even though he learned a little about his own origins, he still had many questions.

For example, what was the basis for deciding which person leaving the Gap World would obtain which inheritance? It couldn’t be a coincidence that he got the Evil God route after playing the Evil God Game.

Gu Nan didn’t actually believe that the Evil God Game was made by some powerful figure. What kind of powerhouse would randomly give presents like these to strangers? Did they feel like their own lives were too comfortable?

In the end, he had to go see for himself.

After Gu Nan's figure disappeared, Daoist Yellow Springs also revealed a strange smile as he suddenly vanished.

After that, a starship that was about to arrive in the Myriad Heavens suddenly disappeared from everyone's sight.