"Missing? How in the world did she go missing?" In Void Grotto Heaven, Yu Lian asked darkly with a gloomy expression.

She just received news that the starship carrying Gu Nan and Ye Wu suddenly disappeared just before arriving in the Myriad Heavens, and everyone on the starship vanished without a trace.

There were no signs of anyone intervening. After all, that was the gap between the two worlds. Even if a Unified Dao cultivator or greater god made a move, they still shouldn’t be able to hide their traces.

A young man stood in front of Yu Lian, cold sweat forming on his face. "We are also investigating the cause. We initially suspected that it was caused by space-time turbulence..."

"Absurd!" Yu Lian slammed a hand down on the table. "A Unified Dao existence like Gu Nan would care about space-time turbulence? Even a normal Star Ruler wouldn’t vanish without warning!"

It was impossible for such a powerful space-time turbulence to exist in this world. The young man was also aware of this, but they really couldn’t find the cause.

Yu Lian exhaled heavily. "You can leave. Notify me immediately if you find any trace of Gu Nan."


While Void Grotto Heaven was in an uproar, Gu Nan had already arrived at a familiar place.

In this galaxy-type plane, it wasn’t hard to find that familiar livable planet.

It's just that the Gap World seemed to have extremely special laws. Not even a Unified Dao power like Gu Nan could enter it directly.

This was the same principle as the two worlds being protected by the dimensional wall, but the Gap World’s walls had a stronger effect on outsiders, and not even space-time crystals could break through the space here.

However, this was not a big problem. Gu Nan gave up the plan of entering in person and directly separated out a strand of consciousness, throwing it into the Gap World.

His current realm was more than enough to keep this strand of consciousness from dissipating and even bestow part of the original body’s power of laws upon it.

When Gu Nan actually arrived here, he realized that this familiar land was no longer the era he was familiar with.

"What year is it now?"

"Federation Calendar, Year 358."

"Not AD?"

"AD? That was an old calendar hundreds of years ago. Did you want to reincarnate so badly that you went crazy?"

Gu Nan stood in a steel jungle and asked a random passerby, but he received such a response.

‘Is it because time flows differently in the Gap World, or is it because I didn’t immediately transmigrate and instead remained here for hundreds of years before transmigrating?’

Gu Nan didn't know the reason, but he at least knew that everything he was familiar with had vanished like smoke in thin air.

For a Unified Dao existence like him, hundreds of years was just the blink of an eye, but for a technological civilization, hundreds of years was enough for the civilization to change several times.

Gu Nan wandered around the planet called Earth for a few more days and got a rough idea of what happened over the past few hundred years.

World War III broke out, the interstellar era arrived, Mars and the moon were terraformed into habitable planets, and humans began to move out of the solar system…

All the tracks were clearly visible, but the epoch-marking game from back then had not left any traces in the long river of history.

In the eyes of a modern citizen, it might merely be a game that was popular once upon a time. However, how could it be compared with the development of human civilization itself?

But Gu Nan was not someone who gave up so easily.

Mars, the Federation’s Ninth Cultural College.

In this interstellar era, the Earth civilization gradually developed some cultivation systems, shifting away from a purely technological civilization.

The Federation promoted a basic cultivation method called "force" and called on all citizens to cultivate it in an attempt to improve the overall quality of the populace.

However, those who could truly become powerful were still few and far in between. Most people could only seek to strengthen their bodies, so a large number of people still joined other industries.

Institutions such as cultural or technical colleges were products of this situation.

"Professor Wang, this is Gu Nan. I called you yesterday."

"Hello, hello, Mr. Gu." Professor Wang was a stout middle-aged man. When he saw Gu Nan at the door, he quickly stood up and greeted him with a smile.

Professor Wang was a researcher specializing in the development of cloud gaming. Gu Nan casually forged an identity, pretended to be a game investor, and made an appointment for today.

Hundreds of years of peaceful development allowed the tertiary sector of industry to develop to an astonishing height. The gaming industry had long become one of the pillar industries of entertainment.

"Mr. Gu, I heard you say on the phone earlier that you mainly want to know about the game《Evil God》?"

"Yes." Gu Nan nodded. "Although this is an old game, I think many of the ideas in it are of great reference value."

He stood before Professor Wang and spoke frankly with assurance. The person Gu Nan’s consciousness possessed was a young man who looked energetic and outgoing, and his entire person was full of vitality.

Professor Wang nodded in agreement. "《Evil God》 is the first completely realistic virtual game in history. If World War III had not broken out, perhaps this game would have had a slightly longer lifespan…"

As he spoke, he picked up the personal laptop before him and showed its screen to Gu Nan. "Here is the relevant information…"

"I can just read it myself," Gu Nan turned around and smiled, but his words left no room for argument.

Professor Wang nodded in understanding. Game investors like Gu Nan were actually his clients.

If the other party was truly interested in developing a game, then after getting the information from him, they might take advantage of this opportunity to hire him as a project consultant.

Professor Wang's office became quiet save for the sound of Gu Nan clicking the mouse.

He went through the information very quickly. Be it text or pictures, almost all of them were given only a single glance, making Professor Wang think that he was not looking for overall information, but looking for a certain detail.

"Professor Wang!" At this moment, a crisp voice came from outside the door, and a girl wearing a college uniform ran in quickly.

The female students in the School of Arts and Entertainment were naturally of good class. This girl had a pretty face and quite a good figure, which even the loose college uniform couldn’t hide.

"Professor Wang… Eh? Zhao Ping, why are you here?" After the girl walked into the office, she immediately noticed Gu Nan's presence and couldn't help blurting out.

Gu Nan never bothered to learn this body’s original name, nor did he have any interest in it at the moment.

He didn't even look at the girl; he was still browsing the files intently.

The information prepared by Professor Wang was quite thorough. The game’s development history, awards received, and even the developers and creators were all listed. Naturally, this information also included the plot and gameplay.

Unfortunately, hundreds of years had passed, so it was impossible to find the person who originally designed the game’s storyline.

‘So how can the game’s inheritance be obtained? Third Round?’ This question flashed through Gu Nan's mind. ‘Let's try it.’

"Professor Wang, I like this game very much." Gu Nan said with a smile, "I want to use this as a blueprint to develop a new game. What do you think?"

Professor Wang thought for a while. "Do you want to develop a remake of 《Evil God》?"

"Let’s not court disaster like that." Gu Nan patted him on the shoulder. "Let's make a fan expansion pack, just call it…"

"King of Gods: The Origin of Light."