Earth was just one planet inside the Gap World. People such as Jiu Po, Daoist Yellow Springs, and the others clearly did not come from here, but from other planets.

Gu Nan had reason to believe that the current situation where the two worlds’ events—past, present, and future—were reflected onto the Gap World was a feature unique to the entire Gap World.

And the Evil God Temple he had with him while transmigrating came from the Evil God Game.

In order to verify this speculation, the best way was naturally to make another game, promote it on Earth, and let contemporary players try it again.

But Gu Nan wasn’t stupid enough to create another Evil God. Wouldn’t that just make life difficult for himself?

"Mr. Gu Nan, do you mean changing the perspective and reconstructing the game around the Greater God of Light from the game’s plot?" Professor Wang seemed to understand what Gu Nan meant.

He thought about it. "That’s not a bad idea. The plot of 《Evil God》 seems a bit old-fashioned now, but its worldbuilding is detailed. Reconstructing and revising it will be a good choice."

"No, there is no need to revise it." Gu Nan decisively rejected Professor Wang's idea, then said, "I can’t stay here for long. I’ll find you later regarding this matter."

After saying this, he ignored Professor Wang's thoughts and immediately turned around and walked out of the office.

Professor Wang had probably never seen such a rude person who left without even saying goodbye before, so he was a little dazed for a moment.

But the girl who walked in midway seemed to have expected this and said quickly, "Professor Wang, don't be fooled by him!"

"An Yiqing, do you know Mr. Gu Nan?" Professor Wang turned to look at An Yiqing.

Although it was a bit strange for Gu Nan to leave so suddenly, Professor Wang was over sixty years old and had a certain eye for people. The other party’s temperament and manner of speech were clearly not ordinary.

"Mr. Gu Nan, yeah right!" An Yiqing said disdainfully, "His name is Zhao Ping. He’s a gangster who loafs about outside the college. Many people in our college know him!"

Speaking of this, An Yiqing couldn't help asking, "Professor Wang, is he here to swindle money from you?"

Professor Wang laughed involuntarily, waving his hand repeatedly. "He just came here to look up information about a game. What's the point of tricking me? And isn't he already gone now?"

"He must have felt guilty when he saw me coming!" An Yiqing snorted.

"Let's not talk about him." Professor Wang shook his head with a smile. "In any case, the idea of reconstructing the 《Evil God》 game is indeed a good one, and it’s worth doing."


Gu Nan's consciousness exited the Gap World and returned to the void. Daoist Yellow Springs was already waiting beside him.

"How is it?" Daoist Yellow Springs chuckled. "I heard it’s only been a hundred years since your debut to your abrupt rise. You can probably still find your home planet, right?"

Having said this, he laughed self-deprecatingly. "When I first found this place, there was no trace of my home planet’s civilization; I couldn't even give back to future generations."

But Gu Nan shook his head. "The laws of space here are almost completely fixed, and there’s even a special dimensional wall surrounding it, so we can only let the people inside mess around."

The dimensional wall completely sealed the Gap World, making it impossible for even Unified Dao cultivators like Gu Nan and Daoist Yellow Springs to enter, and it was also very difficult for them to influence the development of civilizations inside the Gap World.

For example, Gu Nan sent a wisp of consciousness inside. While it could still exist stably at first and even use some of the main body’s laws, just a few days later, he found that this strand of consciousness was rapidly weakening, and the power of laws also quickly disappeared.

Even his Tier 11 laws faced this situation. It was almost impossible for those below Unified Dao to influence the Gap World, let alone enter it.

Daoist Yellow Springs just shrugged. He had a carefree nature and was not burdened by an astral world, so his favorite hobby was playing around in the mortal world. In any case, no one could do anything to him.

Gu Nan glanced at him again. "You said that when you and Jiu Po left the Gap World, you both received some information about the Myriad Heavens… How did you guys get this information?"

"I talked to Jiu Po before." Since they were both “transmigrators”, Daoist Yellow Springs had no intention of hiding this. "Jiu Po read the ancient history of the Myriad Heavens in a book, and I…"

He revealed an odd smile. "You may not believe it, but I transmigrated while watching TV. That TV show was about the era of astral world pioneering."

"The TV series concluded after covering the end of the astral world development era, and I left the Gap World right as the TV series ended."

Gu Nan narrowed his eyes slightly. "Was it the same for Jiu Po?"

Daoist Yellow Springs shook his head. "I don't know. But I also suspect that he left the Gap World after he finished reading his book."

Gu Nan fell silent. He originally thought that the Gap World reflected the two worlds, and at the same time, it also had some prediction functions that allowed it to simulate the future development of the World of Gods.

But judging from Daoist Yellow Springs and Jiu Po’s situations, this kind of prediction function seemed to be universal.

And the day the prediction ended… was the day they left the Gap World.

He suddenly transmigrated when he completed the Third Round and advanced to Tier 16. In other words, his precognition only lasted up to that point.

But Gu Nan also knew that he was by no means the first player to complete the Third Round—because he had failed many times before reaching this point, so there must be someone ahead of him.

"Oh, right." Suddenly, Gu Nan seemed to remember something and turned to Daoist Yellow Springs. "Was Jiu Po in the TV series you watched?"

Daoist Yellow Springs's expression turned complex, as if he was lauding Gu Nan for finally thinking of this.

"Yes." He stared into Gu Nan's eyes and answered, "You’re right. People like us witnessed history, and then we also became part of history."


Divine Kingdom.

Gu Nan sat alone on the throne. There was no sound in the empty hall, and no light could penetrate. It seemed that only he and darkness were left in the world.

"Jiu Po’s is a book, Yellow Springs’ is a TV show, and mine is a game. Yellow Springs saw everything Jiu Po did. The NPC representing Zero in the game disappeared because she was captured and taken to the Myriad Heavens?"

Gu Nan mapped it out in his mind, trying to piece together the rules of the Gap World.

"There aren’t enough cases." He sighed softly. There were only four known cases right now, and they were even divided between the two worlds. It would be great if there were other examples to corroborate it.

But apart from beings like them who already entered Unified Dao, just how many people from the Gap World were willing to reveal their origins?

Investigating the nature of the Gap World became another matter Gu Nan had to do, but this couldn’t be accomplished overnight.

Moreover, Gu Nan also needed to continue improving his strength. He had a hunch that he might be able to learn the truth behind everything once he advanced to Tier 16.

As for how to conduct experiments in the Gap World, Gu Nan already made some plans, but right now, he had another matter to deal with.