Chapter 1068 Sixth Seal

After undoing the sixth seal, the very air in the arena seemed to twist and turn under the immense gravity. The power of the gravity instantly increased to three hundred- and twenty-times normal gravity, making John's body, which normally weighed around four thousand pounds, feel like it weighed almost one and a half million pounds. John felt his entire body pressed flat against the arena as if a mountain was pushing down on him from above.

His organs felt like they were being pressed flat, while his brain felt as though it was about to be reduced into mincemeat. Thankfully, due to his Immortal Asura Body and Jade Dragon inheritance, the natural durability of his body, his organs and brain included, was unparalleled. While it felt as though his organs and brain were about to collapse, that was just the feeling he had due to the abnormal level of gravity he felt, and not the actual state of his body's internals.

Chloe's face paled ever so slightly after undoing the sixth seal, while her Qi reserves dropped by another ten percent instantly, revealing that removing a single seal was incredibly taxing on her.

The crowd roared again as the sixth seal was undone. Chloe ignored the crowd cheering for her, and instead focused on John. While she wanted to crush him into defeat, she also wanted to avoid killing him if possible. Killing him would win her the fight, but would also result in her disqualification. With the Ancient Blessings as a reward for the winner this year, that was an unacceptable outcome.

As such, she paid close attention to John, ready to undo her gravity art in an instant once he was unconscious.

While the crowd continued to roar loudly with excitement, the arena was silent other than the creaks and groans of the arena straining under the immense gravity. Chloe narrowed her gaze after thirty seconds of the sixth seal being undone, as John had not moved a single inch since.

Without using her divine sense to check on his condition, it was impossible to tell if he was unconscious or not. With the amount of physical and mental strain this gravity art put upon her, doing something as simple as using divine sense was incredibly difficult and taxing on her, and was not worth the cost.

"Are you giving up?" Chloe said through gritted teeth as she strained to maintain her channeled gravity art.

No reply was given, as John continued to lie there on the ground, arms splayed to the side, face pointed up at the sky above.

"Give up!" Chloe commanded again, hoping for a response from John. Still, she received no reply. A frown appeared on her face as she considered her options, at which point she shifted her gaze to the Yang Dao Sect Elder who stood just outside the confines of the gravity art.

"Is he unconscious?" she asked the Elder, hoping he would answer her question. The Elder was under no obligation to answer, and didn't do so either. His silence was answer enough, as the Elder would have ended the fight as soon as he detected John was unconscious, or so she hoped.

There had been times in the past when the referee's actions were unscrupulous towards those of the other Three Dao Sects, and it was not impossible that the referee would refuse to rule on John's status until he was crippled or dead, thus resulting in Chloe's elimination.

"Hey, asshole! Say something!" Chloe yelled loudly, becoming increasingly frustrated by her uncertainty.

"What do you want? I'm having a nice nap here?" John finally replied, his voice groggy as if he had truly been asleep. Chloe's eyes went wide at the sudden reply, as well as the casual tone. When unleashing this art against opponents in her realm, most of them succumbed to it by the time the fifth seal was removed.

As for the sixth seal, the level of gravity was so high that even if her opponent could withstand it, they found it almost impossible to talk. As for the seventh seal, she had only unleashed that once against an opponent in her realm, which had resulted in their immediate concession.

"Can we hurry this up?" John spoke out again with annoyance in his tone. "All you're doing is standing there, and all I'm doing is lying on the ground. This battle is incredibly boring. Do something interesting, or just run out of Qi already, because if this is all the famed Eight-Seal Gravity Field Art can do, then I must say I'm quite disappointed."

Chloe's eyes went wide with shock again, then narrowed immediately as she felt embarrassment and rage flow through her. This was her ultimate art and one of the ultimate Mage Arts of the Mage Dao Sect, and yet it was being completely looked down upon by her opponent.

"Tch! You insolent, arrogant bastard!" Chloe sneered, no longer concerned with John's safety. He had insulted her art and thus had insulted the Mage Dao Sect and the Mage Sovereign who had created this art, and that was an offense worthy of death in her eyes.

She took a deep breath, then quickly made a hand seal in front of her chest. Her face paled even further and her body began to tremble slightly as her Qi flared. A moment later, one of the two remaining talisman covered pillars began to tremble as the talismans on it disintegrated.

"Seventh pillar, unsealed!" Chloe growled, straining with great effort to not only unlock the seventh pillar, but use her comprehensions of the Dao of Gravity to resist the immense gravity within the arena.


The arena shook as the gravity exploded again, doubling once more to an unprecedented level. Another mountain's worth of weight pressed down on John, making him feel as though he weighed nearly three million pounds.

While such weight was something he could lift, the true danger of the gravity art was how it affected the internals of the one trapped in it. Even with his incredible body, John felt as though his organs were going to be pressed flat at any moment. His Qi surged within his body to fight against the gravity, the first time he had used any Qi at all in this battle.

As the Qi surged through his body, reinforcing its durability and also pushing outwards against the gravity, John felt the weight pressing down on him lessen. It was still incredible and made it almost impossible to move in his current state, but the threat of taking serious internal damage had been alleviated.

"You cannot move, and you're most likely being crushed to death at the moment. Give up before you die!" Chloe said, teeth gritted and voice strained. After what felt like an eternity to her, a reply finally came.

"I'm good. Just hurry up and run out of Qi so we can end this joke of a battle!"