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While the rumors were spreading outside, Zhou Jing had been staying in the Ye family to wait and see. At the same time, he used this time to cultivate sorcery.

With the help of Accelerated Learning, he could master sorcery quite quickly. Moreover, "Basic Meditation" also had an increase in cultivation efficiency — this was a skill that Bill had mastered by persistently practicing sorcery for several years. The higher the meditation level, the faster he could cultivate.

Zhou Jing was meditating most of the time. In a day, he could obtain more than 10 Development Points.

It was equivalent to only needing ten days to obtain one Sorcery Skill Point. In three months, he would be able to max out the entire Tier 1 of the Gale Spirit Sorcery skill tree. His rate of improvement was extremely fast.

With Bill's explosive increase in magic aptitude, he would probably not encounter a bottleneck in the [Elemental Sorcerer] system for a long time. Now was the fastest time to increase his strength.

As for the time other than cultivation, Zhou Jing basically used it to study the herbs in this world.

The Ye family had a pharmacy business to begin with, and they had a complete variety of herbs. The butler did not dare to neglect Zhou Jing's instructions and brought over every herb in the inventory.

Zhou Jing used the item analysis function to identify and understand the characteristics of many herbs clearly. He even understood some of them better than the doctors in this world and made rapid progress.

Now that he knew the details of the medicinal properties, as well as Lv8 [Pharmacology] and Lv9 [Herbal Knowledge], a large number of ideas about producing potions and medicines appeared.

After understanding the uses of the various herbs, he set a target effect he wanted to achieve. In the end, he even knew how to use his original technical knowledge to achieve this effect through combining different herbs, giving birth to a new formula.

Although he had yet to use the herbs of this world to make medicine, Zhou Jing had already developed many embryonic formulas in his heart.

He already had the basic idea of making medicine for healing, stopping bleeding, nourishing the deficit, replenishing his energy and strengthening his body, aggressive toxins, slowing the spread of poison, and so on.

This morning.

Zhou Jing was reading a medical book in the courtyard.

Suddenly, Ye Shunzhong came to visit in a hurry.

"Greetings, Daoist. I'm here today to discuss something."

Zhou Jing put down his book and sat on the chair without moving. He looked at Ye Shunzhong, who had walked into the courtyard and slowly asked,

" Patriarch Ye, why are you looking for me?"

Ye Shunzhong bowed respectfully before continuing,

"I shouldn't have troubled you, but my grandfather is seriously ill. His condition has worsened recently, and Minister Zhang is already helpless. I heard that the butler in my family has often sent herbs to you recently. Could it be that you're proficient in medicine?"

"I know a little."

Zhou Jing replied casually. He understood what was going on now.

It seemed that the famous doctor, Zhang Jinduan, had not cured the Ye family's Grand Duke. And recently, he had asked for a lot of herbs to make others misunderstand, so Ye Shunzhong could only come and try his luck.

Hearing this, Ye Shunzhong was delighted and was about to speak.

However, Zhou Jing interrupted him and added,

"However, I've lived in the wilderness for a long time and usually don't see anyone. Without any opportunities to treat people, I'm afraid I'm a little unfamiliar with it. Moreover, I'm only dabbling in the medical path. What I'm really proficient in is alchemy."


Ye Shunzhong was stunned. This answer surprised him.

There was a saying in Daoism that one could live forever and ascend through the path of alchemy. It was said to be magical, but in fact, no one had ever proven it.

On the other hand, many fake Daoists used the name of alchemy to deceive others, so the word "alchemy" was often associated with deception. Their reputation was not good. Even among real Daoists, not many of them would dare say that they knew how to refine pills.

However, Ye Shunzhong trusted Zhou Jing very much. Although he muttered in his heart, he did not doubt his words. He simply knelt down and begged,

"Daoist Priest, my family's old master is in danger. Please save him."

He really had no choice but to try everything.

Seeing this, Zhou Jing stood up and sighed,

"Since you're here to beg, I'll go take a look. I just don't know if it'll work."

Ye Shunzhong was overjoyed. He quickly got up and brought Zhou Jing to the mansion in the backyard to Old Master Ye's room.

The moment Zhou Jing entered, he smelled a strong medicinal aroma.

Zhang Jinduan was also in the house. When he saw Ye Shunzhong, he looked guilty and helplessly replied,

"This old man is powerless to reverse the situation. I've really let you down."

Ye Shunzhong could not blame him. He sighed, then used his hand to guide Zhou Jing as he explained, "Doctor Zhang has already done his best. There's no need to do this. Daoist Ling Fengzi also knows some medical skills. I invited him over to take a look, hoping to discover something."

Hearing this, Zhang Jinduan hurriedly bowed to Zhou Jing before asking curiously,

"So you also know medicine. Unfortunately, I've been busy treating illnesses these past few days and haven't been able to have a deep conversation with you. I wonder what kind of medicine you're good at?"

"I'm good at alchemy."


Zhang Jinduan was stunned.

As a famous doctor, how could he not know that alchemy was a scam to harm people? However, he did not know how to respond to Zhou Jing's words.

At this point, no one would dare to look down on him.

However, if he were to believe it… it would be no different from lying through his teeth. It would be an insult to his medical skills.

Zhou Jing waved his hand and changed the topic. He quickly asked, "Doctor Zhang, what did you diagnose?"

Zhang Jinduan came back to his senses and did not suspect anything. He quickly explained everything in detail.

"It seems like he's not infected by any disease, but why does it seem like he's on his last breath?"

Zhou Jing looked at Old Master Ye's thin and dark face. He found it difficult to believe this diagnosis.

He took a few steps forward, planning to take his pulse personally.


However, when he got closer, a cold aura suddenly pounced towards him.

Zhou Jing frowned and quietly activated his perception. He realized that Old Master Ye was emitting an invisible aura that made him feel uncomfortable. It was cold and wet, like rotten mud.