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Bai Zemin had fallen unconscious after losing so much blood, which was completely natural considering that there was at most 1 liter of blood running through his body, and considering the current condition of his body it was already quite surprising that he had not died.

This was all thanks to the fact that his evolution had been an evolution that raised even his deepest records, those of his race, to a whole new league.

Even the most powerful soul evolver would die from the loss of about 4/5 of their total blood plus heavy wounds.

Strangely, although Bai Zemin could no longer sense the outside world, a sign that he was unconscious, he was somehow aware of his own existence. Perhaps he was not in a state of total unconsciousness, Bai Zemin did not know.

It was as if he was floating in a void of nothingness, in a big cloud surrounded by gray mist and a dark world in the surroundings.

Regardless of everything and feeling that he was in no apparent danger, Bai Zemin took the opportunity to check the records gained when he finally evolved to Second Order.


[First Order Superhuman Health level 5 ----> Second Order Superhuman Health level 1: Passively increases health by +580 points and increases the body's natural recovery rate by 30%. Healing type skills are 40% more effective on you].

[Third Order Golden Bones level 1 has been raised to level 5 in a natural way].

[Third Order Golden Bones (Third Order passive skill) level 5: Your skin becomes so tough that now no pre-evolution weapon outside of the Annihilation category can break through your defenses. Rank 0 weapons are unable to cut you and Rank 1 weapons are 40% less effective against you while the damage of Rank 2 weapons decreases by 20%. The hardness of your internal organs is multiplied by 2 times the previous level and your bone skeleton is now equivalent to a gold skeleton which multiplies your natural defense x5 times. It automatically increases your Endurance stat by +900 points permanently].

[First Order Enhanced Dexterity level 5 ----> Second Order Enhanced Dexterity level 1: Automatically increases the user's Agility by +300 points and reduces the Stamina consumption in combat by 8%].

[Unranked Danger Sense level 5 ----> First Order Predicted Danger Sense level 5: The user will be able to passively foresee any kind of danger 1 second in advance. The skill has a great burden on the soul and mind despite not consuming Mana or Stamina, and the greater the danger the greater the burden on the user to the point of causing temporary loss of sight or hearing].

[You have learned a UNIQUE skill of the Blood Mystic class].

[You have learned Record Devastation].

[Record Devastation (UNIQUE skill) level 5: Depending on the power of the user's bloodline it is possible to degrade a soul evolver with lower blood running through their veins. Consumes 1500 Mana points and 1500 Stamina points to trigger the skill].

[First Activation (Record Degradation): Only works on subjugated enemies. Reaches deep into the enemy's records and degrades them until they are sealed into a consumable item. The user can bestow the consumable item on an ally, raising that ally's power tremendously with a league below the original records.]

[Most of the records obtained during the evolution process are absorbed and assimilated by your body and soul].

[You have received Strength +4977, Agility +4740, Health +4502, Stamina +4492, Mana +3820, Magic +4109. You cannot absorb any more records until you choose your advancement class and advance to Third Order. All records obtained during the evolution process will be saved for later absorption].

[Blood Mystic (Second Order): Mystics are considered to be mysterious and almost unreachable existences, geniuses in the path of magic and unmatched when they set out to focus on a field. It is said that the path of a mystic must be walked by those who wish to achieve true perfection. Decreases Mana consumption by 30% when using attack-type magic skills and increases the critical hit rate by 20% when using magic against an enemy. NOTE: Your synchronization with your Blood Mystic class has not reached the maximum point].

Bai Zemin paused while floating in that big space of nothingness and after a moment's thought he called up his status window.

[Bai Zemin -

Status Points: 220

Level: 100

Race: High Human

Bloodline: High Human

Class: Blood Berserker (First Order) - Blood Mystic (Second Order)

Subclass: King

Title: One Hit to Kill – Irregular - Brilliant Mind - Savior of the World - Destroyer of Destroyers - One VS Millions - King of China

Strength: 6947 (+255) / Agility: 7030 (+295) / Health: 6769 (+70) / Stamina: 7752 (+235) / Mana: 6691 (+65) / Magic: 7002 (+255) / Spiritual Power: 1

Active skills:

Blood Manipulation (Fourth Order active skill) level 5

Blazing Punishment of Divine Blood (Fourth Order active skill) level 1

Regeneration (Third Order active skill) level 5

Shadow Blink (First Order active skill) level 5

Crimson Lightning Flash (Third Order active skill) level 1

Invisibility (First Order active skill) level 5

Gravity Manipulation (Third Order active skill) level 5

Void Fist (Third Order active skill) level 5

All For One (Third Order UNIQUE skill) level 5

War Cry (Second Order active skill) level 5

Lonely Wolf Aura (Third Order active skill) level 5

Rumbling the Heavens, Shaking the Earth (Third Order active skill) level 4

Mankind's Pioneer (Third Order active skill) level 3

Soul Manipulation (Ex rank passive-active skill) level 1

Record Devastation (UNIQUE skill) level 5

Passive skills:

Super Warrior (First Order passive skill) level 1

Immovable Heart (Fourth Order UNIQUE passive skill) level 5

Superhuman Health (Second Order passive skill) level 1

Golden Bones (Third Order passive skill) level 5

Mechanic (Unranked passive skill) level 5

Cooking (Second Order passive skill) level 2

Throwing (Unranked passive skill) level 5

God of War's Will (Third Order passive skill) level 5

Blacksmithing (Fourth Order passive skill) level 1

Predicted Danger Sense (First Order passive skill) level 5

Enhanced Dexterity (Second Order passive skill) level 1

Blood Berserker's Wrath (UNIQUE skill)

Magic Break (Sixth Order passive skill) level 5]

"High Human, uh..." Bai Zemin sighed and subconsciously thought of the light novels he loved to read so much when he was younger and before the apocalypse broke out, "Damn, this daddy will turn into an elf or something? Please don't do it, I'm already so handsome that if I become even more amazing ladies won't stop harassing me."

While expressing his thoughts out loud, Bai Zemin looked at the benefits of his improved race.

[High Human: You are slowly getting closer to becoming the perfect being of a race. Now you cannot be affected by any viruses and your need for sleep decreases drastically, all food you consume will give you the maximum possible benefit discarding the unhealthy automatically. Increase your natural Charm by 70% and increase the effect of your words when talking to other humans which will make it easier for you to be obeyed. Your body's natural defense and the hardness of your internal organs is multiplied x3 compared to your previous self. Your blood has extremely powerful healing properties and is very attractive to other subjects].

"Oh, no..." Bai Zemin sighed and shook his head, "Looks like this elder really is destined to be a lady killer after all. 70% increase in my natural Charm, not bad, not bad at all. Worthy of someone like me. Mhm. That's how it should be. Soul record, this daddy will spoil and be gentle with you even though you often bully me."

Bai Zemin was silent in what he thought was his inner self and after several seconds he couldn't help but be surprised by her shamelessness.

"Thank heavens no one can hear me or else I would really have to hide for a couple of thousand years in some remote cave without coming out to see the sunlight."

Just as he finished rambling, two bright eyes as red as blood flashed in the middle of the darkness right in front of him and Bai Zemin subconsciously stepped back with his heart beating like crazy.

"... Who are you." Bai Zemin demanded instead of asking while keeping his wits about him.

Was this not his subconscious? Because Bai Zemin was pretty sure it was.

But, if that was the case how on earth had anyone come in here? Many might think he was delirious but Bai Zemin trusted his instincts and knew that what he was seeing was not as simple as an illusion caused by his injuries, far from it.

This was real and it was happening right in front of him.

Several seconds passed and those seconds soon turned into minutes.

However, Bai Zemin got no response or any words in return.

Finally, a surprisingly gentle and kind voice that caused his guard to inadvertently drop rang out amidst the dark world and gray mist.

"Great changes will soon come over your life and the lives of those close to you. You have grown and are now many times stronger than before, but do not let your new strength go to your head... The time of trial is closed, and the real battle is only about to begin."

The eyes in the midst of the darkness slowly grew dimmer and dimmer as the voice grew weaker and weaker with each word it spoke.

"You already know what path to choose next... When you advance to the Third Order you will need to seek me out to continue your path... As for who or what I am, you already know in your heart... At least in part, that is."

Bai Zemin stood stunned staring at the darkness in front of him fixedly, and for a long period of time did not move from that spot.

* * * * * * *