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Bai Zemin stood stunned staring at the darkness in front of him fixedly, and for a long period of time did not move from his place.

After a long time, or at least according to Bai Zemin's personal point of view, he slowly sat down in the middle of the mist and looked straight ahead with a confused but at the same time serious expression on his face.

First of all, what Bai Zemin needed to ask himself was the following.

"Who or what was it... or rather, what or who does that presence from before belong to?" he muttered even though in his heart he already had a somewhat clear answer.

If that presence and voice belonged to Sirius the Heavenly Wolf then it would all make sense from a certain perspective. It was no secret to Bai Zemin that regardless of whether the connection between him and the Heavenly Wolf was big or small the reality was that this connection was there, beating alive like a moving heart.

However, if that presence from before really was Sirius the Heavenly Wolf then there was a new unknown that somehow made Bai Zemin a little uneasy.

Just before, when the Heavenly Wolf spoke, Bai Zemin felt a lot of inner peace. This kind and degree of inner peace was something he had only felt very few times in his life, mostly during his youth while he was still living at his parents' house.

This was a depth of peace that only someone extremely close to him could transmit.

Sirius was a legendary existence, but Bai Zemin knew practically nothing about him. All of his information came from what Lilith had told him about Sirius' constellation and what she had heard from other older Higher Existences.

It was said that the Heavenly Wolf Sirius was a being who had exceeded the limits of this universe and the Soul Record and therefore eventually traveled to a higher plane as did the Ice Goddess Skadi. As to what that higher plane was, Bai Zemin now knew it was the so-called Golden Domain; the true beginning of everything, the core of everything, the parent plane of all worlds that existed in the domain under the control of the Soul Record.

Was the Heavenly Wolf alive or dead? No one knew for sure... probably.

The only information about the Heavenly Wolf was probably within the constellation that was imprinted in the stars, a way to honor a being worthy of respect even from the Soul Record.

"... Am I really the reincarnation of the Heavenly Wolf?" Bai Zemin let himself fall onto his back and stretched both arms outward as he gazed into the infinite darkness above him.

Somehow... something felt out of place, but Bai Zemin could not pinpoint what it was.

Just as that presence said before it disappeared, Bai Zemin was practically 100% sure it was Sirius. However, just as Sirius said before vanishing into the darkness, it was just an idea and nothing certain as Bai Zemin didn't know if Sirius was his past self or something different.

"But..." Bai Zemin frowned. His voice sounded like a hollow echo in that unknown space filled with nothing, "The words Sirius said and the words Shi Lin entrusted Kong Jun to tell me... What is this all about?"

It was touching on this point where Bai Zemin's confusion kept growing.

He knew nothing of what the two mysterious existences wanted to point out with their words and somehow this made Bai Zemin angry with them even though in his heart he knew that such a thing was not only immature but would also get him nowhere.

But... "Couldn't you two just say in plain words what is about to happen?" Bai Zemin sighed.

"Besides, the Heavenly Wolf said that after the Third Order I will need to go to him in order to continue advancing. If I'm not wrong, what Sirius the Heavenly Wolf means is that in order to continue walking the path I walk and destroy the walls or barriers that appear at each key point I will need to go to where his constellation is." Bai Zemin slowly stood up, grateful to the fact that at least in this place his body was in one piece.

Bai Zemin had been stuck in the First Order of the universal power scale for almost a full year. At that time he had been furious and in some way felt that the requirements the Soul Record had demanded of him were too much for someone of level 50.

But, as time passed Bai Zemin came to learn that those requirements were not necessitated by the Soul Record but were the materials, the very foundation that would build the continuation of the path he had begun to walk when he chose Blood Berserker as his first job.

Of course, Bai Zemin could have chosen a different class and evolved faster. He would have gained levels and stats faster, become more powerful quicker, and his level would not have stagnated for so long. However, would those classes have evolved his race to a higher one? Would they have given him such powerful skills? The answer was no.

The good was long overdue, and Blood Mystic was excellent.

"How long will it take me to complete the requirements of my next election? 1 year? 2 years? maybe more..." Bai Zemin smirked, "If this were a novel there would surely be readers crying like little girls for not seeing a level up message. Though I wonder if the author would care, there are all kinds of authors in this world."

In between his ramblings in an attempt to calm his agitated heart not only by finally being a little more aware of his new strength but also by the fact that something unknown but big was coming his way, Bai Zemin called out the continuation of his path.

"Let me see them. My paths to the Third Order."

The Soul Record seemed to be waiting for these words as not even two seconds later several messages flashed in Bai Zemin's retinas.

[Your possible paths of evolution have been studied and confirmed.]

[With the achievements and the records you have earned until now, a path you can take is now seen. Please select a job. A befitting trial will be given to you].

[Option 1: Warrior of the End of the World.]

[Option 2: Chaotic Blood Mage.]

[Option 3: Blacksmith of Fortune.]


"... The first two options somehow scare me a little bit." The corner of Bai Zemin's mouth trembled slightly as he said these words to no one in particular.

Warrior of the End of the World... End of the World...

Considering that Bai Zemin indeed was capable of destroying a Lower World if he gave his all and was willing to die for it the name of the Option 1 was very good.


"I don't want to have anything to do with the end of the world." Bai Zemin didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Chaotic Blood Mage didn't sound as bad as the first one but it still sounded ominous.

Chaotic? What was that supposed to mean? Bai Zemin was looking for peace and calm, not chaos and disaster... Ironically enough, though, all the places he appeared in or visited ended up being chaotic in one way or another.

For example, Eventide World was in relative peace for thousands of years but in less than half a year there was a world war between human kingdoms and after that a war broke out against the demon race.

Of course, Bai Zemin was not choosing the first two options not because of their names but for two other reasons in particular.

Both Warrior of the End of the World and Chaotic Blood Mage were very powerful classes, Bai Zemin was 200% sure of that. He was sure that if he chose one of those two classes, when he reached the Third Order he would probably become invincible among all the Lower Existences in the universe regardless of the difference in level or talent; this was not arrogance but his belief after analyzing many things based on his experience.

However, hadn't Lilith warned him enough about classes that are extremely powerful? Strong at first but eventually fell a bit short compared to others... In most cases at least.

Warrior of the End of the World was probably a class with monstrous physical attacks, and coupled with the power of Overlap Regeneration its effectiveness would certainly be frightening. Just thinking about it or imagining it made Bai Zemin's legs tremble.

Chaotic Blood Mage, a class that would definitely increase Bai Zemin's magical power and Magic to new scales. In fact, it was very likely that Blood Manipulation would rise to Fifth Order right away and even features like bloodlines would be unlocked with this class. The word Chaotic in particular was proof of its terror and dominance on the battlefield.


"Neither of those two paths is the path I want to walk..." Bai Zemin blinked and breathed out, "Because neither of those two paths is capable of leading me to where I want to go."

As for Option 3... Bai Zemin never planned to become a blacksmith despite the fact that he somehow turned out to be quite talented in this field. Talent added to how hardworking Bai Zemin was, the Blacksmith of Fortune class was a very good option; but he didn't consider it even for a moment.

"Just like you said, Sirius Heavenly Wolf, whoever you are." Bai Zemin smiled mockingly and looked at Option 4 with bright eyes: "From the moment I chose Blood Mystic as my Second Order class I already knew the continuation of the path I would walk in the future."

And now it was time to see if he was wrong or not.

[Option 4: Blood Warlock.]

There was no surprise in Bai Zemin's eyes as his gaze fell upon the fourth and last evolution path that the Soul Record had been able to study based on the records he had been accumulating all this time until now.

From the moment Bai Zemin saw his paths to the Second Order and chose Blood Mystic as his continuation he immediately knew what the path he would choose to the Third Order would be.

"I wonder if there was ever anyone capable of finding the path they would walk faster than the Soul Record." Bai Zemin scratched the bridge of his nose gently and muttered to himself.

Blood Berserker for the First Order.

Berserkers, extremely talented and terrifying existences in close combat.

Blood Mystic for the Second Order.

Mystics, existences that through the use of magic tried to connect with their souls and thus achieve divinity.

Blood Warlock for the Third Order.

Warlocks, they were practically perfect entities. They mastered the arts of melee combat but were also extremely talented mages capable of combining both styles of combat.

Bai Zemin believed and was confident that Blood Warlock would lead him to where he wanted to go.

"Berserker for the body and Mystic for the spirit." Bai Zemin laid down on the black floor again and as he stared into nothingness he thought aloud, "Just like a bulb and electric power, the two need to connect and match in order for the light to come on. I have Soul Manipulation so now I am more certain than before about this fact."

With both body and soul being perfectly linked together, all Bai Zemin would eventually get would be the absolute perfection.

"Soul Record, Option 4; Blood Warlock."

Bai Zemin's voice echoed amidst the silence and fog that enveloped his figure.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

Several seconds passed during which the only sound was Bai Zemin's breathing.

He also did not receive messages as in the two previous cases when he chose Blood Berserker or Blood Mystic.

But, Bai Zemin was not anxious and waited.

Patience was a great virtue... Nah, he was not particularly patient at all.

The reason Bai Zemin waited was because, as stupid as the thought was, he seemed to "feel" how much effort the existence or thing called Soul Record was putting into this.

Finally, the fun began approximately 30 seconds after Bai Zemin expressed his intention and said in a clear voice his choice.

[You have chosen Blood Warlock as your breakthrough class to the Third Order.]

* * * * * * *