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About two days had passed since that fatal moment when Lilith was a split second away from losing her life.

Fortunately for her, the Rank 6 earring that Bai Zemin had forged after working practically non-stop for over half a year and in which Kali drew incredibly powerful runes ended up being vital for her to escape the clutches of death.

Of course, with her heart pierced she couldn't help but pull out another of the trump cards she kept hidden for her own personal reasons.

Back then, Fire Sorrow had advised Lilith to retreat back to the faction castle and rest. Although the loss of a soul evolver capable of becoming the queen of the battlefield and terrifying all enemies would certainly be a great loss to the Demonic Army, neither Fire Sorrow nor anyone else wanted to compromise a Sixth Order talent capable of facing a Seventh Order general on equal terms.

However, Lilith did not listen to Fire Sorrow's words.

After resting for about 6 or 7 hours and healing enough for her life to no longer be in danger, Lilith unleashed all the fear she had felt before and turned it into anger that was hardly seen in her.

From that moment on, hell descended on the invaders' heads and the defenders finally remembered once again the reason why Lilith was broadly known as Bloody Succubus.

The only not-so-small difference was the fact that this time Lilith lived up to the word 'Bloody' in her title.

She contained the area of effect of her freezing mist to only 500 meters around her instead of letting the mist spread over the entire battlefield. As a result of this decision, her allies were no longer receiving as much benefit as before and had to genuinely fight with their lives on the line with every passing second.

Strangely, however, Lilith's Mana consumption which would naturally have to be lower as the skill's area of effect decreased not only did not become lower but over time seemed to increase.

As for the reason... The first to discover it was Han Jian, the general invader user of a frost whip who had been facing Crow together with Di Ya.

Han Jian was already injured after facing Crow for so long and the only reason he was still alive was thanks to the fact that he had received timely support. Therefore, Han Jian definitely did not see the moment coming when all of his movements became sickeningly stiff to the point where it took him almost 1 second to regain his freedom.

Less than a second sounded like a small thing, but for beings capable of cutting through space and moving great distances in the blink of an eye that small span of time could be fatal or vital depending on the circumstances.

"Ugh..." Han Jian felt a sharp stab of pain in his chest, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw a sword as white as milk piercing his chest from behind.


Realizing what was happening, Han Jian became furious and unleashed all his energy in the hope of forcing the woman who was as beautiful as a goddess but as annoying as the plague to back down.

However, to the utter shock of Han Jian, Di Ya, and Crow; Lilith did not back away and took the sonic blast head-on.

Her bewitching body shook slightly, giving her an extremely fragile appearance as proof that she had not yet fully recovered. But Lilith not only ignored the pain but also didn't seem to notice or simply didn't care about the trail of blood trickling down the corner of her lips.

"Total Blizzard."

The sweet voice of Lilith that Bai Zemin was used to hearing every day was nowhere to be found, and from Han Jian's point of view, it was no different than the voice of a true demon.

Han Jian didn't have time to cry out in pain... rather, he couldn't do it.

From his chest down, up, and to both sides; Han Jian felt his internal organs and blood starting to freeze at dizzying speeds, and at this rate it wouldn't be long before if life would be lost forever.

"Fuck!" Di Ya tightened his grip on his sword and without hesitation lunged towards Lilith.

In his heart, Di Ya knew that he needed Han Jian's help, or else the next to fall would be none other than him!

"Stray dog, where the fuck do you think you're going?!"

Hearing the furious roar similar to that of a rabid lion thundering behind him, Di Ya had no choice but to turn around and hurriedly raised his sword on a diagonal to parry the attack of an enraged Crow who was glaring at him with bloodshot eyes.

"You had fun attacking with your little girlfriend, didn't you? Now it's my turn!"

Crow's body was riddled with wounds and red-colored blood with golden hints had stained his three pairs of wings. His force had dropped tremendously but even then Di Ya wasn't able to shake him.

'Shit!!! How are these old bastards so strong?! The elders said that they were only one stage above us in terms of power but what's with this stupid ability to fight for days on end?'' Di Ya brandished his sword in desperation knowing what awaited him if he didn't do something soon, but unfortunately for him all his attacks only managed to match Crow and he could never break his blockade to charge towards the black-haired and ruby-eyed female.

After a minute or two, Di Ya turned around when he heard Han Jian's piercing and desperate cry and his eyes widened when he saw his now former battle partner being cut in two halves from the waist.

Small crystals of frozen blood flew everywhere and floated into outer space as Han Jian howled in pain for the next good 30 seconds, which was not unlike the last level of hell for him.

[You have received ??????????. You get Magic +315, Strength +314, Agility +283, Stamina +125]

[You have leveled up and reached level 684. You have received 64 status points to distribute freely].

After weeks of killing enemies, she had risen to level 684 from her previous 677. Quite impressive considering a Higher Existence could spend years at the same level.

Lilith looked coldly at Di Ya and he felt chills as his eyes met hers.

"Add 500 points to Health." Lilith decided somewhat cautiously after realizing that she needed to get better fast.

Once the status points to distribute at will were added to her Health stat, Lilith didn't stop to feel the improvement and with a fierce flapping of the two pairs of wings behind her back she charged towards Di Ya who kept cursing Crow.

Di Ya was in better physical condition than Han Jian as he never had to face Crow by himself and had appeared 1 or 2 weeks after the battle started. However, even he was unable to do anything against the duo of the Demonic Army joining hands.

Lilith's ice-frost-type skills naturally did not go well with Crow's fire-heat-type skills. However, the two carried out their tasks perfectly and after fighting for about 4 hours, Di Ya finally succumbed under a whirlwind of purple flames that he had fallen prey to after his movements were stopped by small but incredibly terrifying ice particles floating around him.

Once the whirlwind of purple flames over 5000 meters high disappeared and stopped glowing in the dark outer space, Di Ya's charred and incomplete body appeared before Crow and Lilith's eyes.

"Pooh!" Crow spat in the direction of the corpse and said angrily, "You arrogant little piece of shit, it turned out you were no big deal in the end, or were you?"

Crow turned to look at Lilith but was a bit surprised when he met the coldest look he had ever seen on her.

"Crow, you help Valiant. I'll go assist Hellscar."

Her words sounded more like a command than a suggestion, and strangely Crow found himself nodding subconsciously; it perplexed him.

Crow, like most Higher Existences, had been a leader of his own army at some point in history before joining the Demonic Army. However, this had been many, many years ago and the bearing of a true Leader had long since left him.

On the other hand, Lilith seemed to be very used to giving orders and leading; almost as if what she told in the past about always fighting alone and never having an army under her control was a lie.

It was then that Crow realized that neither he nor anyone else knew much about Lilith. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to think under the circumstances and before he had a chance to say a single word he saw how Lilith flapped her wings and turned into a flash of light leaving a trail of frost in the direction of the distant battlefield where Hellscar was facing two enemy generals.

Approximately 10 hours later, Lim Qinyu and Duan Delan who were fighting 2vs1 against Hellscar succumbed after Lilith joined the battle; Lim Qinyu exploded into a pile of pieces of flesh and blood after receiving a vicious blow from the two-handed sword wielded by Hellscar while Duan Delan was decapitated and his blood turned into small pieces of frozen ruby-colored crystal.

The invaders of The Golden Domain naturally began to despair from the first moment Hen Jian lost his life and Di Ya followed soon after. Many tried to help, but it was then that Lilith's Charm reminded them that approaching her without being strong enough was no different from committing suicide.

Therefore, with over 50,000 invaders under her control, Lilith ordered them to start killing their former comrades as her presence completely turned the tide of the war.

Fire Sorrow was providing supporting fire to Luciah in the distance. Both women were doing their best to restrain a being with the strength of a faction leader, and the fact that they were able to hold back Xiong Li for so long left in proof that it wasn't for nothing that they were Lucifer's left hand and right hand.


Despite being at a disadvantage, Fire Sorrow couldn't help but divert her attention for a brief moment, and seeing how things were heading towards a pleasant ending for them she sighed.

This was the first time Fire Sorrow and probably any other member of the Demonic Army had seen Lilith let loose completely. The image of her causing terror among the enemies and wielding her sword like a goddess would certainly leave a deep mark on everyone's hearts.

With Lilith and Hellscar joining Valiant and Crow, the two remaining enemy generals would probably not take long to fall. Fire Sorrow and Luciah only had to hold against Xiong Li until then, and with the union of all of them their chances of killing him would certainly not be small.

However, none of this mattered that much compared to the main battlefield itself.

Fire Sorrow averted her eyes slightly and looked towards the distant large sphere of darkness that seemed like a world on its own in the middle of nowhere.

There, inside that world of darkness, Lucifer and the wrinkled old man who almost killed Lilith had been fighting for the past several hours. From the outside, no noises could be heard and there were no disturbances in the great black sphere, so it was difficult to know exactly what the situation was like inside.

However, Fire Sorrow simply could not imagine Lucifer losing. She had only seen him lose to a single being, and that being was no longer around.

An hour later, just as Fire Sorrow had predicted, the two remaining enemy generals finally fell under the union of four of the most powerful members of the Demon Army.

Luciah and Xiong Li collided "for the last time" in a thunderous explosion that for an instant illuminated part of the universe as if a star were releasing great amounts of energy.

As Luciah flew backwards and with great difficulty stabilized herself after several hundred meters, she licked the trail of blood at the corner of her mouth with a cold expression while her white eyes with golden pupils stared at her enemy with a serious expression on her beautiful face.

Xiong Li observed the trembling of his right hand with which he wielded his sword and said with a chuckle, "As expected of you, Spear Goddess Luciah. Your physical attacks are truly a monstrosity."

"Unfortunately, I can't win alone." Luciah shrugged her shoulders.

"Well..." Xiong Li looked at Fire Sorrow and then looked at his left arm. The left sleeve of his robe had disappeared, and Xiong Li's red blood trickled down his arm until it dripped down his hand and subsequently floated into nothingness. "But you are not alone."

It was then that Xiong Li's expression changed as he sensed several auras rapidly approaching, and when he saw Lilith and the others staring at him with murderous intent he couldn't help but be taken aback.

He had been so focused on killing Luciah that he had not paid attention to his surroundings, but when Xiong Li looked at the battlefield his pupils shrank fiercely.

* * * * * * *