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When the sphere of darkness disappeared, the members of the Demonic Army immediately began to roar loudly cheering at the sight of their Leader being the final victor.

Though his golden armor was riddled with cracks, though there were dried bloodstains being replaced by more blood pouring out from within his armor, the current Lucifer was a stark contrast to his ever lazy and disinterested self.

Long blond hair down to his lower back, bright emerald green eyes resembling the eyes of a hawk, and his back as straight as a spear.

This was the Leader they had decided to join!

The newer members of the Demonic Army who saw Lucifer making a move personally for the first time were immediately enchanted by his presence.

Lucifer looked around and a flash of surprise shone in his indifferent eyes as he saw that the battle was over.

Just then, Fire Sorrow and Luciah approached.

"Lucifer, you won." Fire Sorrow smiled slightly.

"Of course." Lucifer nodded as if it was the obvious. His eyes went back and forth between both women before he said with an amused grin, "Man, you look like you got your ass kicked don't you, Luciah?"

Luciah: "..."

"...You're no funny." Lucifer shook his head as he saw his little sister's cold and indifferent expression.

"On the other hand..." Lucifer looked at Fire Sorrow with a weird expression and said slowly, "Fire Sorrow... It's not that I'm not happy about the fact that you're unharmed... but somehow I'm a little pissed off by your relaxed appearance. Did you just finish your walk in the park or something?"

All the members of the Demonic Army who had not died were wounded; some more, some less, but wounded nonetheless. However, Fire Sorrow was literally in perfect condition as if she had never faced anyone in this war or like an elephant stepping on a small group of ants.

"What can I say about it, I'm this impressive." Fire Sorrow used her left hand to flip her violet hair as she smiled arrogantly and elegantly.

"Hahah- Ugh." Lucifer was really happy to see his two closest people looking well but when he started to laugh he was forced to stop after being hit by a sudden wave of pain.

"Are you okay?" Fire Sorrow asked worriedly.

Lucifer waved his hand and said self-deprecatingly, "It's been a long time since I've suffered any injuries... In the past, this level of pain would mean nothing to me... But now, a little damage to my inner organs is enough to make me suffer this much."

"That's what happens when you sleep all day without looking to train or fight someone strong." Luciah snorted. "Your pain tolerance is low. Definitely lower than a Lower Existence used to fighting to the death."

"Lower Existences, huh..." Lucifer smiled with nostalgia and as he looked at his army proudly cheering he couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness. "I miss those days. When we were Lower Existences we never celebrated our victories right away out of respect for our fallen comrades... but Higher Existences are proud by nature."

Lucifer had worked hard to try to make his Demonic Army more like a family than a mere rallying point for powerhouses who wanted to break the limitation of time, and from a certain point of view he had succeeded in doing so considering that his faction shared relatively close ties compared to most other factions.

However, Lucifer was still unable to reach the extent he wished.

"I wonder if our wolf could have done it... No, he probably could." Lucifer smiled somewhat bitterly and shook his head as he wondered where he had gone wrong or what he had overlooked.

"Is there a need to compare yourself to others?" Luciah pointed out casually, "That person is that person and you are you. You just have to do what you can do and improve. We are soul evolvers, are you forgetting that? We are the ones who are limiting ourselves."

Lucifer looked at his younger sister and said not knowing whether to laugh or cry, "Sometimes I really wish I had as positive a mindset as you do. Is there anything that worries you in this life?"

"Not having enemies to kill." Luciah replied with the same tone of voice and expression as before.

"Hahahahah- Ugh."

As Lucifer frowned in pain, Fire Sorrow approached him and whispered her little exchange of words with Xiong Li before she killed him.

"Li Zixi?" Lucifer frowned and said dumbfounded, "Who the fuck is that?"

Fire Sorrow shook her head in response as a sad expression crossed her face.

Seeing this, Lucifer pushed to the back of his head the unknown name to think about it later and an increasingly hesitant expression appeared on his face.

He had noticed that Fire Sorrow's sadness had begun to grow from the moment she started talking about The Golden Domain and the fact that Xiong Li did not know any warriors with the characteristics that represented the Heavenly Wolf.

Seeing Lucifer's hesitant expression and Fire Sorrow's sentimental loss, Luciah snorted and turned away from both of them without any desire to want her mentality to be affected by emotions or doubts.

While the mages of the Demonic Army did their work using healing type skills to help those in the worst condition, Fire Sorrow and Lucife remained silent for a minute or two before she finally realized that something wasn't right.

Fire Sorrow's expression grew more and more serious, even getting a hint of coldness as she stared him in the face.

Lucifer and Fire Sorrow were friends who had known each other all their lives. They knew each other better than their parents had gotten to know them when they were still alive.

Millions of years of friendship, and although they sometimes went whole years without seeing each other even once it was not that long compared to the time they had spent together, fighting side by side, and coming up with ideas to evolve and gain power.

It was impossible for Fire Sorrow not to realize that Lucifer was hiding something important from her given her understanding of him.

As to what he was hiding? Fire Sorrow wasn't stupid, quite the contrary.

Seeing Fire Sorrow's expression becoming colder and colder to the point of being bone-chilling and emotionless, Lucifer finally sighed and shook his head.

"Forget it, I was planning on telling you after the war against The Golden Domain anyway."

Fire Sorrow just stared at him with a cold expression on her face but they both knew how agitated her heart was jumping in her chest as she waited for him to continue.

Lucifer explained how he made his way to the Milky Way, and told her about him waiting for many hours in outer space surrounded by nothing but stars in the location where previously there had been a small but beautiful sky blue planet.

The more Fire Sorrow heard the louder her heart beat. Gradually, her firm and indifferent expression began to waver.

"The reaction of the Bloody Succubus was strange after Medes launched a joke-like attack, but at the time I didn't think much of it... It wasn't until later that I remembered that if that planet was there it would definitely have been hit by that old fart's beam of light."

Lucifer continued, "Back then, the Bloody Succubus seemed frightened and subsequently furious with Medes. The level of hatred and anger from her at that moment were too high to have originated from just a joke attack, so I thought that the reason the Bloody Succubus had become that sentimental resembled someone who had just had something precious taken away from them."

At this point, Lucifer finally saw Fire Sorrow's pupils shrink fiercely and finally understood that she had already been able to draw her own conclusions.

"There's definitely something fishy going on, but it might not be what you think." Lucifer dumped a bucket of cold water over her head and said casually, "I did my best to look but I found nothing there, not even the slightest spatial disturbance or defensive barrier. So I could be wrong and maybe it's not what you're thinking."

Unfortunately or not, Fire Sorrow was no longer listening to what he was saying.

She waved her magic staff to her left and along with a sound similar to that caused by a glass cup falling to the ground and shattering into dozens of pieces a spatial crack appeared.

"Wha- Wait a minute!" Lucifer opened his eyes wide in shock as he saw Fire Sorrow step forward and walk into the rift, "You still have to help me heal-"

Lucifer paused as he stood dumbfounded watching the space rift closing in front of his eyes with his left hand stupidly stretched forward without grabbing anything.

"...the others." He sighed and finally retracted his hand helplessly.

A few seconds later, Lucifer felt a small number of familiar auras approaching and as he looked ahead he saw Valiant, Lilith, Crow, and Hellscar flapping their wings towards where he was.

"Your Majesty, did something important happen?" Valiant asked as she looked over to where Fire Sorrow had just disappeared.

Lucifer sighed wearily and waved his hand several times, "It's nothing important. Fire Sorrow will probably be gone for a couple of days and then come back disappointed."

"Disappointed?" Hellscar looked even more confused.

"Your Majesty, is it good that Fire Sorrow is gone?" Crow frowned. He looked beyond the large wall and said with some hesitation, "Although it's not highly probable, we can't rule out the fact that someone might try to take advantage now that we're all in a state of extreme weakness."

"Hmph. They dare to?" Lucifer snorted and a glint of coldness shone in his eyes. "This daddy's been sleeping too long anyway. Might as well teach newborns to respect adults if they don't know how to behave."

The corner of Crow's mouth twitched several times, but in the end, he said nothing and simply nodded silently.

Just at that moment, all the blood, flesh, and bodies of the invaders floating on the battlefield suddenly began to release a white glow that became brighter and brighter with each passing second.

Lilith who had been looking at the place where Fire Sorrow had opened a spatial rift immediately shifted her focus to what was happening and her expression turned grim.

"Don't worry, Bloody Succubus Lilith." Valiant explained upon seeing her expression, "It's nothing bad. This always happens after every war against the beings living on the other side of the Abyssal Rift."

Under the surprised eyes of Lilith and those experiencing this phenomenon for the first time, all the records that made up the invaders' bodies were decompressed into particles of light.

Half of these light particles hit the Abyssal Rift, reducing its size in real time until in less than 5 minutes it became a virtually unnoticeable glowing red dot in the middle of the vast outer space.

As for the other half...


Lilith watched in awe as flashes of white light flew everywhere, piercing through the Chaos Wall and disappearing beyond as if they had a clear destination, off to somewhere unknown.

"Heh." Lucifer sneered. "Those idiots are using us as a farm but little do they know that we also see them as our personal farm."

"Your Majesty?"

This time even Valiant was confused by Lucifer's words. However, he simply shook his head and said nothing more.

"Everyone, let's go back to Kram World. We'll recover first, then you can leave and continue doing whatever you were doing before." Lucifer flew towards his castle and was soon followed by the other members of the Demonic Army.

Lilith frowned at the place where Fire Sorrow had disappeared, but after several seconds she simply shook her head and headed for the castle as well. Her wound needed to heal and she needed to replenish her Mana and Stamina before returning to Earth.

'If that little man sees me in this condition I fear he will go mad.' Lilith smiled lovingly at the thought of a certain Lower Existence.

As for that said "certain Lower Existence" ...

"Wha... What the fuck is this?!" Bai Zemin was dumbfounded as he stared at the ice mirror in front of him.

* * * * * * *

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