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Regardless of how many enemies came his way, Bai Zemin was unstoppable in the most optimal sense of the word.

No one, regardless of level or size and regardless of their qualities or skills could stop him or make him stop for even a fraction of a second.

All the sea creatures that obstructed him in the slightest were crushed to the point where their bodies simply exploded without even leaving a fragment of flesh intact behind; only liquid, viscous blood.

After a few more minutes, Bai Zemin finally got a clearer view of the city under the sea, but despite its sheer size, he didn't have time to appreciate it or to be surprised by the fact that there was some sort of white bubble that seemed to push the seawater away from the city's interior; something that Bai Zemin found strange.

Unfortunately, the number of sea monsters attacking the city was simply colossal. Bai Zemin could only see glimpses of the city every time one of the defensive cannons fired or when a large number of enemies were wiped out by a powerful attack from the other side before the city disappeared once again under overwhelming numbers.

"Fu- What's the problem with all these fucking monsters?!" Bai Zemin waved his right hand and his voice sounded hollow from inside the treasure mask Xian Mei'er had given him, "Explode!"

All the water several kilometers around was filled with blood and corpses, so when Bai Zemin's words came out of his mouth all that blood released an intense crimson radiance that illuminated a good part of the East Sea, and immediately after that, hell broke loose.


A terrifying explosion shook even the city below and a large number of soldiers belonging to the East Sea defensive troops were sent flying backwards with serious wounds after being hit by the huge sphere of water and void that was forced out in the middle of the battlefield.

Bai Zemin watched coldly as the walls of the blood sphere he had created to protect himself grew covered in cracks and while being slightly surprised by his magical power made a mental note to be more careful with his next attacks or else he would end up causing damage upon himself.

About a minute later, the rumble of the surroundings calmed down a bit and Bai Zemin finally broke apart the sphere of blood he was using as a shield.

What he saw left him a little breathless.

Thanks to the bright lights of the city, Bai Zemin could now see everything around him with complete ease. It was then when he realized that all the darkness he was seeing before was not exactly darkness but enemies!

Bai Zemin felt a shiver run down his spine as he realized that he was being watched by millions of eyes, and without realizing it, he had walked right through the middle of the army of uncontrolled beasts.

Even more shocking, however, was the fact that Bai Zemin could no longer see enemies no matter where he looked.

'... I only spent like 2500 Mana points, not even half of my total.' Thinking about what might have happened if he used even more Mana to boost his previous attack... Slowly but surely, Bai Zemin was discovering that his current power league was simply off the board.

"Big brother!"

An anxious voice filled with joy impossible to hide brought Bai Zemin back.

He looked over and spotted his little sister Meng Qi riding a large giant electric eel straight towards him.

"Thank heavens..." Bai Zemin whispered under his breath and instead of waiting he advanced to meet her.

Meng Qi jumped off the giant eel's back and there was no hesitation or wavering in her movements as she hugged him tightly. She even wrapped her legs like an octopus around his waist as if she was telling him with actions that she would not let him go even if she was beaten to death right there.

However, Bai Zemin had no intention or reason to push her away from him.

"Are you all okay? Did someone hurt you?" Bai Zemin asked immediately as he used his right hand to pat her back gently in an attempt to calm her down a bit.

"Big brother... thank god... I prayed every single day for you to be okay... Days and days went by but you didn't come back..." Instead of answering Bai Zemin's questions, Meng Qi began to sob as she whispered her fears and worries.

"Bai Zemin, you really are alive!"

Bai Zemin followed the source of the new voice and through his mask saw Xian Mei'er swimming towards him with graceful swishes of her mermaid tail.

There were several powerful soul evolvers near the city ranging from sharks, swordfish, electric jellyfish, sea snakes, purple octopuses, tritons, and much more. However, they all stared silently and although Bai Zemin perceived wariness he did not sense animosity from any of them.

"You managed to evolve? That's great!" Xian Mei'er stopped near him with a joy-filled expression.

Instead of saying something to Xian Mei'er right away, Bai Zemin looked beyond the semi-transparent bubble and his night-black eyes met two pairs of electric blue eyes belonging to a sturdy middle-aged man on top of one of the city walls.

After a few seconds, the other party nodded and Bai Zemin returned the gesture before turning his focus back to the Seventh Princess of the East Sea.

"Xian Mei'er, I need to return to my faction. With all these problems I'm afraid I won't be able to help you anymore until matters settle down."

"You go and don't worry about me. Our alliance is stronger than ever." Xian Mei'er assured him in a serious voice. "Although it is not yet certain, the fact that I am in an alliance with a Human King is already known throughout the East Sea, and although there is some opposition many see it as an opportunity to strengthen ties with other species."

Bai Zemin nodded and said without further delay, "I will contact you through Xiao Xiao when things calm down a bit on the surface."

"That's okay with me." Xian Mei'er said in a serious voice, "Just now you helped us out of a big predicament. Over 40% of the sea creatures under our family's control got out of hand and we were having trouble dealing with them all. Besides, this is only one of the 20 cities under the control of our Royal family so it will take a while to stabilize everything around here."

"In that case, I wish you good luck."

"Same to you."

Bai Zemin and Xian Mei'er said their goodbyes, and after a last glance at the bottom of the sea, Bai Zemin activated his King of China title and teleported directly to one of his kingdom bases.

A few seconds later, Xian Mei'er returned to the wall and when her body passed through the semi-transparent bubble around the city her fishtail disappeared and two beautiful legs replaced it.

"Royal Father, Bai Zemin has returned to his kingdom to lead his army to overcome this crisis." She announced in a respectful voice.

"Mhm." The East Sea King nodded and said in a deep voice, "Mei'er, your human friend has inadvertently given us a great opportunity so you are in charge of maintaining order and security in Royal City now while I and your siblings will take care of defending the other cities. Can you do that?"

Xian Mei'er's beautiful blue eyes sparkled brightly and a happy smile appeared on her face, "Of course, Father! I promise to protect Kraya City no matter what!"

"Father, this... Isn't this inappropriate?" The First Princess and the eldest sister among all the princesses couldn't help but be taken aback and subconsciously wanted to raise a complaint.

"Inappropriate? Chenyan, do you think you are more apt than me to decide what is appropriate and what is not for my people?" The East Sea King looked at his eldest daughter sideways and asked composedly.

"N- No, of course I am not! I apologize if my words have offended Royal Father, Chenyan had no such intentions!" Princess Xian Chenyan immediately shook her head and apologized as she realized her mistake.

Xian Chenyan did not want to get on her father's bad side now that there was so little time left to select the next ruler.

"Move, spread out among the outlying cities and don't let our territory be reduced by rogue drones who will surely seize the opportunity to attack." The East Sea King snorted and in an instant, his body disappeared.

He had used the power of his title King of the East Sea to teleport somewhere in his territory.

Xian Mei'er could feel the intense gazes of her siblings, but she wasn't worried about that. To begin with, she never saw them as enemies but they were the ones who saw everything as war and profit; she just wanted peace.

Seeing that Xian Mei'er began to give orders with capacity and ignored them, the princes and princesses who were fit to fight and lead immediately moved to follow the King's orders.

If they did not move quickly to respond to the call for help from other cities it would only be a matter of time before only Kraya City stood.

* * *

"Lord Bai, please understand the situation."

"Understand? I understand the situation perfectly."

"In that case... why are you making things difficult for us? We are just carrying out our duties..."

"You are carrying out your duties and I am carrying out mine as a man and as a husband."


"There's no need to say more. I understand the situation you are in and I don't resent you, but unless you kill me don't even dream about laying a finger on my wife."

When Bai Zemin teleported home, the first thing that caught his attention was that apart from the sound of gunshots and explosions coming from everywhere, from the front yard of his family's residence there seemed to be a small crowd of people arguing heatedly about something that in the heat of the moment he could not understand.

However, his expression suddenly changed when he felt something and in an instant, his body seemed to move of its own accord in the direction of the main entrance.


A small group of people, approximately 5 or 6 of them, all soul evolvers, looked at Bai Delan who was standing with his sword drawn not knowing what to do or how to proceed.

Moreover, from the hesitation on their faces, it was clear that it was not only a matter of not knowing what to do but they also seemed to be hesitating whether or not to dare to do whatever it was they were thinking of doing.

When the door of the house exploded into pieces as Bai Zemin did not bother to slow down, half a dozen pairs of eyes immediately focused on him.

The small group of soul evolvers froze when they saw him, and Bai Delan's eyes which were red and swollen like someone who had just shed thousands of tears lit up.

"Zemin, Princess! Thank god!"

The man who despite being over 50 years old looked like he was 25 ignored the group in front of him and was about to go hug his two children when he stopped as he remembered something.

Bai Zemin's eyes only stopped on his father for a moment as his focus immediately fell on the person currently clinging to him in a similar manner to how Meng Qi was holding him. However, the person clinging onto Bai Delan was not doing it in a particularly affectionate manner but quite the opposite.

"M- Mom..." Meng Qi's eyes trembled and had it not been for Bai Zemin having his right hand around her waist she would have fallen to the ground as her four limbs seemed to lose strength at the sight before her.

The aura of a level 29 soul evolver was continuously coming out of Ye Linger's body, proof that Bai Zemin's plan to make his mother level up had worked successfully. Level 29 was not much, and it seemed that Ye Linger was not particularly talented as it had been about 3 months but she had not been able to level up too much.

Even then, the level 29 of a First Order soul evolver who had eaten meat of the highest quality all this time was more than enough for Bai Zemin's mother not to be harmed by the sudden gravitational change.

The real problem was not Ye Linger's low level at all. Especially not now that Bai Zemin was able to steal and bestow the records of his enemies to any ally he wanted.

The problem was that Ye Linger was no longer human. She had turned into a zombie and was currently biting Bai Delan with her face red in blood.

Bai Zemin looked at his father's right arm and immediately noticed that a large chunk of skin and flesh was missing, and trying to keep calm he asked, "Hey, old man. Are you okay?"

Bai Delan nodded and said in a voice somewhat choked with pain that was not coming from the flesh wound on his arm but was pain coming from his heart, "I already used the V1 Immune Vaccine so I won't turn... But, your mother... Linger..."

V1 Immune Vaccine.

As the name suggested, the V1 Immune Vaccine was a dose prepared to make humans immune to the infection of the wild mana inside the zombie's body.

This vaccine had been developed after approximately 8 months of testing and failures using Liao Su's blood as its core component.

(A/N: Chapter 575.)

The only drawback of this vaccine was that if a zombie scratched or bit a person before that person injected the dose there was no salvation. Precisely why the name was 'V1 Immune Vaccine' as the scientists and developers were working on an advanced and more optimal version.

Ye Linger had turned into a zombie not long ago, but her conversion occurred because of the excess and purity of mana that hit her body all at once without her being able to handle that much; this was the Soul Record's way of trying to preserve all life instead of eliminating them.

Simply put, the V1 Immune Vaccine was useless in this case.

Bai Zemin could understand why his father was so desperate.

He gave Meng Qi a kiss on the forehead to try to ease her anxiety a little, and surprisingly it worked more than he expected as his little sister soon stopped trembling. Although she was still terrified, it was obvious that she had complete and utter faith in him.

Few knew of the existence of the pagoda of Bai Zemin, and his family was not aware of this information. It was not that he did not want to tell them but simply that there was no opportunity and never a need to do so.

"Everything is okay, dad." Bai Zemin sighed and nodded calmly, "Leave it to me."

Without waiting for a reply, Bai Zemin looked at the small group of soul evolvers.

"L- Leader Bai..." The leader of the group, a Second Order soul evolver, bowed his head and his body began to tremble with fear.

The others behind him were not very different.

The story of how hard Bai Zemin had worked all for the sake of finding his family was widely known by everyone on the base. His love for his loved ones was as high as the stars in the sky.

To the surprise of this small group, however, Bai Zemin was not angry with the fact that they were obviously here with the intention of killing his mother. He didn't have the qualifications to do so even if he wanted to.

"Don't worry, you guys were just carrying out orders that I set out myself." He said calmly.

To prevent the higher echelons of all the bases or their families from abusing the power their positions conferred upon them, Bai Zemin had ordered to imprison or outright kill anyone who caused trouble or compromised the safety of the base in general.

Ye Linger was a First Order zombie, and while she was not powerful enough to lead the base to its doom she was certainly more than capable of turning many survivors into zombies.

Such a huge disaster in the midst of the even bigger disaster outside the walls needed to be avoided at all costs, and this small group of soul evolvers was brave enough to confront Bai Delan who was a Third Order soul evolver and even knowing that the target was the mother of the Leader himself.

Hearing Bai Zemin's words, all the members of the small group let out sighs of relief and felt as if they were being sent back to life from hell.

"Thank you Leader, thank you..."

The four men and two women bowed profusely as they expressed their thanks.

"Go back to doing what you were doing. The base is in chaos and we need to move quickly." Bai Zemin ordered in a deep voice.

After the group of soul evolvers left, he used the commander's ring and gave out several orders to all the leaders of all the bases of his faction.

"This is Bai Zemin. Pass my order to all soldiers and soul evolvers; as long as possible, try to capture the zombies that turned during the evolution of Earth this time. Your life takes priority, but if you can capture a converted survivor or better yet, a converted soul evolver, you will be pleasantly rewarded."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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