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The one who was in charge of leading the army at the south gate was none other than Wu Yijun's mother, Sun Ling.

She had evolved to the Third Order and had currently become a level 116 soul evolver. Her special class had a rather distinctive name.

'Danger and Charm Embodiment' was her Third Order class, a name that was perhaps more apt for a title than a job.

The thing was that Sun Ling was very powerful, but besides being able to fight thousands of enemies at the same time without any problem she was also a great leader on the battlefield.

"For god's sake, will we ever have time to rest!" Sun Ling complained aloud.

Despite her complaints, however, the movement of her two daggers did not stop. Her arms were like long whips that swung in sync with her snakelike waist and for every second that passed there was a great torrent of blood splashing everywhere.

Sun Ling was the only truly powerful soul evolver at the south gate, and if one were to look down from above one could see a line of red blood making its way amidst the endless sea of beasts and zombies.

Every mana explosion in the distance gave birth to monsters, and those monsters began to kill each other or run towards the human base when they sensed the great mass of Soul Power behind the walls.

Suddenly, a five meter tall, jet black furred ape raised its head to the sky and roared at the more than 20 assault helicopters that barely paused in between each shot.

One of the helicopters spotted the giant ape just in time as the beast grabbed a ten-meter-plus rhino with both hands like a toy and launched it skyward like a cannonball.

"Shit!" The helicopter pilot quickly moved aside and narrowly managed to evade the attack.

Unfortunately, the pilot of another helicopter a little higher up was not so lucky and before he realized what was happening the helicopter was hit directly by the big rhino.


Amidst flames and sparks with pieces of metal raining down from the sky, the flesh and blood of the Unclassified rhino baptized the battlefield even more than it already was.

The mutant ape was a Second Order beast and was preparing to attack again when an exquisite fragrance caused it to subconsciously stop to look for the source.

"Bad boy. Mummy needs to punish you."

It was unknown when but Sun Ling was on top of the beast's head, and with a swift movement, she easily drove the tip of her dagger into the animal's skull.

The ape barely had time to roar in pain as in just an instant its head exploded into thousands of pieces after being struck by a lightning bolt that shot out from Sun Ling's dagger.

The battle had only begun a few minutes ago but the base was in a mess.

Everything had happened too fast and no one foresaw the sudden evolution of the world.

In a moment the soldiers on the walls were fulfilling their role of patrolling and guarding but only a second later they found themselves opening fire on thousands of creatures born from the excess of mana.

With tens of thousands of survivors being crushed to death by the gravitational rise and tens of thousands more turning into zombies in the base walls coupled with the fact that they were suddenly under attack... No one saw it coming, and therefore they were being pushed back continuously.

In fact, had it not been for Sun Ling and the 30 Goblin Magic Cannons on the walls, as well as the support of the assault helicopters, the south gate would have fallen in less than two minutes from the time it all started.

On the west wall, practically all the electromagnetic rifles available on the base had been mobilized and there were also 5 Second Order soul evolvers along with 19 Goblin Magic Cannons holding the fort.

In the east, Wu Keqian who had barely managed to break the Third Order and was currently a level 102 powerhouse was leading a small troop of just over 1000 soul evolvers and over 50 war tanks that were already in place before the whole mess started.

The south was the gate with the fewest soul evolvers and soldiers, but to make up for this there were over 70 Goblin Magic Cannons firing constantly and clearing large patches of enemies with each blast.

Unfortunately, the enemies were too many and the Transcendent faction had been taken by surprise. All they were doing was delaying the inevitable.

"The Sky Destroyer is still being studied, and without that little boy around no one can move it." Sun Ling regretted as she tried to pick up the pace and kill more enemies.

Just at that moment, the dark sky was tinged in purple and an instant later a huge lightning dragon rained down on the southern battlefield.


"That's...!" Even from the opposite battlefield, Sun Ling could feel the ground beneath her feet trembling after the elemental dragon's attack.

"Looks like Xinyue is back." She sighed in relief and soon smiled as she felt a gust of cold air blowing from the distance, "And Bing Xue too."

If Shangguan Xinyue and Shangguan Bing Xue were here... that meant....

BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!! ...

BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!! ...



Sun Ling just like all the other soul evolutions and soldiers firing from the walls gawked as hundreds of thousands of blood spears and fire spears rained down from the distant gray clouds.

Each spear was falling from thousands of feet high and were powered by a great abundance of magical power. Regardless of how much Mana the mage behind this large-scale attack invested, it was clear that he or she had great control over their magic as no soldier or soul evolver of the Transcendent faction received any damage at all.

Even the countless shockwaves resulting from each explosion could not harm the allies as after a spear took the lives of hundreds of enemies they immediately turned into shields that took practically 100% of the shockwave before it could spread too far.

Sun Ling's face lit up at the crimson and deep blue glow of the spears and she subconsciously sighed in relief as she patted her ample bosom, "Thank goodness that boy Zemin is back here."

Perhaps even Sun Lin herself had not realized that subconsciously she had already called the battle over with their absolute victory.

Perhaps even Sun Ling herself had not realized that her level of trust in Bai Zemin had practically reached the total pinnacle.

But, Sun Ling was not alone. Wu Keqian who stood at the east gate was also sighing in relief as he watched the hell in the form of blood and fire spears raining down from the sky.


Above the gray clouds, Bai Zemin's expression was indifferent and with his eyes closed, he focused on carefully controlling his blood and fire attacks.

Suddenly, his lips curved upward slightly and with a single thought, a huge blood chain shot out at full speed from the center of the huge blood sphere floating beside him.

Seconds later, a huge behemoth beetle with its body filled with thorns and flames was lifted into the sky before Bai Zemin.

The creature shrieked and tried to break loose, but Bai Zemin's blood chain barely moved and it did not show any signs of cracking, forget about breaking, at any time.

"Your life force is quite strong for a Second Order creature." Bai Zemin spoke without opening his eyes, "I guess I'll try Drain Life on you."

Without delay, he created a huge blood hammer and with a thought made the weapon fiercely slam into the back of the giant beetle.


The beetle shrieked in pain as a large amount of thick, foul greenish liquid exploded outward from inside its body, oozing through the cracks in its innate armor.

Soon, the giant beetle's head began to sway from side to side and it was clear that the creature could barely fight off the loss of consciousness.

"Drain Life."

A pale green radiance suddenly covered the beetle's body and Bai Zemin's body at the same time.

While keeping his eyes closed and with no change in his expression, Bai Zemin couldn't help but nod as he felt his recovery speed increase more than just a little. Unfortunately, the giant beetle's Health stat was soon sucked down to 0 and the beast lost its life meaning the effect of the Drain Life skill was immediately cut off.

Although the effect was short, only a few seconds, Bai Zemin was not discouraged and as he continued making rain down blood and fire spears he estimated that if he could hunt some Third Order enemies and take a rest for another 10 days in the Collector's Pocket World he should be able to regenerate his two limbs to 100%.

It might have been more challenging to find Third Order enemies in the past, and as proof of this was the fact that Bai Zemin hadn't even encountered 100 in total since day 1 when the apocalypse broke out until now.

"But, now that the Earth evolved to the Third Stage they probably won't be a rarity anymore." Bai Zemin slowly opened his eyes and smiled ironically, "It feels like cultivation novels. A hard-to-reach realm suddenly becomes somewhat normal and experts from the Screw Their Grandmother realm come out from under the rocks."

After about 20 minutes, Bai Zemin realized that at this rate he would never finish killing all the enemies even though he was literally wiping out over 500,000 per second.

"Those damn mana tornadoes." Bai Zemin frowned tightly as he realized the problem.

This was the first time he had seen mana tornadoes this close, and he finally understood that aside from being terrifying because of the power they packed they were also terrifying because of the fact that the excess mana they didn't absorb seemed to be being used by the Soul Record to spawn new life.

Although most of the mana-born creatures had not even reached level 15, some stronger ones had been born directly on level 30 and these were not few in number.

After a moment of hesitation, Bai Zemin finally decided to do something crazy that in the past he would never think of.

"Little Snow, can you get a little closer to those three tornadoes?"


With even a wolf howl in agreement, Little Snow immediately moved her paws and at full speed rushed forward.

The closest of the three mana tornadoes was spinning only about 20 kilometers away from the south gate of the base, and although none of the three were getting any closer no one knew for sure if a second later they would change their hearts or not.

After approaching until they were within 5 kilometers of the first mana tornado, Little Snow stopped and Bai Zemin did not ask her to continue moving forward.

"Really scary." Bai Zemin opened his eyes in astonishment at the huge black colored monster with flashes of purple lightning spinning and devouring everything that came across its path.

Bai Zemin had no doubt in his heart that if he got any closer he would definitely end up being torn into thousands of pieces without even being able to fight back.


Annihilation of the Falling Sky in its bow form appeared on Bai Zemin's left prosthesis and he tightened his grip on it as he looked at the beast of mana with a determined expression on his face.

Since he had made his decision then he would follow it to the end regardless.

If not for the fact that Bai Zemin had evolved to Second Order recently and upgraded his race to a new stage it would have been impossible for him to focus on the blood and fire magic attacks more than 20 kilometers behind and prepare a new even more powerful attack now.

Bai Zemin closed his eyes and directly expended 3000 Mana points at the same time as he imagined the most powerful, toughest, and most penetrating arrow he had ever created or seen to date.

From the liquid storage pearl, large amounts of blood spurted out but despite being several liters all that blood gathered into a small arrow that slowly began to take shape.

Be it a coincidence of fate or not, it was just at that moment when Fire Sorrow flew through the sky watching with interest and at the same time disinterest as humans and beasts clashed.

She came to this part of Asia since according to her memories she had been born somewhere in this great extension of land and while passing through she decided to go and see how the humans of this world lived.

However, what she saw by mere coincidence brought her movements to an abrupt halt.

"That's..." Fire Sorrow's eyes widened in surprise as she watched the movement of blood at the hands of the human on the white dog.

"Blood Maker...? No, it's not Blood Maker!" Her pupils suddenly trembled fiercely at the realization and she subconsciously muttered in shock, "That's Blood... Blood Manipulation."

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