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Fire Sorrow followed the young human closely with her eyes fixed on the golden spear he held warily in his right hand as he rode that big white dog that was surprisingly fast for a Third Order existence.

The aura was different, its color was duller than she could remember, and the terrifying but still elegant crimson runes that always glowed like burning flames around it were completely opaque. However, to Fire Sorrow who had been present during its birth none of this mattered.

That was Annihilation of the Falling Sky! Fire Sorrow was completely and absolutely certain that the golden spear in the right hand of the Lower Existence in front of her was definitely the legendary shapeshifting Soul Armament that was wielded by the legendary Heavenly Wolf Sirius millions of years in the past!

Fire Sorrow's heart began to beat harder and harder as she slowly began to think about everything she had seen over the last hour since she found out that her home world had not been destroyed as everyone believed but had been hidden by something or someone for millions of years, even outwitting the senses and powers of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Putting aside the reason why the Earth was hidden, and putting aside the mystery behind why a Higher World fell to a Third Stage Lower World, what Fire Sorrow had seen over the past hour were things that had made it difficult for her to keep calm and think things through carefully.

First of all, Fire Sorrow encountered terrifyingly strong humans; she noticed that even the weakest of the soul evolvers in the base that was under attack had the capacity to ascend to the Third Order if given enough time.

Second, what took Fire Sorrow's breath away was the power that a small number of people were able to draw from their bodies despite their relatively lower levels. Among them, the ones who left the strongest impression on her were undoubtedly five people: Shangguan Xinyue, Shangguan Bing Xue, two females with assassination-focused classes, and a beautiful lady with great skills in manipulating energy of a surprisingly pure nature.

As for the human male in front of her...

"Completely out of proportion." Fire Sorrow muttered in lingering shock.

Blood Manipulation, Soul Power pure enough to allow him to jump one Order of power, and skills terrifying enough to allow him to jump another extra Order of power.

'That blue flame is definitely not normal. Although it was a faint feeling, my Red Devouring-Soul Flame seemed to wake up for a moment just before.' Fire Sorrow knew that the young man's blue flame was not normal, but she never thought that it could be one of the legendary naturally-born divine flames that in its peak state could incinerate gods and burn the universe.

'That golden radiance... What was that?' Fire Sorrow felt frustration in the midst of her joy and surprise. 'This is the first time in my entire life that I've seen a non-cooldown skill capable of increasing physical or magical power in exchange for losing a stat for several seconds.'

... Wasn't that basically manipulating soul records?

Besides, there was also the Wolf Emperor's Domain and Annihilation of the Falling Sky.

Fire Sorrow recalled that about a year ago in a world abandoned by the Soul Record something really hard to believe happened after the ghost of the Heavenly Wolf launched Annihilation of the Falling Sky without warning towards it for reasons that to this day no one could understand.

'Lucifer... He said that at that moment something about seeing a First Order existence with Annihilation of the Falling Sky stuck in his chest... If that First Order existence is this guy then it all makes sense now.'

Back then, even Fire Sorrow didn't believe Lucifer even though she had known him all her life.

A First Order Lower Existence coming out alive with the most feared Soul Armament in history stuck in his chest after facing a Fourth Order Lower Existence? Forget Lucifer or any of the current Leaders, even Sirius or the Barbarian King or any other legendary being imprinted on the stars in the sky didn't have the ability to do that much when they were at level 50!

Fire Sorrow took a deep breath and used all the willpower she had gained during her years of life. She closed her eyes softly and whispered to herself, "Wait a little longer, Fire Sorrow... Just a little longer."

Even she called herself Fire Sorrow. Perhaps she had forgotten her real name long ago, perhaps the name of her Dominion had become more important than her real name, or perhaps she didn't want to return to her past self for some reason.

Despite her practically impossible to contain desire to want to move forward to embrace the young man in front of her, to ask him a thousand questions, to confirm that 1% of uncertainty she had to prove that he was the reincarnation of the Heavenly Wolf... Fire Sorrow didn't do it, she fought against her desire for the sake of his will.


Bai Zemin was naturally unaware that someone so powerful was following him from a close enough distance that she could see the crimson highlights in his hair.

However, if he knew and could guess Fire Sorrow's thoughts he would definitely thank her and would automatically have a good impression of her.

This was because he was in a great hurry to get to northern China, and any interruption that would potentially distract him and take away time which could be vital to people like Xia Ya, Kali, the Nangong siblings, Fu Xuefeng, Kang Lan, Car Jingyi, and others, would certainly not be looked upon favorably by Bai Zemin.

The fact that Fire Sorrow could realize this even with her emotions so agitated was further proof that she was not an immature little girl who could not wait but a completely serious woman. She had waited so long anyway... Waiting a few more hours or a few more days wouldn't kill her even if every second ate her up inside.

With Little Snow's current speed, Bai Zemin would normally only need 1 hour in the past to reach his faction's main base in Inner Mongolia. However, now that the Earth had evolved again it was difficult to measure the ever increasing distances between two different points.

In the end, it took Bai Zemin 2 hours to reach the Mother Fortress he had taken from the goblins' hand, and considering that this was not the main base as most of his army was in the human base occupied by Liang Peng's faction it was not difficult to judge that the Earth was more than twice its former size.

After 20 minutes, Bai Zemin wiped out all the creatures causing trouble and helped capture all the humans turned into zombies by the mana shock. After turning all those who were still alive back into humans, Bai Zemin gave several orders and left everything to Fu Xuefeng and Shen Mei to maintain order/deal with the consequences.

Along the way, Bai Zemin found 2 bases that previously belonged to his faction completely destroyed. Although these two bases did not have many living people, only 1000 or 2000 at most that had been left behind as advance stations, he was still furious and without hesitation in his heart he slaughtered every living creature he saw in the vicinity before continuing his advance to the northwest.

In total, it took Bai Zemin about 4 hours to reach his main objective as that was where the most living beings of his faction were stationed in northern China. This meant that the Earth was more than three times its size compared to the Second Stage!

Bai Zemin thought that by the time he arrived everything would have settled down considerably, but he was amazed to find that this was not the case.

BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOOOOM!!!! ...

The unmistakable sounds of explosions along with cries of pain, wailing, and howls of war along with bestial roars made Bai Zemin's expression change.

From a distance, a sea of mutant beasts assaulted the base from all directions without fighting each other at all. Moreover, the base was also experiencing problems inside and apparently it wasn't just zombies.

Bai Zemin made Little Snow stop high in the sky and as he controlled the blood on the ground and formed a large blue fireball above his head he used the commander's ring to communicate with the person he had left in charge before he left.

"This is Bai Zemin, Kang Lan explain the situation."

His voice sounded calm, but only those who knew him would know that he was actually furious.

His fury did not come from the attack of mutant beasts as it was normal and natural; both races were enemies, and the other side clearly had someone leading them. Bai Zemin's fury came from what was happening inside the base.

He created thousands of blood threads and easily used them to cut through the defenses of his enemies. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of fire arrows rained down from the sky throwing the army of mutant beasts into chaos instantly.

"Leader! Not good, some prisoners who managed to get stronger after being hit by the mana wave started to set fire and attack innocents by taking advantage of the chaos! Those good-for-nothings took advantage of Nangong Yi going to the front to fight, and after killing the soldiers stationed at the processing factory set the place on fire!"

Bai Zemin could see how a small part of the base was going up in flames. The death toll in itself was going to number high once everything calmed down enough to do a head count, but with these people taking advantage to strike a low blow things would definitely be worse.

The processing factory was where 50% of the rice grains and mutant beast meat was stored. There was enough stored there to supply all the bases in Inner Mongolia for at least 4 months!

"Kang Lan, ignore the rioters and focus on suppressing the zombies; capture as many as possible. Leave the scum and mutant beasts to me."


Kang Lan's response was immediate and without hesitation. When it came to trust in Bai Zemin she was probably the first or second most blind faith among his Loyal Followers, fighting for first place with Car Jingyi.

She did not even ask questions as proof of how high her trust and confidence was when it came to Bai Zemin.


A level 10 soul evolver was running around leading a pack of young hooligans through the streets of the base while laughing like crazy with a wild expression on his face shouting all sorts of atrocities. The appearance of zombies inside the base had been a great shock, and many had directly lost themselves in the madness so they began to release their fears by committing criminal acts.

This soul evolver was about to attack a normal middle-aged man when suddenly his body froze, and under the wide-open eyes of his comrades exploded without warning.

Warm blood splattered the face of the nearest one and she immediately screamed in panic as she turned to flee.


However, none of the rioters managed to take more than two or three steps before coming to an abrupt halt.

Bang! Bang! Bang! bang! bang! Bang!

The middle-aged man's already weak legs finally gave out at the scene of seeing six bodies exploding before his eyes and figured he was next. Fortunately for him, death had not targeted him today.

This kind of situation and similar ones occurred at several different points on the base practically all at the same time.

Regardless of whether it was attempted rape, crazies trying to set fire to wooden houses or innocent people, assassination attempts or violence, excessive rioters hindering the work of the defenders, etc.; they all exploded and their hot blood splattered everywhere.


Teenager or elderly person, male or female; none of this mattered to Bai Zemin.

If a person dared to cause trouble in times of chaos without caring about the consequences of their actions then that person did not deserve to live. They could use that enthusiasm to help protect everyone's home, but if they chose to behave like that then Bai Zemin would show no mercy.

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