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After leaving the room where she had spent no more than a few minutes having a conversation with Bai Zemin, Fire Sorrow's body slowly materialized at the top of the villa.

While the strong winds of the world still stirred by the sudden evolution, Fire Sorrow's hair fluttered messily. But even that did nothing but increase the allure of her beauty.

Despite being in a spot visible to all, no one noticed her, and all the soul evolvers or soldiers who passed by simply seemed to overlook her existence.

Her pupils were dilated and her slightly narrowed eyes gleamed mostly with sadness amidst the joy and slight hope she felt in her heart.

"Yesterday is past and tomorrow is unknown. All we have is today and now." Fire Sorrow murmured with a bitter smile and laughed self-mockingly, "Despite knowing it more clearly than anyone else, it is not so easy to ignore that which brought us to where we are today... and even more hard is not to be afraid of what might or might not be."

Fire Sorrow remained staring at the turbulent sky filled with clouds of mana and purple lightning for almost a full hour before the cloud of confusion in her gaze began to gradually clear until she finally regained a sense of composure of her own.

Just as Bai Zemin had said, at least at the current time it was impossible to know whether he was the reincarnation of the Heavenly Wolf Sirius or not. Forget Fire Sorrow, even if Lucifer was present he wouldn't be able to know for sure since there was no one in the universe capable of seeing souls, and even if there ever was such a one Fire Sorrow doubted they were alive to compare Bai Zemin's soul with the past Sirius'.

However, the connection between the two beings was there. Fire Sorrow was sure of it.

"Even if Bai Zemin was once Sirius, that is in the past." Fire Sorrow would be lying if she said she didn't feel sad when she uttered these words, but lying to oneself didn't make any sense... therefore, she was honest with the truth and accepted it as it was.

"In the past, I did things which I can never undo or erase even if I regret it to this day." Three pairs of raven black wings appeared behind Fire Sorrow, and as they spread wide her voice became increasingly firm: "At least I think I can protect a young little guy. Whatever it takes I won't let anyone use you or try to control you."

Even if she was doing this in part to forgive herself partially, Fire Sorrow was fine with that if she could at least lighten some of the burdens she had been living with for so long.


Lilith had spent two days in Kram World to recover to about 80% before leaving.

Although things for the Demonic Army weren't looking particularly good, they weren't in a bad spot either, and the other factions of Higher Existences who had expected to see the faction weakening greatly were taken by a not-so-pleasant surprise when they found out that despite having lost many soul evolvers, it had actually been less than 7% of the total.

Considering that this had been the worst war the universe had ever suffered against the invaders of the Golden Domain, the loss of less than 10% of the total forces of the Demonic Army was more than a simple victory.

One needed to know that losing between 6% and 10% of the army brought into battle against the invaders was the most normal thing in the world to the point where everyone had accepted it as a rule impossible to avoid.

Therefore, when the news that the Demonic Army had not even lost 10% of the Higher Existences who had fought in the bloodiest war between defenders and attackers ever recorded, large waves rose up and tried to shake the faction of Lucifer.

However, the members of the Demonic Army were fierce by nature, and although most of them had yet to recover, they responded with sharp teeth.

The one who surprised everyone the most was Luciah who for the first time showed anger and single-handedly managed to face the Leader of Immortal Blood Lust for almost a whole day.

Had it not been for the fact that everyone decided to step back after seeing that the Demonic Army turned out to be more powerful than it seemed, things would not have ended well at all.

Of course, not everyone participated in this little battle among factions. No core members of the Army of Heaven or Endless Crimson Flame joined in the fun this time.

When Lethar, Leader of the Heavenly Moon Army asked Lucifer how they had accomplished such a thing, the Leader of the Demonic Army who was furious pointed at his face in front of everyone and told him to fuck his mother before leaving without anyone daring to bother him.

The fact that it was Lilith who changed the fate of the war did not come to light, and she did not stick around to play with the other factions either as at the first opportunity she left without further ado straight to the place she now considered home.

It felt good to have a place to return to. A place where there were people waiting for her return.

It felt really warm to know that there were people who actually cared about her as a living being and not about her strength or identity as one of the generals of the Demonic Army.

With her heart feeling anxious to see mainly Bai Zemin and Bai Shilin again, Lilith did not spare the use of Mana and jumped through space as far as possible each time while pushing her speed to the limit.

Approximately 30 hours later, Lilith entered the Solar System and with her heart pounding with excitement to see her loved ones again after more than two months she continued her efforts to close the distance that separated them as fast as possible.

Just when a small, bright, and beautiful blue dot finally appeared in her line of sight, Lilith's pupils twitched slightly as she saw a person standing in the void, motionless as if waiting there for a long time for her arrival.

Slowly, Lilith reduced her speed, and as she saw the other party's expression her eyes slowly began to grow cold as well.

She stopped at a distance not too large nor too short, and after a moment of silence, she calmly said, "Fire Sorrow, what are you doing in this place? The other factions-"


Being cut off without being able to finish her words, Lilith was a bit surprised as Fire Sorrow was always very gentle, polite, and to a certain sense soft.

This was the first time Lilith had seen such a pair of cold eyes in Fire Sorrow's face. Her eyes were so cold that they had practically narrowed into two slits and the violet color of her eyes had become as intense as neon lights.

"I need you to answer me one thing." Fire Sorrow spoke and her voice did not convey emotion at all.

She didn't wait for a response from Lilith and directly pushed her question to be answered, "Do you know a young man named Bai Zemin?"

Lilith's pupils contracted fiercely upon hearing this and seeing the cold look in Fire Sorrow's eyes she understood that something very big must have happened in her absence.

" ... How do you know that name." Lilith did not ask but demanded.

Her eyes had become as chilling as Fire Sorrow's, and unlike her, she did not hide her murderous intent.

"I learned it from the person in question himself." Fire Sorrow waved her magic staff and her body rose as her magical power began to grow out of control, "I don't know what you're planning, but your record with Lower Existences isn't particularly nice."

The number of Lower Existences that fell under Lilith's Charm was not small, and many of them unleashed wars that brought kingdoms to their doom because of her over the past decade.

"That child told me that you two met when he was starting to evolve." A large yellow magic circle appeared in front of Fire Sorrow as her cold voice spread forward, "I don't know why you like to play with other people's feelings... I don't even know if you do it on purpose or not. But, you've targeted the wrong one this time."

It was true that many Lower Existences who had fallen at Lilith's feet had killed amongst themselves while trying to prove their worth, but she was always indifferent regardless of how many died.

Fire Sorrow couldn't care less about the life of a Lower Existence or a hundred thousand Lower Existences. She also didn't care if Lilith liked to make others into puppets of her own.

'I definitely won't let you play with that person's heart.'

Fire Sorrow certainly wasn't thinking things through more thoroughly, or else she would realize that while her thinking was correct and she had enough reason to suspect Lilith badly, she was passing on an important fact.

"Arcane-fire Assault." Fire Sorrow waved her staff and the magic circle in front of her spewed out a flare that roared like a dragon as it charged towards Lilith.

Lilith's expression remained unchanged as she pointed forward and said in a cold voice, "Absolute Zero."

The entire area suddenly became covered in small glowing particles and a kind of mist formed covering both Fire Sorrow and Lilith as well as the space between them.

Fire Sorrow's Arcane-fire Assault skill managed to resist against the low temperatures of the particles that stuck to its dragon form even though its magical power gradually decreased more and more.

In the end, Lilith was forced to increase her magical power outflow and invest more Mana in order to nullify Fire Sorrow's magical attack.


"As expected. An attack of this level is not enough even though you are 1 Order and so many levels below compared to me." Fire Sorrow watched as her flame dragon and Lilith's ice particles slowly disappeared as she coldly said, "Lilith, stay away from that child and stop using your Charm on him. If you promise to do that we can go back to the way we were before."

Lilith thought she had a good idea why Fire Sorrow was behaving like this towards Bai Zemin, and if she was right then that would be better since at least he wasn't in danger.

'It will be hard to bring her back to reality though.' Lilith sighed and prepared to risk her life in this battle. 'I hope my injury doesn't become too much of an obstacle.'

She would have to give it her all and more or she would really die.

Leaving Lucier aside, there were only two existences in the entire Demonic Army that Lilith wasn't confident she could defeat.

One of them was Luciah, and the other was precisely Fire Sorrow in front of her.


Lilith's body became a blur, and in an instant, two of her appeared. Moreover, they both held a beautiful white sword with a crimson jewel in the center of the guard.

"I guess your answer is no." Fire Sorrow smiled for the first time, but her smile was far from gentle or kind like it used to be. "That'll work for me too... Actually, it's better this way."

"... I had planned to hit you a bit to knock some sense into you, but your last words don't seem particularly pleasant to me." The two Liliths spoke at the same time and in the same exact tone of voice. "Could it be that you fell in love with my boy?"

Lilith's question had certainly touched a nerve in Fire Sorrow's heart. She did not love Bai Zemin per se, but she loved who he possibly once was and therefore cared very much for his well-being.

"Heh." Fire Sorrow waved her staff and said coolly, "Starfire Blast."

"Ice Genesis," Lilith responded without missing a beat.



And so began a terrifying battle that shook all the nearest stars and planets.

One woman wanted to protect the one who was possibly her past love in the faint hope of maybe one day being happy while the other simply wanted to make it clear that she was not playing around nor was she bewitching the man in question.

Present loves and past loves along with a minor misunderstanding was more than enough reason for two people who respected each other and were practically friends to fight to the death.

How would it all end? Neither of them knew.

Jealousy mixed with deep feelings such as love often led to bad results.

Regardless of the outcome, it was certain that many things would soon change.

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