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The explosions echoed and shook a part of outer space within the Solar System for almost two whole days.

At the same time as the clash of magical attacks caused extremely bright flashes of light, sword flashes occasionally joined the fray from one of the sides causing whistling sounds before finally culminating in a loud boom after colliding with the other side's magical attack.



After a final thunderous clash, Lilith's feet slid across the void hundreds of meters at the same time as her sword was finally sent flying after enduring for so long.

At the same time, Fire Sorrow grimaced as her body slid backwards and it wasn't until after almost 500 meters that she managed to stabilize herself with a strong flapping of her three pairs of wings.

The two women looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, both breathing heavily and neither of them exactly intact.

Lilith's face was deathly pale and the gleam in her eyes was slightly dull. She tried to move, but an involuntary grunt escaped from between her lips, and as she looked down she saw that the injury to her chest had opened up again.

Although her life was not in danger, her current situation was far from optimal.

"...Looks like this is as far as you go, Bloody Succubus Lilith." Fire Sorrow panted, and although her body was riddled with cuts and covered by various layers of frost the expression on her face was very calm.

In fact, the major difference between the two women was just too obvious.

"How much Mana do you have? I'm pretty sure you've used more than me." Lilith asked as she used her right hand to cover her chest while using the same skill she had used in the past to heal herself.

"Heh. My physical capabilities are certainly nothing compared to yours, not for nothing did you manage to cut me several times with your sword." Fire Sorrow sneered. The pride in her voice was evident as she confidently said, "But when it comes to Mana and Magic I don't think there is anyone with better conditions than mine!"

Fire Sorrow was deservedly the existence known as the most talented mage in the universe.

Even Lilith whose Magic and Mana stats were surprisingly high was close to hitting rock bottom after casting her most powerful magic skills without rest for so long, but Fire Sorrow seemed to be ready to fight for another two days without any problems.

"Fire Sorrow, why don't you think things through more carefully?" Lilith sighed, and even though she seemed to be at a total disadvantage her expression was very calm. "Bai Zemin and I are a real couple, man and woman sharing heartfelt feelings. I'm sure someone like you could easily figure that out, couldn't you? Didn't you catch my scent on him?"

Fire Sorrow frowned slightly upon hearing this because after fighting Lilith for so many hours and receiving several wounds she slowly began to think and remember things more clearly.

However, emotions were really a double-edged sword; especially for someone like Fire Sorrow who was desperate to hold on to the small glimmer of light that had finally appeared in her life after millions of years of darkness.

"You seem pretty calm?" Fire Sorrow chuckled, and at the same time as a weird flash of light shone in her eyes her aura began to increase exponentially at the same time as tiny sparks of crimson fire danced around her. "Lilith, do you really want to throw your life away like this? Promise not to get close to Bai Zemin and let's stop here!"

Lilith knew what was about to happen, but even then she didn't lose her cool and as her body was bathed in the warm green glow that was healing her from deep within she said casually, "Are you sure you're doing this because you think I'm using my Charm to affect Bai Zemin's mind?"

"...What do you mean?" Fire Sorrow frowned slightly but still smiled faintly.

Lilith's lips curved slightly into a smirk and she pointed out, "Fire Sorrow, you're jealous aren't you?"

"...Jealous?" Fire Sorrow was surprised before bursting out in laughter, "Lilith, do you really think an old woman like me can be driven by something like jealousy? Bai Zemin is indeed outstanding, more than any other stock I've known in the past. But, he's just a child who's not even half a century old!"

"So what with that?" Lilith snorted. "Just like you and me, Zemin is destined to live forever. A hundred years or forty million years makes no difference when it comes to eternity."

"I concede that you're right." Fire Sorrow smiled and nodded before shaking her head, "But do you really think I would be jealous of a young man I talked to for less than 10 minutes? That child is indeed charming, but do you think that for someone who has spent millions of years next to one of the most handsome men in the universe that's enough?"

"Certainly. It is true that Zemin's Charm is not enough to affect or surprise you. It is also true that his appearance is not much if you compare him to beings like Lucifer, Medes, or the other Leaders." Lilith nodded calmly. "However, Fire Sorrow... What about what is hidden in Zemin's soul? Does it not appeal to you?"

The slight smile on Fire Sorrow's face receded a bit, and seeing this Lilith continued, "I don't know what your relationship with Sirius was, but you certainly loved him."

"...Bloody Succubus, do not speak of what you do not know." Fire Sorrow warned.

However, Lilith ignored Fire Sorrow's warning and pushed her further, "No, forget that last word. You didn't love the Heavenly Wolf but even today, millions of years later, you love him. Am I wrong?"

"... Silence." Fire Sorrow warned, this time in a colder voice than before.

"I don't understand what could have happened to make you live with regret for millions of years." Lilith seemed to be talking to herself as she looked at Fire Sorrow blankly, "You betrayed the Heavenly Wolf? Maybe he rejected you?"

"Lilith... do you want to die so badly?" Fire Sorrow began to tremble as did her voice, but slowly began to smile as her jaw tightened.

"Or could it be that you rejected him?" Lilith's eyes sparkled, "If that's the case then it makes sense... Sorrow, regret over a choice perhaps?"

"Hehehe... Very well... Let me show you then, that Sorrows can turn into ashes in the Fire; Domain!"


A bright blood-colored flame burst out completely, covering Fire Sorrow's body and causing the color of her hair to turn crimson as it spread everywhere.

Lilith could feel death looming over her, and this time it was in no way inferior to when The Golden Domain's wrinkled old man ambushed her.

'Really, what a terrifying Domain.'

Lilith's expression was cold as she opened her mouth and called out just as the crimson flames were an inch away from enveloping her body, "Niflheim!"


A thick and terrifying amount of frost as black as obsidian burst outward with Lilith's body as the center and in an instant covered a large part of the area extending for miles in the blink of an eye.

Fire Sorrow's pupils contracted to the size of a needle and her entire body trembled as she recognized that obsidian-colored ice frost.

"Ice-type Firmament Fragment!" Fire Sorrow's eyes widened.

She watched as her Red Devouring-Soul Flame was quickly suppressed and at the same time as she expended practically all of her Mana to boost the power of her Domain she exclaimed, "The one who buried all those angels from the Army of Heaven and locked Petra World in a prison of everlasting ice was you!"

Although Fire Sorrow knew about Lucifer's suspicions about Lilith, she did not share them and never for a moment thought that Lilith was the one truly responsible.

She now realized that not only was Lucier right all this time but that she had been underestimating the woman in front of her too much!

Fire Sorrow's magical power was certainly terrifying and her Mana was even more so. However, the power Lilith was using was part of a being that transcended the boundaries of the universe just like the Heavenly Wolf Sirius.

The Ice Goddess Skadi might not be as popular as the Heavenly Wolf Sirius, but her power to annihilate entire armies and bury them eternally under layers of unbreakable ice was absolutely unquestionable!

"Ugh!" Fire Sorrow tried to back away as she realized that Lilith's magical power now surpassed her own but she quickly realized that all her surroundings had frozen over.

Her violet eyes met the ruby colored eyes of Lilith who was staring at her from a distance coldly, and less than a second later her body was swept away by the obsidian colored frost until she was turned into an ice statue.

"Fire Sorrow, I admit that with my current power I can't beat you." The two pairs of wings behind Lilith shimmered and she became a flash of light.


Her sword that had been sent flying somewhere suddenly returned to her hand as Lilith continued her advance towards the ice statue.

"But, this time victory is mine."


The obsidian colored ice imprisoning Fire Sorrow suddenly exploded into millions of pieces and her body surrounded by red flames recovered freedom.

At the end of the day, the power of Niflheim could imprison everything in an eternal ice prison under the Seventh Order... and Fire Sorrow was an extremely powerful Seventh Order soul evolver.

However, Lilith not only had a part of the Ice Goddess Skadi's power... She also had the power of her beloved even though he was not with her.

This was not about the power of friendship nor was it about absurd fantasies, Lilith really held the power that Bai Zemin had gifted her... and this would be the second time he would save her life.

Fire Sorrow had barely regained her freedom when she saw Lilith a blink away, and just as she was about to activate a skill her pupils trembled as she looked at the Legend-grade feather earring in Lilith's ear.

Just a split second before her entire world was stopped by the effect of the Absolute Frozen Domain, Fire Sorrow caught up to hear the last words Lilith uttered.

"Because you're fighting alone, but I'm not."

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