Xie Shili bent down and carefully placed the sleepy young man in his arms on the bed.

This was his former residence.

He originally wanted to take the other away right there, but after the zombie tide, most of the vehicles in the base were used in evacuation, and the few remaining off-road vehicles had run out of fuel and could not drive far. The car he drove before was parked close to the battlefield. It should have been crushed just like its surroundings, so it would be also impossible to drive with it.

Therefore, this became Xie Shili’s only choice.

It was close to the edge of the base and the exterior had also been reinforced to a certain extent. Most of the civilians had already evacuated from the base and the supernatural users team that stayed behind to fight was also sent away by him.

Even if, in the end, things developed to the point of no return, there would not be too many causalities.

——Even though he had long been determined to leave the Base of the Dawn, he still didn’t want to see it destroyed before his eyes.

Xie Shili lowered his eyes to look at the young man’s sleeping face, raised his hand, and gently brushed the black hair behind his ears, revealing his pale and bloodstained cheeks.

He dropped the backpack on his shoulders to the ground.

Through the half-opened zipper, it could be seen that it bulging with mutant zombies’ nuclei.

Even when repelling the tide of zombies, Xie Shili did not forget to collect nuclei habitually in case of emergency.

He let out a long breath.

…hopefully that’ll be enough.

The room was shrouded in silence and all the decorations here looked the same as when he left. Outside the half-covered with curtains windows, wisps of golden sunlight pierced through the thick and gloomy clouds, spilled in the room and dappled light imprinted on the floor.

The young man lay quietly on the bed, his thin body curled up slightly, his chest didn’t rise and fall at all, making him seem like a marble statue that had lost its breath.

The sunlight fell on his face, making his face even paler, as white as paper, as if he had lost the slightest breath of life.

Xie Shili went to the bathroom, soaked a towel and then returned to the living room again.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, and patiently wiped down all the blood on Ge Xiu’s body with a wet towel.

In the silent room, only the sound of his own breathing could be heard, and the only thing that moved was the shimmering sunlight coming in from the window, swaying and flickering on the bedside and the ground soundlessly.

At that moment, Xie Shili even hoped that this moment could last forever.

Zombies would not bleed much after being injured.

After cleaning all the blood, only the gruesome wounds with flesh turned outwards remained.

Xie Shili wiped the young man’s hand carefully, from the dirty palm, the blood-stained knuckles, to the nails where the bloody mud still remained, patiently and conscientiously wiping the other’s fingers clean, not leaving a speck of dust.

He raised his eyes, leaned over, and took the other hand of the young man beside him.

Xie Shili’s movements suddenly stopped.

His gaze fell on a shallow wound on the palm of the other party. The lesion was not too deep and skin around the wound was white and not stained with blood.

But… this location.

Xie Shili was taken aback, and the scene when they first met flashed through his mind— the light blue ice cone condensed in the air, aiming straight at his temple, and the next second, the sound of flesh being cut apart sounded, the zombie close at hand lowered his eyes expressionlessly, holding the bone-chilling icicle in his palm, as the dark blood flowed down his pale hand.

Could it be at that time…?


Xie Shili replied firmly in his heart.

——Maybe it was just another injury he got in this battle.

However, at that moment, Xie Shili recalled the ferocious blue and black bite marks on his nape when he was changing clothes for him in the mall.

He hesitated for a few seconds, then, as if making up his mind, he reached out for the youth’s clothes.

His mind full of chaotic thoughts, Xie Shili had difficulty controlling his strength for a moment.


The tattered cloth that had been torn countless times in the battle couldn’t hold on anymore and ripped, revealing the pale and injured body of the young man. Under those layers of fresh wounds, there were three distinctly different scars on the other’s tight and flat abdomen— the two types of wounds had no similarities in direction or shape, and they were obviously left when fighting different zombies.

Those three abrasions were turned outwards, showing no tendency to heal at all.

Xie Shili sat motionlessly on the edge of the bed, still clutching a bit of broken fabric in his palm.

He turned to look at the other’s broken left foot.

The bones had been completely splintered and only some bits of skin and tendons were still barely keeping his foot together, it looked really scary.

Zombies had no self-healing ability. Once injured, it would stay forever. Those zombies walking with disembowelled guts and mutilated limbs had long proved this—— the facts were standing in front of his eyes a long time ago, it’s Xie Shili who chose to turn a blind eye for a long time.

Perhaps at the bottom of his heart, he had already regarded the other party as a human being, thus completely forgetting about it.

Xie Shili’s gaze swept across the opponent’s scarred body.

His face was calm and unpredictable, no emotions, be it negative or positive, could be seen, but the depths of those dark eyes were as dark as an abyss.

Finally, Xie Shili lowered his eyes.

He lowered his head, carefully, and placed a soft kiss on the cold palm of the other party.

Like a brand, marking an oath for the future.

—no more, I promise.


Ge Xiu felt as if he was falling.

The chill wrapped around his limbs, pulling him into a deeper abyss.

One half of his body seemed to be immersed in icy water, and the other half of it felt as it was being burned by a raging fire. The two feelings were intertwined deep in his body. His organs, skin and muscles seemed disconnected, as a strange feeling rose in his body.

This feeling was very familiar.

Seems like he’s been through it many times before.

Some strange, chaotic fragmented scenes flashed before his eyes.

The scarlet lines that seemed deeply etched in his bones were emerging under the red moonlight.

The cold blade tore through his flesh and dug out the gland buried deep under the skin.

Intense heavy currents streamed through his limbs.

These pictures were so strange, but they felt extremely familiar. Ge Xiu didn’t know where these scenes came from, but he could clearly feel the strongest sensation from scenes that had fully immersed with his mind now——


Was this pain?

Ge Xiu felt extremely bewildered. He felt as if he had forgotten something, but he couldn’t remember it no matter how hard he tried.

However, the moment he stopped recalling, the memory fragments would come like a flood, tangled and impossible to put together, only bringing forth intense heavy pain like mountains and tsunamis.

A maddening hunger grew deep in his body.

However, the perception of pain unexpectedly overwhelmed the hunger, making Ge Xiu become extraordinarily awake.

He needed to wake up.

Ge Xiu knew instinctively — he had to wake up.

If he didn’t woke up, he would get swallowed by the surging memory, and the terrible pain would fall on him all at once and overwhelm his body within a few seconds.

He struggled in the dark quagmire.

At this moment, a warm and soft feeling came from his palm. Among the countless false and empty hallucinations, that soft feeling seemed extraordinarily real, like the only thread between this abyss and the real world.

Ge Xiu held the fragile silk thread with difficulty and pulled himself out of the dark and cold sleep.

Xie Shili felt the fingers in his hand move slightly.

The cold fingertips slid across his palm, bringing a subtle and itchy touch.

He suddenly raised his head and stared at the young man lying on the bed.

The other party frowned and slowly opened his eyes.

Under the light, the out-of-focus gray pupils were the shade of a light fog, and were coated with a layer of gold light brought by the sunlight, resembling flowing honey.

Xie Shili’s heartstrings tensed.

He waited.

The young man’s eyes moved slightly and his gaze finally fixed on the man sitting on the edge of the bed.


Xie Shili’s voice was extremely soft, as if he was afraid of disturbing something: “Do you still remember who I am?”

The young man’s eyes fluctuated slightly, as if he was thinking hard.

It was different from the last time when he pounced on him directly.

——able to communicate.

Xie Shili was relieved.

A vague guess flashed through his mind.

He spoke again, his voice was calm, but restrained and cautious, he asked tentatively:

“Then, do you still remember who you are?”

The young man frowned slightly and stared at him carefully. He seemed to think of something, but he didn’t seem to be able to recall anything.

Finally, he spoke slowly, his long-silent vocal cords vibrated abd spoke with a hoarse and broken sound:


Xie Shili’s heart trembled.

——Just like he guessed.

The other party may really be recalling things from before becoming a zombie.

With the rapid evolution of language ability, the memory of when he was once human seemed to be slowly returning.

Just as Xie Shili was deep in thought, he felt the fingers in his hand move again.

The young man raised his fingertips and pointed at him.

He tilted his head, and said slowly with great difficulty:

“Xie… Shi… Li.”

Xie Shili lost all his words at that moment.

The huge flood of his complicated and complex emotions were like water that broke the bank, and drowned him completely at once. He almost forgot how to breathe. In the quiet room, he could only hear the sound of his own heartbeat that accelerated at this moment—

“Ba-dang” “Ba-dang”.


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