There was white noise in Ge Xiu’s head.

His mind was running sluggishly, like machine with rusty gears, rattling and tightening, struggling in the chaos with difficulty.

Some weird, incoherent picture fragments flashed through his mind, rather unclear, blurred and fragmented, unable to be connected into a reasonable order.

Those pictures made Ge Xiu feel out of sorts and at a loss, but they also gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

His mind was completely confused by those strange memory fragments.

This overwhelmed his simple undead’s mind.

Ge Xiu got up.

Xie Shili was worried that he would tear the wounds, so he subconsciously reached out to help.

Ge Xiu slowly raised his eyes and glanced at Xie Shili who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

The familiar face of the other party gave him a sense of down-to-earth reality. Ge Xiu instinctively leaned towards him and then planted himself heavily into the man’s arms.

Xie Shili felt his arms sinking, the young man’s pale and firm upper body was naked, the cold sensation came through the thin clothes, with his weight pressing tightly on his chest. His breath suddenly turned chaotic, he was wholly at loss, not knowing what to do.

Ge Xiu reached out and hugged Xie Shili’s arm, resting his whole body’s weight on Xie Shili’s arms.

The enticing and sweet smell of reserve rations came from all directions.

The hunger that had been barely suppressed just now rose again.

Xie Shili felt as if a cluster of scorching flames suddenly ignited from the place where the other’s cold skin touched, and burning fire spread to his entire body in an instant. His whole body was stiff, his mouth was dry, and his heart rate accelerated uncontrollably. A sweet tremor came through his chest.


His voice was hoarse, barely uttering a monotonous syllable.

——In the next second, the other party opened his mouth and skillfully bit his arm through his clothes.

Xie Shili: “…”

The young man grinded his teeth on the man’s arm expressionlessly, and squeezed out a vague syllabe from his throat:


Xie Shili chuckled helplessly:

“Don’t worry, it’s all yours. “

Ge Xiu maintained the posture of biting the other’s arm and raised his eyes to look up at him.

Xie Shili bent down and reached out to pick up the backpack he had thrown on the ground earlier.

The distance between the two shortened instantly.

Ge Xiu blinked, and looked thoughtfully at the suddenly enlarged, sharp side profile of the man

——it was all mine.

He leaned forward and opened his mouth to enclose Xie Shili’s lower lip.

Xie Shili’s pupils suddenly shrank.

He froze on the spot in a daze, his mind went blank for a moment, the fireworks expanded and exploded brightly in his chest, his heart swelled almost to the point of hurting, intense electric current spread along the lips that were touching, and the overflowing emotions burst into flames in an instant. It overflowed to his limbs and bones, making him feel numb and sore.

He didn’t think of anything.

But it also felt as if millions of complicated thoughts rushed through my mind, and then it was suddenly silent.

The noise and chaos of the whole world vanished.

Xie Shili lowered his eyes, his eyes were dark and deep, and he kissed back the other’s cold and soft lips fiercely.

Ge Xiu was stunned, the touch from his lips made him feel very strange and he frowned a little perplexed.

——Obviously it was the other that was his own food reserve.

Why did he feel as if he was going to be devoured instead?

Ge Xiu was lost in thought with a blank expression, always feeling that something was wrong.

He wanted to retreat, but was stopped by the opponent’s hand firmly pressing on the back of his head.

—— “Knock knock knock.”

There was a sudden knocking sound coming from the door, instantly dispelling the heavy fire-scorching atmosphere in the room.

Xie Shili’s eyes stayed fixed on his face,

he slowly opened the distance between them, and turned his head to look at the closed door,

The civilians in the base had long been evacuated a few hours ago, he had also send away all the supernatural users from the the base. They all were dispersed by him to prevent the situation of Ge Xiu’s zombie instinct getting out of control, causing more casualties besides him.

Why is there someone knocking on the door at this time?

The intuition he had trained in the days of the apocalypse made him feel that something was wrong.

Xie Shili lowered his head, pressed his forehead against the young man’s forehead, rubbed the tip of his nose against his cold nose, and said in a hoarse voice,

“…wait for me.”

He pressed a light kiss on Ge Xiu’s lips.

Xie Shili stood up, walked quickly to the door, carefully opened the door a gap, and looked out the door.

The person at the front was the captain of the fourth supernatural users’ team, and the other people were blocked by him, so he couldn’t see their identities clearly.

Xie Shili frowned and fixed his eyes on the captain of the supernatural team:

“Didn’t I tell you to evacuate the base and look for a rescue?”

“Yes, according to your instructions, I evacuated to the nearest survivor base outside to seek support “The captain nodded, and there was suppressed excitement in his voice: “However, unexpectedly, we encountered reinforcements on the way! They should have heard of the zombie tide’s attack and rushed to support us. They can help us with reconstruction work and solve urgently needed supplies for Base of the Dawn.”

Xie Shili’s heart sank slightly.

Good things delivered to one’s door did not exist in these days and age.

The team captain turned sideways and got out of the way.

The man standing behind him walked forward slowly. He was in the prime of life, not tall, but there was a kind of leader’s temperament in his eyes that had been honed through being in the top position for a long time. He had a calm temperament that had prestige. Although he was restraining his aura, the sense of powerful supernatural user couldn’t be hidden.

From the gun’s placement to the standing posture, the identity of the opponent could be clearly verified.

—The military.

“Wang Shuo.” The man smiled and stretched out his hand: “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Xie Shili glanced at the other’s outstretched hand with downcast eyes, and said coldly,

“Xie Shili.

“Have admired for a long time.”

Wang Shuo withdrew his hand naturally, without the slightest embarrassment after being rejected.

He had an approachable smile on his face: “I didn’t expect a base to survive the zombie tide. It seems that this is all thanks to your wise leadership and strong power. Really admirable.”

“Excuse me… Is it possible to come in and talk?” Wang Shuo’s eyes were shining brightly: “I very much hope to hear your experience, it would be very helpful to our other survivor bases.”

“No.” Xie Shili refused indifferently.

He held the door with one hand and his tall figure firmly blocked the other’s sight. His uncooperative attitude was obvious.

After hitting two hard nails in a row, the smile on Wang Shuo’s face also faded.

He continued to ask: “I heard that there is a strange phenomenon in this zombie tide —invisible walls…”

He turned his head and looked at the captain of the ability team standing aside: “That’s what you called it, right? ?”

Thecaptain looked a little dazed amidst the turmoil in front of him.

He was surprised by Wang Shuo’s sudden question. He peeked at Xie Shili who was standing aside with an unpredictable expression and then nodded hesitantly:

“Ye… yes.”

Wang Shuo looked at Xie Shili: “If I may be presumptuous, what’s your opinion on this?”

Xie Shili narrowed his eyes slightly, raised his eyes to glance at the other people behind Wang Shuo, and then said slowly:

“Less than three hours have passed from the emergence of the zombie tide. According to the location between your nearest station and this base, it would take at least five hour’s journey to arrive here, you actually got the news two hours before the zombie tide came and quickly collected the team to come to support. I have to say you are really well-informed, or should I express admiration.”

Wang Shuo’s expression gradually turned cold.

The corners of Xie Shili’s lips curled up, but there was no smile in his deep eyes: “If you have something to say, you can just say it, what do you think?”

“In this case, I won’t beat around the bush anymore.” Wang Shuo smiled coldly and gestured to the back.

A slender, neatly dressed woman slowly stepped out of the darkness.

There was chilling hatred in her eyes and she shot a sharp look at Xie Shili, like a knife: “You should still recognize me, right?”

Xie Shili’s eyes were dark.

“It seems that your distinguished self is quite forgetful, so I’ll have to introduce myself again.” The woman proceed to say,

“My name is Chen Si, and I’m the deputy captain of the fifth supernatural team in City B’s Survivor Base. I met you once in the shopping mall when I was carrying out the task of collecting materials.”

The muscles on Chen Si’s face trembled slightly due to the violent ups and downs of emotions: “If it wasn’t for the fact that I went to guard outside the camp that night, I’m afraid I would have also met my team members’ fate and was silenced by you, but even so, my body was still caught in flames—”

She raised her left hand, which was empty below the elbow joint.

The reason why Xie Shili’s flame was so terrifying was precisely because of this, as long it covered something, it would never be extinguished.

Unless the place contaminated by the flame was completely cut off.

Chen Si stared at Xie Shili with hatred, almost as if she wanted to bite and tear him to pieces on the spot.

Xie Shili withdrew his gaze indifferently, and there was almost no fluctuation in his heart.

What a shame.

He should have set the scope of killing farther back.

A fake smile appeared on Wang Shuo’s face again: “You must know why we came here.”

“Where is that high-level zombie you are traveling with?”

High-level zombie?


The captain of the supernatural team was startled, and turned to look at Xie Shili, digesting the information he had just heard in disbelief.

Wang Shuo took a step forward: “We have made complete preparations for coming this time. I advise you not to become our enemy. From the army of supernatural users to the capturing equipment related to it, no matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to win against us. There is no chance of winning against an entire army.”

After the threat, Wang Shuo’s tone slowed down, and he said softly but forcefully:

“Since the beginning of the apocalypse, we have been conducting experiments to try to change the status quo, but the situation had gone from bad to even worse. During the time human’s evolved, the zombies’ evolution had never stopped, and we have never captured a high-level zombie that was strong enough. With your cooperation, we can study the real reasons behind the zombie tide and find a way to destroy its cause. In the future, tens of millions of lives could be saved, becoming the future of the entire human race.”

Xie Shili stared at him indifferently.

“I understand,” Wang Shuo leaned forward and said in a low voice, “I know the reason why you are keeping that zombie and I also know the secret of the mutated zombie nuclei— don’t worry, the laboratory will not treat you badly. After the research is over, its nucleus will be cut by special equipment and I guarantee you 40% of the share.”

Xie Shili’s face turned cold little by little.

At this moment.

“Wha, t’s…?”

A hoarse voice sounded behind Xie Shili, slowly speaking sound by sound.

Xie Shili turned his head to look.

The pale young man was standing not far behind him, with his loose coat draped over his shoulders. Under the coat, one could see his wounded upper body. Although the blood had stopped flowing, the pale muscle structure and the eversion of the wounds would still clearly show his inhuman identity.

Those gray eyes fixedly stared at Xie Shili, his compressed face reflected at the bottom of the steel gray pupils.

“Why are you here?”

Xie Shili frowned and his eyes fell on the other’s left foot half-hanging above the ground.

He turned around and strode towards his side.

The door lost support and opened slightly to the side.

Wang Shuo already understood that the person he was looking for was separated from him by a wall, his heart suddenly tensed, and gestured behind him, telling the people he was leading to get ready— he held his breath and looked into the house.

Xie Shili supported Ge Xiu, and smoothly wrapped the coat tightly around the other’s shoulders, preventing any skin from being exposed.

He looked up at the crowd waiting at the door, his dark eyes were deep and dark, and his lips curled up slightly:

“You said you know the reason?”

Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, Xie Shili lowered his eyes and placed a light soft kiss on the cold and pale lips of the man in his arms. He raised his eyelids, his cold eyes glanced at Wang Shuo, with a mocking smile:

“You are wrong.”


Xie Shili: Dogs, can only be mass fed dog food.

Ge Xiu: Eat? [Shining eyes]