Chapter 192: The Last World

The player counter-killed the instance’s boss?

How was that possible?

Cheng Xiao frowned and clicked on it in doubt.

At first glance, all the replies were scoffing at the gaudy headline.

“What daydreaming is the OP doing? Is it good to just mislead the newcomers with fake news?”

“This guy’s insane, are you still fantasizing about killing the instance boss at that time? If you have the ability try to fight back and next year’s Qingming festival the grass on your grave will be 1.8 meters.”

“I’m exhausted, no one cares about the real dry goods* next door, but this sensational post is floating on the homepage. So annoying, where’s the @moderator? Come out.”

*credible practical post

“Pull. Stop daydreaming, everyone. Some people don’t know if they can survive the next dungeon, so they come out and make trouble. There’s no end to it.”

Cheng Xiao scrolled down the comment section while sneering in his heart.

To be honest, when he first entered this game, he also fantasized about whether he could earn points to exchange for props, unlock gene locks, upgrade and become stronger like in those webnovels, but the reality gave him a heavy blow— the first thing an experienced player kindly told him was: Don’t think about it, these are impossible to happen.

The moment they entered the instance, the boss was the absolute ruler, being able to kill the player in ten thousand ways, but the player couldn’t cause any harm to them in return.

The mythical counter-attack only existed in novels, in the real world there was only barely clinging to life and struggling to survive.

The only way to survive in this cruel and abnormal world was to play the game according to the rules.

Puzzles, dice, hide-and-seek, role-playing, or just simply living long enough.

Cheng Xiao shook his head.

Judging by the logo on the profile of the person who posted this post, he should not be a newcomer, but he still posted this kind of post. He really didn’t know whether it was intentional fishing for attention, or if the OP was really lucid.

——He just didn’t expect this post to place so high.

This thought flashed through Cheng Xiao’s mind.

But he didn’t want to go any further.

Just as he was about to close this post, a reply suddenly appeared under his thumb:

“What’s the code? A good-looking man?”

Cheng Xiao was taken aback.

The ID of this commenter was familiar to him. It was an experienced player next door who has posted a lot of dry goods. He was also a famous figure in the forum.

This… what’s going on?

Cheng Xiao was at a loss.

He then scrolled down and found that other players had exactly the same psychological process as his own and a series of neatly arranged “fuck” swiped the screen below:

“Is it fake?”

“Boss, don’t make such jokes with us!”

“Has your account been hacked?”

“?? What nonsense is the upstairs talking about, how could account on this forum be hacked.”

This was indeed true.

Cheng Xiao continued to scroll down and found that the poster of that post replied: “Yes! Are you also a survivor?”

The famous account had not responded yet, but another commenter that also appeared frequently in the forum had joined in below.

It replied: “I’m also a survivor. I prove that what the poster said is not exaggerated at all, if there any lie in it I will screw off my head and kick it like a ball for the whole forum.”

—Cheng Xiao now knew why this post could reach up so high.

After this reply appeared, the whole post boiled instantly and the number of floors increased crazily with the number of refreshes.

Cheng Xiao scrolled until his hands were a little sore and he still didn’t reach the end of the post.

He watched the players in the building discussing this possibility in full swing, or questioning the truth of the matter, or guessing that how this situation had happened under such circumstances, but most people were still wondering what that code word mean, who was that “good looking man”.

Who was he, what was his identity, and how he had done it.

Of course, there were also some players who misrepresented the topic—how good-looking this player was, for these straight male scientific brain players to use this feature as a code.

What’s even more unbelievable was that the third player was actually fished out through such an abstract code.

——It’s not that we don’t believe it, it’s just that we all want to open our eyes.

Finally, Cheng Xiao scrolled to the bottom and saw the famous player reply to the player who just came out and say seriously:

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.”

Immediately afterwards, he replied to the host on the next floor: “I’m looking for props to level up.”

Wait… looking for props?

Cheng Xiao was taken aback for a moment.

However, before he could react, his fingertips slid down accidentially. Immediately afterwards, the lively discussion just now was replaced by a blank space, and a system prompt above looked extremely glaring:

“This post had been deleted”

Cheng Xiao stared blankly at the empty screen of the mobile phone and his brain still couldn’t wrap around this.

The level of finding items strategy was indeed not uncommon.

However, “good-looking man”…

He really only saw one of that kind.

Indeed, as long as one though of the word good-looking, the face that seems to be carefully carved by the creator itself would emerge from the mind, like an instinctive association, as if after seeing this face, other people could no longer deserve the compliment of good looks.

Moreover, they also met for the first time in an item searching level…

Was this… a coincidence?

Cheng Xiao squeezed the phone, thinking a little uncertainly.

Impossible, if so, the mysterious man from the forum would be taking a bath in his own bathroom right now…

It can’t be such a coincidence! !

In the bathroom, the sound of dripping water stopped.

Ge Xiu turned off the tap and came to the sink.

He raised his hand and wiped away the mirror covered with a layer of water mist.

On the hazy and smooth surface, a slightly blurred face of the youth was reflected.

In the water vapour, the pair of dark eyes were extremely clear and distant, like cold metal soaked in mercury, appearing silent and cold under the light.

Ge Xiu wiped his face and lowered his eyes.

From the very first dungeon, there was a question that had always haunted him.

Why couldn’t he see [him]?

He could distinguish all the supernatural props from other items at a glance, but only the rose handed to him by the other party, Ge Xiu had not noticed the problem from the beginning. To be precise, that rose, in his eyes, was no different from ordinary roses.

Ge Xiu could see all ghosts.

In the final analysis, they were all supernatural energy bodies. Whether they hid their bodies or pretended to be ordinary people, they couldn’t hide in Ge Xiu’s eyes.

However, that man was completely different.

If Ge Xiu hadn’t noticed that the old woman’s expression changed the moment she touched him, he wouldn’t even have become suspicious, and he wouldn’t have found that the other quietly following him like this, until he did some tricks in front of the female ghost to draw him out of the invisible state.

And when entering the ancestral hall, due to the sudden drop in temperature, Ge Xiu didn’t realize that the other party didn’t follow him into it.

Although he wasn’t afraid of the things he might face in the ancestral hall, his lack of sensitivity made him feel extremely puzzled.

Ge Xiu now knew that the entire world was constructed by the other party’s spiritual power, but even so, the entire framework was based on reality and the existence projected by the other party into the world must also be an energy body, but why couldn’t he see him?

Ge Xiu walked out of the bathroom.

The steaming mist followed his figure and diffused out and a moist aroma of citrus and grass spread in the room.

The living room was brightly lit, with golden sunlight pouring in through the windows, making it appear ethereal and clear, yet too quiet.

Ge Xiu glanced around the living room.

Not only was Cheng Xiao gone, but another figure he cared more about was also absent.

The living room was empty.

He frowned slightly.

However, before he could do anything, he felt a pair of cold hands wrap around his waist from behind and another body pressed against him immediately.

Ge Xiu was taken aback.

He hardly restrained his subconscious impulse to fight back, tilted his head slightly, and said angrily, “Must you be so childish?”

Immediately afterwards, Ge Xiu felt a slight weight on his shoulders.

The man’s chin lifted up:

“Not childish.”

The water droplets slid from the wet black hair, stayed at the ends of the wet locks for a moment and then fell on Ge Xiu’s shoulder, leaving a little translucent water stain on the white fabric.

The man’s gaze followed the drop of water, his eyes darkened slightly.

Ge Xiu struggled twice:

“Let go.”

The man tightened his arms reluctantly, turned his head slightly, buried the tip of his high nose into the young man’s steaming black hair, sniffed it, and muttered in a low voice:

“It smells good.”

“…” Ge Xiu took a deep a breath, with an impeccable smile on his face, he said word by word: “I will convey your compliments on his shampoo to Cheng Xiao.”

The man: “…”

At this moment, there was a “squeak” not far away.

Ge Xiu raised his eyes, and met Cheng Xiao who came out of the room.

After hearing the sound of running water in the bathroom stop, Cheng Xiao finally decided to come out and ask some questions after a few minutes of mental construction.

——He really didn’t expect to see the scene in front of him.

Cheng Xiao was dumbfounded, his brain and expression seemed to be frozen, and it took him a long time to finally regain clarity, he retreated suddenly as if his tail was stepped on, his whole face flushed suddenly, and he stammered:

“I’m sorry to disturb you!”


Before Ge Xiu could say the next word, he heard a loud “BANG” from not far away.

The door slammed shut before his eyes.

Under the clear sunlight, one could almost see the flying dust brought up by the closed door.

Ge Xiu: “…”

The chest against his back was cold and solid and the arms around his waist were still as firm as Mount Tai.

The two stood one behind the other, their bodies almost touching each other.

Not to mention that Ge Xiu had just come out of the shower and his clothes were only loosely draped, revealing a large area of dazzling white skin and a clear and straight collarbone under the wide-open neckline. The light colored fabric looked almost transparent from being moistened by the water. Under the sun, the white shirt and fair skin hardly showed any colour difference. At first glance, it looks even somewhat…


Ge Xiu looked down at his current posture of being embraced by the other, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes forcefully.

He already felt…

He wouldn’t be able explain this one no matter what.


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