Chapter 193: The Last World

Ge Xiu broke away from the other’s arms and looked behind him with a sullen face.

The man looked back at him, his arms were still in the previous position, his expression was extremely innocent.

Ge Xiu: “…”

At that moment, he felt as if he was punching cotton.

Immediately discouraged, he turned away and walked towards another room expressionlessly.

Behind Ge Xiu’s back, the man’s pale thin lips curled up imperceptibly.

He followed closely and followed Ge Xiu step by step.

But in the next second, the door slammed mercilessly in front of his eyes with a “bang” stopping millimetres away from the tip of his nose.

The man was startled and subconsciously stopped mid-step as to not bump into it directly.

The young man’s indifferent voice seemed a little distorted through the door:

“I want to rest.”


The voice without fluctuations interrupted him, without any room for negotiation: “Don’t follow in.”

The man looked at closed door in the front of his eyes and sighed in disappointment.

——This time he lost bigger benefits because of being greedy for small benefits, he miscalculated.

inside the room.

The curtains were drawn closed and the whole room was shrouded in dim light. Among the soft and fluffy quilts on the bed, a fuzzy slightly moving with rhythm of breathing silhouette could be vaguely seen.

Ge Xiu had been in this world for a long time, but there was only a handful of rest time. This game seemed to hope to wear him out with exhaustion and there was no pause between the endless instances—— after more than a week of nerve-wracking situations his body desperately needed rest.

It didn’t take long before he fell asleep.

In the quiet room, only his breathing could faintly be heard.

The room was enveloped in a certain quiet and peaceful atmosphere, like the hustle and bustle of the outside world were completely isolated from it.

Suddenly, there was a slight fluctuation in the air beside the bed, like a drop of water falling into a lake, spreading a circle of ripples, then a tall man gradually appeared beside the bed, like a black silhouette created from the darkness and chaos.

Alike to a fluttering feather, or a quietly falling shadow, without making a sound, the man lay down next to the young man silently.

He lowered his head and looked at Ge Xiu lying on the bed.

The young man’s body was half curled up, his brows were slightly frowned, as if he was being haunted by some ominous dream.

He seemed to sense the cold body approaching behind him and subconsciously leaned back.

Surrounded by the familiar atmosphere, the sleeping young man’s brows slightly relaxed, falling into a deeper dream.

In the silence, the man quietly stared at Ge Xiu’s face.

Half of the young man’s face was buried in the shadows, revealing a touch of soft whiteness in the darkness, from the side face, the ears, to the neck line, dazzling white in the overlapping shadows.

His eyes darkened slightly, he raised his hand and his cold fingertips landed on the side of the young man’s neck.

The muscular lines connecting the shoulders and neck were half hidden under the messy neckline, stretching softly under the cover of the fabric, hiding in the deep darkness.

Through the warm skin, one could feel the throbbing pulse, radiating heat vigorously and vividly.

An indistinct murmur rolled out of the slender throat.

It seemed like he was behaving spoiled, or just a grunt driven by sleepiness.

The man’s fingers were as cold and stable as marble, but they trembled slightly at this moment, as if he wanted to continue exerting strength to discover other reactions hidden deep in this body, but he was restrained abruptly in place, maintaining that indistinct touch.

He took a deep breath, his chest silently rose and fell with his movements, as if he was forcibly suppressing some primitive hunting desire, suppressing a low growl hidden in his throat.

The man lowered his head and his cold lips fell on the half-bared neck.

That kiss was quiet and gentle, silently covering the beating arteries, as if branding a trace of his own imprint.

Immediately afterwards, he embraced the other party in his arms in a very possessive manner and then closed his eyes contentedly.



The alarm sound of the mobile phone broke the deep silence in the room.

Ge Xiu yawned and slowly got up from the messy bed. He turned off the alarm clock and looked down at the watch on his wrist.

There were less than twenty minutes left to enter the next copy.

He raised his hand and pressed his forehead, feeling unexpectedly refreshed and calm. It was about to be midsummer, but the room didn’t feel stuffy at all, and there was a hint of coldness in the air.

No nightmares.

Ge Xiu stared at the empty and dark room in front of him, suddenly raised his voice and called out:


Footsteps came from outside the room.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of pressing the doorknob sounded and the man appeared outside the door, the light of the living room spilled into the room from his shoulder:


Ge Xiu raised his hand and scratched his messy hair, with a quiet “mhm”.

“What’s wrong?” the man asked with concern.

Ge Xiu fixed his eyes on him and then looked away as if nothing had happened: “… Forget it.”

He jumped off the bed, stretched his slightly stiff shoulders and neck and walked to his side: “Where’s Cheng Xiao?”

“Went out.” The man replied lightly.

——The human seemed uncomfortable being alone with him and quickly found an excuse to slip out.

Ge Xiu nodded, bent down to organize his backpack and asked casually:

“There are still ten minutes to enter the dungeon, are you going to come this time?”

The man who was following behind him asked with a calm voice:

“What do you say? “

“…coming” Ge Xiu muttered, “Stupid question.”

As the numbers on the watch went down to zero, the familiar darkness descended again.

Ge Xiu opened his eyes and found that the place he was standing now was no longer Cheng Xiao’s bright and clean apartment, but a flat open space. Outside the space was the dense sticky chaotic darkness, circling the players.

Ahead was a villa, standing quietly in the darkness.

It was more like a shrunken castle than a villa.

The brass-colored iron gate was tightly closed. Through the gap of the iron gate, you could see the tall Gothic spiers standing up. Between the layers of eaves, you can see the retro-style narrow window couplets. A road led from open space in front of him straight to the iron gate, and outside the iron gate was placed a red box that Ge Xiu had seen in the first instance.

Against the gloomy and obscure background, the bright blood red was particularly abrupt and dazzling, giving it a strange and ominous feeling.

The panicked voices of the newcomers sounded from not far away.

The veteran players who were already familiar with the game process stepped forward, their indifferent and calm voices mixed with the stuttering and panicked sentences of the newcomers, flowing behind his head like a background sound.

Ge Xiu retracted his gaze and walked straight to the red box outside the iron gate.

There was a card on top of the box.

He reached for it, but another hand got the card first.

The player looked contemptuously, turned his head and looked at Ge Xiu: “Do you even have the experience to, just…”

When his eyes met the opponent’s face, the expression on his face was blank for a moment, and the unkind words were instantly blocked into his throat, as he stood rooted in place.

Ge Xiu waited patiently for a few seconds.

But the other party still stood there with the card in his hand, with no signs of returning to his senses.

He frowned and asked calmly,

“Are you still going to read it?”

“Ah? Oh!” The other party lowered his eyes as if he had just woken up from a dream, and opened the card with some unsteady movements.

After reading, the player looked up at Ge Xiu who was waiting at the side, then handed over the card, and asked,

“That, that, do you want to read it too?”

Compared with his almost rude attitude just now, his current tone could be regarded as too gentle.

Ge Xiu didn’t bother to pay attention to the change of the other party’s attitude, he directly took the card in his hand, lowered his eyes and scanned the content on it at a glance.

The above content was the rules of this round of the game.

This time the rules were not complicated.

Players would draw their respective representative identities from the box and then had to play their roles within the next three days to pass the level.

When Ge Xiu lowered his head to read, the player who just grabbed the card with him moved away to the distance, his eyes lingering on him for a long time.

A deep voice suddenly sounded in his ears:

“I don’t like his eyes.”

Ge Xiu was startled by the voice and suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of the voice, but all he could see was empty darkness and silence.

He was a little annoyed: “Stop doing that.”

This was the biggest shortcoming of not being able to see the other party, he always got surprised out of nowhere by him.

The man’s voice was gloomy, he sounded more annoyed than he was:

“I should dig out his eyes.”

Ge Xiu rolled his eyes mercilessly and put the card back on the box:

“Save it, don’t you have anything better to do with that time?”

The voice in the ear fell silent.

Ge Xiu was a little worried: “…Hey.”

“What’s the matter?”

The cold air flowed over the earlobe, the other party’s voice sounded without pause.

Ge Xiu shrugged: “I thought you really went to do this.”

The man’s voice was calm and unpredictable, but there was a hint of dangerous coldness in his tone: “You care about him so much?”

Ge Xiu: “…”

He was unable to hold back, he rolled his eyes again, and said expressionlessly:

“…you think too much.”

Soon, other players walked towards the box one after another, and after passing around the cards for a while, the rules of the game were basically clear.

The players lined up in a row and pulled out their own identity cards from the box one by one.

Ge Xiu also took one out.

Before he could take a closer look at what was written on the sign in his hand, he heard the familiar mechanical female voice above his head:

“Welcome to the large-scale real life escape game.”

The gate in front of his eyes slowly opened, the old rotating latch made a heavy harsh “screeching” sound and the two iron gates slid towards the two sides—— now there was no barrier between the players and the tall villa, only the gloomy towering building stood silently in the darkness.

“The game officially begins, now.”

The looming mechanic female voice disappeared into the air and the dungeon once again fell into a deathly silence.

The players all looked at each other.

One of the newcomers asked hesitantly: “Now… what should we do?”

The other veteran replied without much hesitation: “Go in first.”

After all, after the game starts, the longer you stay outside, the more dangerous it will get.

This had become an established rule.

The other players reached an agreement without hesitation, all plans shall be discussed after entering the villa first.

Ge Xiu followed with the flow of people entering the villa.

The player from before found the right opportunity and came over, but just as he opened his mouth, the young man in front of him passed him without looking sideways. When he walked through the door indifferently, player’s face froze slightly and he stood in place in bewilderment.

After walking a few steps, Ge Xiu suddenly felt a cold touch on his wrist, as if an invisible hand grabbed there, and the fingertips of the other party gently and cheerfully rubbed the back of his hand, even if he didn’t say a word, it inexplicably revealed a little childish joy.

He glanced lazily at the air beside him:


After a few seconds.


The other party’s voice was deep and low and although the answer was as short as one syllable, the slightly rising ending revealed his pleasant mood.