"That tree is made by Planta?!" Gandalf asked. "Can Dryads make such buildings in the shape of trees?"

"I've never seen a Dryad player aside from Planta before so I have no idea." Anikitty said.

"But you're right, we can't let these things touch the tree!" Angelina said. "Let's go!"

"My army of Undead is at your service then, Lady Titania. [Graveyard of the Dead]! [Automatic Undead Creation]!" Erdrich smiled, he quickly conjured hundreds of graves that emerged from the ground, and from within, Treants emerged out!

"W-What is this?!" Titania had never seen Necromancy before, so she was taken aback.

"It is easy. [Graveyard of the Dead] takes over Tiles and imbues Death Magic into them, meanwhile [Automatic Undead Creation] automatically creates Undead from the Tiles I've taken over. Any monster that dies in them can be promptly revived into an undead to serve me! They're not as strong as the ones I've leveled up, but they serve their purpose at forming an army quickly." Erdrich smiled evilly.

"This is Death Magic flowing everywhere... Yet it is not near as repulsive as the Miasma left behind. And it doesn't affect Planta's energy either..." Titania was surprised.

"Of course, that's because we are allies. The system won't simply allow me to affect another player, that would be like PvP." Laughed Erdrich. "Even less NPC."

"E-Eh?" Titania was shocked.

It seemed that despite being opposite powers and elements, Players that didn't had the PvP mode on, innately couldn't hurt one another, forming this special effect where both opposite energies could live and thrive at the same time.

"Heheh... Now, my Undead Treants, beat the living ones and bring me more materials!" Laughed Erdrich. "I think we can make one of those big golems if I gather enough Souls and Mana!"

Titania was even confused than before.

"Come on Erdrich you're confusing her!" Angelina sighed. "Here, I'll carry you there."

Angelina quickly held Titania with her arms as she flapped her wings, flying into the skies. Her wings didn't just do nothing but fly, as she suddenly conjured countless feather projectiles.

"[Light Feather Projectiles]!"



The feathers easily exploded over the endless armies of Treants, blowing them up into pieces one by one!

Once the group finally reached the Tree that belonged to Planta, the Players quickly decided to go hardcore into their tower defense setup.

"Erdrich! Anikitty!"

Angelina ordered the two, as they nodded.

"Got it!"

"Alright then!"

Erdrich smiled, as a glowing blue orb on his left hand began overflowing with souls he had been reaping off the Treants he had slain.

"It is time... [Necromancer's Pandemonium]!"


Erdrich's very command suddenly unleashed a shockwave of souls and mana everywhere. The hundreds of Tiles he had taken over with his [Graveyard of the Dead] suddenly began transforming!


Enormous pillars made of twisting souls and bones emerged one after the other, quickly forming a gigantic undead fortress made of bones, flesh, and the groaning souls of the damned!

"Hahahaha! All set! Now, load the Necrotic Cannons!"

Erdrich commanded the Undead he brought, a large army of Skeletons obeyed his words.

"Aye, aye master!"

"Alright, load them up boys!"

"I'm going in! I'm going in! Gahahaha!"

Titania's eyes almost popped out of her face as she saw the Skeletons loading themselves into the cannons and then being thrown away into the middle of the army!

"[Undead Bomb]!"


The moment they landed, Titania believed they would get massacred, but in fact, they exploded!


More and more Undead, Skeletons, Zombies, and Undead Treants flew into the army of Treants, exploding as they landed over them, and defeating more and more.

Titania saw as the Necromancer smiled evilly! His orb absorbed dozens of souls together, which he quickly repurposed to restore his Mana and then summon more Undead.

"More Souls! [Soul Conversion]!"


Erdrich quickly spent 5 souls to restore 50% of his MP, quickly summoning even more Undead from within the Graveyard of the Dead surrounding the Necromancer's Pandemonium.

"Incredible... Is Death Magic this powerful?"

This insanely broken endless loop that Necromancers could perform was one of the things that made them so popular, they were a one-man army!

"Hey! Don't steal all the glory!"

However, Anikitty was also asked to do something similar.

She smiled quickly summoning a staff from her hand. She wasn't a mere Librarian, but was a shrine maiden!

"[Spirit Domain]! [Yokai Pillars]!"

She hit the ground and then, a tremor happened. The tiles merged with Erdrich's tiles, as they flowed with both spiritual energy and death energy in tandem! Not only that, but enormous pillars emerged around her, resembling Yokai, spirits and monsters from Japanese folklore.

The pillars began glowing brightly, unleashing rays of magic against the Treants approaching her. But that wasn't all! In fact, this was just the beginning. Anikitty immediately conjured more and more skills, building her entire domain.

"[Bellflower Barrier]! [Heavenly Sakura Shrine]! [Shinigami Haunting]!"


Titania's eyes opened wide, as she saw Anikitty summon an enormous tree at the side of planta's tree, this one was a beautiful, magic-made tree of bellflowers. It shone brightly and beautifully, yet it wasn't a permanent one, but the spirit of the tree itself.

As long as it stood behind Anikitty, a barrier would be created which quickly began to enhance everyone's stats and their MP was regenerating at a rapid speed as well.


And then, a gigantic Sakura Shrine appeared from below, rising the Nekomata girl all the way into the skies, the Shrine suddenly opened its doors, as a black portal within it began to summon... Shinigami! Monstrous death spirits Yokai!

The phantasms were also part Undead, which were boosted by Erdrich's domain at the side, this was something well known as combining playstyles through skill synergy!

However, these types of classes such as Anikitty's one were too frail, not many even wanted to be a shrine maiden, so they were very rare, although not as much as Planta and her Dryad/Farmer combination.

"And now... [Dance of Flames and Wind]!"