Ciel Uranus and Electra the Slayers, in addition to the two of them, decided to conquer the 'Eternal Library,' one of the most challenging dungeons.

However, no matter how accustomed I am to recklessness, I wouldn't challenge a difficult dungeon with an unplanned party.

To coordinate within the party, I decided to prepare by entering a lower-difficulty dungeon as a warm-up.

"...So, that's why I gathered you all. What's with that dissatisfied look?"

Looking at the faces of those gathered, I sighed.



Before me stood two women. Temporary party members, Ciel and Electra. Both of them had furrowed brows and a disgruntled demeanor as they stood before me.

"I thought we were going to the 'Eternal Library.'"

"For the sake of rescuing Leon, we don't have time to make detours!"

Electra and Ciel protested at the same time. In other words, they didn't want any warm-up and wanted to go straight to the 'Eternal Library.'

"Hey, are you idiots? Do you underestimate the dungeon?"

I forgot there was a princess present as I blurted out.

"Mu... I understand, but..."

Ciel pouted in dissatisfaction and averted her gaze. It was her typical expression as the tsundere childhood friend heroine, one that had appeared countless times in the game.

"I have to rescue Leon quickly, or else I'll be forced into an arranged marriage, you know? Can we afford to take a detour?"

"I don't care. I mean, isn't that your own concern? From my perspective... I want to save Leon, but I don't intend to throw my life away recklessly for that."

Rescuing Leon wasn't an absolute obligation. I wouldn't say it to Ciel, but truth be told, as long as there was a substitute for the hero named Monica, Leon's existence wasn't necessarily essential.

"I don't intend to force anyone. If you have complaints, handle them on your own... So, what will you do?"

"I'll go along. I'll follow your instructions. Is that fine with you?"

"Fine. And... what about you, Your Highness? Will you join me?"

"I don't mind. I'll follow Sir Baskerville."

Electra reluctantly agreed as well. I hadn't asked about her reasons for wanting to go to the Eternal Library, but I had a rough idea.

She was looking for a way to save her little sister, the Third Princess, who was suffered by a certain illness.

Electra was a valuable "High-Rank Enchanter (Druid)," and she also had her personal reasons for wanting to help the Third Princess, so I didn't plan to push her away.

With the consent of the two newcomers, I nodded.

"Very well. Now that the two of you are on board... let's enter the dungeon, the 'Sage's Playground.'"

We had come to the Slayers Royal Swords and Magic Academy, where one of the practice dungeons for students was located.

It was the upper-level dungeon of the tutorial dungeon, the "Sage's Playground," and was relatively low in difficulty among high-rank dungeons.

It was also an ideal place for training magic users, making it a perfect location for our party.

To conquer this dungeon, we needed to apply to the academy in advance. Since I hadn't attended school classes recently, I received some sarcastic remarks from our homeroom teacher, Wanko-sensei, when I delivered the application form to the staff room.

Naturally, as a student, I was supposed to attend school, but there were exceptions for students with special circumstances, and I had been exempted due to my responsibilities in the Marquis's house. The lecture ended, and I received permission to enter the dungeon immediately.

Since the examination was meant to prevent underpowered students from entering the dungeon and dying, I had already achieved numerous accomplishments, so passing the examination was no problem.

"The party formation, as for the vanguard, of course, that's me. In the center, we have Your Highness Electra, and in the rear, Aeris and Ciel will accompany us. If I happen to be incapacitated, Your Highness Electra will handle the situation. Is that acceptable to you?"

"That's fine. I came prepared for that, so I won't be a hindrance."

Electra nodded. "High-Rank Enchanter (Druid)" were exceptional in both offense and defense among magic users, making them versatile in various roles. Placing her where she could switch between the vanguard and rear was the best strategy.

"Aeris, prioritize healing. Ciel, attack from the rear with magic, but please avoid friendly fire. This isn't your usual party. Don't expect perfect coordination."

"Understood. You can count on me for support."

"I get it! Don't worry, I won't involve allies in my magic!"

"Very well then. Shall we enter the dungeon?"

We headed towards the tower located within the school grounds. There were guards at the entrance of the tower, but they quickly let us through when we presented the permit we had obtained from the school in advance.

"Let's proceed with caution. It's time to start the conquest!"

As I gave the command, everyone stepped inside the dungeon.