The exploration of the 'Sage's Playground' had come to an end. Returning to the Baskerville Marquis's mansion, which served as my home, I explained the situation to the members who had taken separate actions.

After listening to my explanation, Nagisa let out a resigned laugh.

"...So you brought them back with you? My Lord works quite fast, it seems."

We were in my room. I sat on a chair while Nagisa perched on the edge of the bed. Urza sat on my lap, poking me in the chest with her horns, seemingly dissatisfied.

"Muu... It's annoying! Aside from Aeris-san, it's hard for Urza to see a new girl going into the dungeon with Goshujin-sama! Urza gets jealous, desu~no!"

"It's not like I did it on purpose. Rather, stop it because it hurts."

I pushed Urza's head, gently moving her painful horns away.

"From now on, we'll be entering dungeons where we can't defeat enemies without using magic. Even if we bring a warrior, they won't be able to perform well. Give up."

"Uu, Uu!"

"Are you a cow? Stop poking me with your horns!"

Urza pinned down, shifting attention to Nagisa who remained composed.

"So... how did it go on your end? Report your findings."

"Ah, yes. As instructed by you, Lord, we delved into the dungeon with Monica. We trained according to her level."

Nagisa explained in a smooth, uninterrupted tone.

"If I were to describe the results, that girl is indeed a prodigy. Progressing smoothly."

"That much?"

"She lacks real combat experience and displays noticeable technical deficiencies. However, she possesses an innate sense for battle, moves decisively at crucial points, and learns quickly. Overall, she progresses remarkably."

"That's reassuring. It'd be appreciated if she became the next hero."

Leon seemed increasingly unnecessary. If Monica became the new hero, maybe Leon need not return to being human.

"Yet... is it also unethical to intentionally abandon him?."

His childhood friend Ciel and sister Monica both desperate to save Leon.

His mother Anemone works in this mansion too, so it would be wrong to abandon the possibility of saving him. So, there was no change in the guideline to enter the 'Eternal Library' and find a way to rescue Leon.

"Thank you for your hard work. Please continue to train Monica from tomorrow onwards. Take your time and raise her properly."

"Understood. Leave it to me."

"By the way... Nagisa, why are you sticking to me too?"

Nagisa, who was sitting on the bed reporting just a moment ago, stood up and leaned her body against my back. Her well-endowed chest, wrapped in a kimono, pressed against me and changed shape with a soft squish.

"My lord, I do not deny that you have many women serving you. In fact, I believe it is only natural for a strong individual like yourself."


"But... I am dissatisfied with not being cherished. If you appreciate my work, isn't it the duty of a lord to provide appropriate rewards?"

"Urza also wants a reward, desu~no! A lovey-dovey paradise, desu~no!"

"...So, you're telling me to hug you. Why are the girls around here so proactive?"

I sigh.

My profile is reflected in the mirror hanging on the wall.

Although my features are well-defined, there's no change in the villainous face that makes children cry.

"Seriously, what's good about this face? There are too many curious people, and it's troublesome."

While saying that, I moved to the bed as instructed.

Throwing Urza, who clings to me, onto the futon, I face Nagisa.


Opening the front of her kimono reveals breasts without any underwear.

It seems she intended this from the beginning.

I chuckle with resignation and bury my face in the deep cleavage.