Chapter 230 – Departure Pegasus

“”””Whaaaat, the Goddess and the High Priestess are leaving the country.””””

Kron and Jamdi’el will not return to the Cacretale. No, the moment I told everyone about the fact that they couldn’t return, there was a cry of astonishment.

Naturally. Most of the people here are like disciples of Jamdi’el.

“No way, how could that be?! We promised everyone that we would all go home together, right?”

“Really! The battle is over… besides, without the two of you, what would we do from now on…”

This was especially true for Karui and Elder Sis Tsukshi, who have spent time together like family.

They’re already in tears and clinging to each other.

“Thank you, everyone. For thinking so much of us…”


“But this is something we have already decided. We can no longer return to Cacretale.”

“I, I don’t understand why! By any chance, are you worried about what happened this time!? I doubt any of us hold a grudge against you two!”


“Or are you worried about something similar happening again? We’ll be alright~! No matter how many times we are…”

“That won’t do.”


Elder Sis Tsukshi who desperately clung, not wanting to part.

In the midst of all this, Mr. Machio remained calm.

“If Earth Lagann hadn’t been here today, we would have lost… we would have all been killed.”

“Mr. Machio!?”

“And Earth, you will not marry the goddess and live forever in Cacretale… will you? Then, if something similar happens again… above all, the master’s power is also sealed… and that’s the way we find ourselves now… I guess that’s what it is.”

Without me, we wouldn’t have won today… I mean… let’s not mention how things might not have been like this if I hadn’t fought and exhausted Jamdi’el in the first place…

“I understood after this fight, we’re weak. We’re powerless. Tsukshi, Karui, everyone. If you take a vow to protect someone… if you don’t have enough strength, it wouldn’t make any sense.”

Today has become a new day of determination for Kron, Phianse, Rebal, Fu, the Prince, and even Mr. Machio.

The devastating defeat in the battle against Paripi instilled a further change in the mindset of Mr. Machio, who normally boasts of superhuman-level strength, and yet worked so hard on a regular basis that no one could keep up.

Hearing Mr. Machio’s words, everyone who had only complained that Kron and the others would not return to the Cacretale also looked at each other with a complicated look on their faces.

“We were…weak…certainly…I guess so.”

“Me too… I was just running away in the end…”

“If you put it that way…. we’re all the same.”

“My crotch too…”

“I was taken out in an instant…”

“Shit…. when I get back, I’ll triple my strength training.”

“I’m throwing 10,000 straight fist thrusts.”

We were weak. It seemed that everyone understood that as it sunk in.

And Mr. Machio, on behalf of everyone…

“Master. Even in your absence, we will not neglect our training. So that next time the two of you can be protected without any worries… we will become stronger.”


“So… at that time, once again… we want you to live with us. I will definitely restore Cacretale as well.”

Mr. Machio’s words made me and Phianse feel like we couldn’t say anything.

“High Priestess, please!”

“We will become stronger!”

“Next time, I promise!”



From now on, Cacretale will face interference from outside parties, like the Union.

Because my father was already involved, and it was revealed that Jamdi’el was living in that country.

Above all, according to Paripi, outside support is indispensable for restoring the current Cacretale.

If that is the case, will the day come when Jamdi’el, the world’s highest bounty, will be able to live proudly in Cacretale again………

“Fu, well… everyone… remain diligent.”

“Everyone, do your best!”

I’m sure Jamdi’el knows that, but she doesn’t say anything.

There may have been various schemes behind the scenes, or it may have been a place or relationship that she was just trying to take advantage of, but Jamdi’el also has a heart.

They were disciples who she spent more than 10 years with, and moreover, raised with great care.

She seemed to have some feelings for them, and only offered words of encouragement.


The last sound was spirited voices and bows that sent vibrations through the air.

“Does that mean Earth will be gone too?”

“Seriously, I haven’t had a crotch match with you yet!”

“I wanted that ass!?”

“I hear that you can also wield a sword. I would like to have a match with my Seven Star Sword…”

“Where are you going, aye?”

“Uh~, are you for real, Big Brother!?”


And I’m also saying goodbye here, so Elder Sis Tsukshi, Karui and the other stubborn people I’ve spent the last few months with all cling to me in unison.

“Oh~, well, I’ll come to hang out once in a while… once things calm down.”



For the time being, unlike Jamdi’el, I’ll at least be able to come back and visit again.

But only if the eyes of father and the Union become less strict…

“Earth, thank you for your help.”

“Mr. Machio.”

“I’m glad you were here. I’ll continue to train myself.”

“Yeah, I’m grateful, too. Because the battle with Mr. Machio pushed me to the next stage.”

I high-fived Mr. Machio, Pachin, and exchanged goodbyes with everyone I met in the Cacretale…

“Now then, it’s time to send thee on thy way.”

The prince clapped his hands to signal our departure.

“Hmm? Come to think of it, we’re all going to get on the fishing boat… ah… but Hilua’s going to take Kron and Jamdi’el on board, and I…”

“Oh, about that, the ship thou came on seems to have been damaged quite a bit, so later we’ll repair it here and give it back.”

“Eh, ah, is that so? But then how do we… will you guys carry us down?”

“It’s okay, if it’s a dozen or so… come on, little birds! Come on!”

Even if we say we will go back, we will not be able to go back in the same way as we came, so I thought that the seraphs would carry us one by one, but it was a little different.

“Ooooh, a pegasus… eh, I’ve only seen one in picture books… it really exists…”

“Hey! Seriously!”

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

The moment the prince clapped his hands, dozens of war maidens astride white winged horses…… in other words, pegasi, appeared.

Seeing the beautiful furry Pegasus, the princess group got excited with a twinkle in their eyes.

“One by one, get behind them! I’ll send thee home with the heavenly steeds, the pride of the Heavens, controlled by my cute little birds.”


And, of course, the men were thrilled to ride on such a Pegasus…

“Oh, seriously! Behind that cute angel?”

“Ku~, I’ll just get in the middle of the action…”

“The Seven stars are buzzing… is now the time to meet the woman of destiny under the guidance of the stars?”

Well, maybe it’s simply because they can sit closely behind the cute seraphs… these guys…

“Prince… art thou sure of this? Even though His Majesty hasn’t regained consciousness yet, such a thing… and even about Jamdi’el…”

“Indeed, I shall assume all responsibility. I’ll manage it all, whatever my father says. So, please lend me thy strength.”

“… ah, I… if it’s for the sake of the prince… I’ll go to any lengths, do anything…”

At some point, the seraphs turned pale and their expressions were disgusted by the atmosphere of these bastards.

Well, unlike the prince, these guys didn’t watch the battle in the palace, so even if they were told that we were actually the benefactors who saved the Heavenly World, they wouldn’t be easily convinced, so they may not want to be in close contact with such nasty men, even if it’s on the prince’s order.

“Oh, gentlemen, heed my words. Even if I am indebted to thee, should thou do something obscene to my cute little birds, they may just drop thee into the sea. Do keep that in mind”

“”””…… Yes…””””

Well, at any rate, the prince probably gave them a non-threatening warning, so the bastards should be fine, but they still can’t hide the look of joy on their faces.

And it was the same with the princess group who genuinely saw the Pegasi.

“Ooooh, m, me too… I want a Pegasus… hoh… hmm, I wonder if I could bring one back to the Imperial City…”

“Certainly, this would make shopping a lot easier, and it would be easy to get across mountains and seas when Little man is in a pinch.”

And, in the midst of all that, there was also someone unexpected…

『Hoh~, Pegasus… I never paid much attention to them during the battle, but… Hmm…… I thought their legs would be weak as they mainly moved with their wings, but… they are stable while carrying extra passengers as well… Hohoho…』

It was Tre’ainar beside me.

He watched the flock of Pegasi roaming in front of him with great interest.

「What, Tre’ainar. You are interested in the Pegasus too?」

『Well, I have not seen many before. But in terms of interest, tis more about horses in general than the Pegasus itself.』

「Huh? Horse? What the hell are you… did you ride a horse too? Eh? You? What’s the point…… of riding a horse?」

Again, I sleekly learned about the unexpected side of Tre’ainar.

I mean, he could fly to any place, or done something like warp to anywhere in an instant, so he wouldn’t need to ride a horse or anything…

『I rode not for transportation. I was merely riding as a hobby.』


『Uh huh. I used to hide my identity and participate in horse races on the Surface and in the Demon Realm, with my beloved horses.』

「…… What!? Ah, you… horse racing!?」

『Heh, do not be so surprised, I was once known as the world’s best leading jockey despite being unidentified, and won many major prize races, including the Demon Realm Derby.』

Tre’ainar crossed his arms and recounted tales of his valor with a triumphant look… no….. I’m speechless…

『I miss… my favorite horse Kangkoo Bryan, who won me the Triple Crown in the Demon Derby… and Fuka Impact… they were all fine steeds…』

「I, is that so…」

『Speaking of which, I won some of the most prestigious prize in the Surface World, such as the ‘Starting Gate Award’, ―――― 』

And just when Tre’ainar’s eyes began to sparkle as he gradually became more and more passionate about the old days.

“Come on, boy. Art thou heading to a different place than everyone else? Like the goddess and Jamdi’el.”

“Eh? Oh, yeah…but only halfway.”

Before I knew it, everyone was already getting ready for a double ride on the Pegasus, and I seemed to be the only one left, the prince smiled brightly…

“Get on, boy.”


“I’ll send thee to wherever thou will go.”

I’ll keep it a secret for the rest of my life that I got an unintentional shock when he said something that made me nervous because he was so beautiful even though he was a man.

It’s going to be extra complicated.

“Oh, behind you…?”

“Do thou hate it? Then would thou sit in front of me? Between my arms… Right? I’ll hold on tight so thou don’t fall off.”

“Hey, am I a kid?! Don’t say creepy things!”

“Hahaha, so shy … even though he is so strong… pretty cute, isn’t he? I can see why all those charming flowers are drawn to thee.”

“Oh, huh?”

“See here, don’t be shy, put your arms around my waist, hold on tight ♪.”

Glancing at people, smiling and teasing… or rather, this guy really is too good-looking… is he really a man?

『Hmm, come to think of it, nobody knew about me in that race, so the payout ratio was stupendous… Hehehehe, the expressions on the faces of those who were stunned when the favorites were defeated and their tickets were torn into pieces. They were so pitiful.』

Oh, Tre’ainar? I’m sorry, I lost my attention halfway through.