Chapter 238 – Intermission (Maid) ④

I’m sorry, Little man.

I said I would talk to the Master and Madam, but they flew off before I could.

Moreover, even Amae jumped onto the saddle.

But that’s how much the Master and Madam, and even Amae, cherish Little man.

No, it’s not just those three.

“No way…Earth… even the High Priestess and the Goddess…”

“…… Damn it…”

“This is… it’s too much…”

“We’ve become good friends… and….. I can’t believe even the Goddess and the High Priestess are gone… so lonely…”

For the past few months, these four boys have been sweating it out together with Little man as friends and training buddies.

Mortriage’s crew also looked very sad.

However, the one with the saddest face was…

“No way… the goddess… ah, High Priestess…”

“What are we going to do now…”

“I don’t know… what will happen to us… from now on?”

“The Goddess can’t come back here… neither can the High Priestess…”

“The High Priestess who always guided us is no more…”

“I thought that if he could see Earth and Lady Kron’s son, I would have no regrets in my life…”

“That’s right, even Earth… I’ll miss him…”

“Ah, seeing Earth running early in the morning has already become a daily routine for me…”

“I mean, if I don’t see him, I don’t feel like the day has started… like I’m going to give my best for the day…”

“Seeing Earth, Lady Kron, and Amae together made me feel really happy…”

Jamdi’el and Miss Kron… the shock of the residents who lost the two people who had been the heart of the people of Cacretale seemed immense.

The shock shows the magnitude of the presence of the three of them, including Little man.

“No way, that Jamdi’el of the Six Supremacy… was that much of a presence here… moreover…”

Seeing the state of everyone in Cacretale, the princess seemed to be confused.

It’s true, I have already become accustomed to it, but to outsiders it was a most extraordinary sight.


“Earth has become such an existence… in this land…”

“Yes… it’s amazing… because people here don’t know Earth as the son of the Hero Hiro or anything like that… it means he was so accepted and adored just as Earth, wasn’t he?”

“…… that’s right… he was…”

“We always had the title ‘Children of the Seven Heroes’ attached to us, but Earth without it, started from zero to here… really…… he’s amazing.”

Both Master Rebal and Master Fu seem to be deeply moved as they heard the name of Little man leaking out from the residents.

Yes, that’s right.

Little man made painstaking efforts, and finally achieved results.

Therefore, in just a few months, Little man has become a big enough presence in this Cacretale.

That’s why people who have been affected by him can’t just be sad forever… they shouldn’t, right?

“Grrrr, this stinking mood can’t go on, oraaaah! It’s no use, he’s gone! A man shouldn’t keep screaming and yelling just because he couldn’t say goodbye!”




“No, we’re women, but…”

“Me too…”

At the sudden sound of Oratski’s angry voice, everyone turned around and looked at each other with a stunned face. But Oratski carried on.

“I, it’s not a big deal, Oraah! And, anyway, the important thing is not the goodbye, it’s what happens next time we meet! Don’t you agree, Oraaah!!!”

He’s shy, clumsy, and rugged, but his thoughts were…

“We’re going to get stronger! So, this place will be restored like before… no, even better than before! Earth will come back! Stronger and greater! The High Priestess and the Goddess too! If we haven’t changed by then, what’s the point! Don’t keep relying on them! Otherwise, the three of them won’t be able to come home with peace of mind, Oraah!”


“This is where the three of them will return to!”

That thought certainly struck a chord with everyone.


“I guess so!”

Then, as if in agreement with Oratski’s words, both Machio and Tsukshi stepped forward and nodded.

“If we had been stronger this time, we’d be able to do something about this … if we were more reliable, Master and the Goddess would still be safe here… but that didn’t happen. It’s only because we were weak…”

“That’s why we have to change! Until now, we’ve relied on the High Priestess for everything and we’ve used the Goddess as our heart’s support. But that’s not enough! We have to change… we have to be strong… and we have to get back on our feet… even if just us… no, I think it’s going to take more than just us! Not Earth, but spirit and guts!”

Maybe, but if Little man hadn’t come to this country… if these people hadn’t met Little man, I think everyone would have been overwhelmed with the grief of losing Jamdi’el and Kron. No, I am sure they would have been.

But Little man… they don’t seem to be just standing around in grief.

It seemed that Little man left something behind in this country.

That’s what makes me proud.


“That’s right, I gotta do it! This is… the place where those three will return!”

“Uh, yes… That’s true…… the next time I see them, I’d be embarrassed if they said that I wasn’t any stronger at all…”

“That’s because we’re the best of friends!”

Mortriage’s crew were motivated and fired up, but… is this the place where Little man will return to? Hmmm… and that best of friends remarks…


“The best… is it?”


Princess, Rebar, and Fu reacted with a twitch.

“Oh~, ahem… that…… gentlemen… thing is I’m also in love with Earth… as for that Kron girl, yes, I can’t say anything anymore, but I’m starting over from this point, and, I don’t have the right to say anything yet, so I gave up a million steps, uh… but… “

“Huh? What is it? We did nothing wrong…”

“That’s right, Oraah! Earth is our friend!”

“We’ve been working hard together.”

“That’s right!”

In the past, the princess would have been the first to respond to Little man’s love affairs, but now she seemed to be holding back.

However, she doesn’t seem to be willing to compromise even on the subject of “friends”.

“We’ve known each other for a long time.”

“That’s right. Until today, we’ve been sitting around and passing each other, but… we’re going to start all over again!”

Both Rebal and Fu look miffed, as if unable to tolerate the remark of being Little man’s “best friend”.

I mean, young people of that age are arguing over who is the best friend… it’s a bit laughable.

But in the midst of all this…

“Hmph, how uncouth of you, Princess Phianse. Because you react to every little thing like that, you annoy Honey…”

A ninja warrior from Japone, who didn’t participate in this conflict at all and kept quiet the whole time… Shinobu muttered as if mocking the princess.

To be honest, I don’t know much about her, but apparently, this girl was also into Little man… Hmm…

“…… Are you okay?”

“Huh? Yes, there’s no point in arguing about such things, and Honey would be annoyed too, wouldn’t he? We don’t have to fight over it… the next time Honey finds himself in a predicament… at that time, the person standing by his side will be Honey’s partner.”

Shinobu answers my question confidently. I see. This must be tough for the princess.

Well, as for me… now and in the future, the most complicated thing is that the Great Demon King is the one who’s closest to Little man…

Even so… this girl named Shinobu… Hmm……

“Fufu… well, when is that… when Honey’s father and mother are about to catch him? Or is it more dramatic to save him after he’s been captured? No, it’s more likely that Honey would have escaped on his own, and if that’s the case, I’d be a jerk if I showed up… would it be better after his father and mother have reported back? If so, a little time would also separate him from that girl named Kron… Uh-huh… Uh-huh, Honey~ ♡ I can always rush to you, you know?”

With an eerie smile on her face, she muttered…I don’t know, but it’s tough for Little man too…

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