Chapter 240 – Serves You Right

“Storm of flower petals, soar!”

A flower field was in full bloom all around. Suddenly, petals flew up, covering the vision of father and mother.

This was not an attack. But, even so, father and mother, now more serious than before, were not so perturbed.


My father roared. Just a bark. But……

“Huh!? Ah… o, oooh!”

“If you’re going to blind me, you’ll need a Terra-class spell!”

The barrage created by the prince by magic. He blew it away with just a bark.

Even the prince was shaken by the overwhelming roar.


“Fufu, superb, but… why bring terra-class? This is no ‘battle’, I believe.”

“…… Hah?”

“Also, is the flower garden still not spreading?”

“…… Hmm? …… huh!?”

Breaking off the barrage of petals, my parents took another look at the prince, and the next moment they were surely taken aback.

The prince’s shining eyes…

“Th, that’s!”

“A Heraldic Eye!? Just like Jamdi’el’s!?”

In the past, father and mother constantly fought Jamdi’el, so they must be familiar with her eyes well.

But the prince just flashed his eyes…

“Seriously… is it because he’s of the same race as Jamdi’el? But…”

“But if we get distracted by this, Earth will escape… no choice! Hiro, please handle this!”


“I’ll get Earth! So, those three, including Jamdi’el——”

Right now, father and mother were right in between us.

And if neither of us can be ignored, the roles will inevitably be divided.


“A beautiful rose… take out the thorns, and it will be just a beautiful flower! Wind Flower Fog!”

Instead of attacking, the prince dared to keep letting only a barrage of petals dance.

“tte, we were still in the middle of talking!”

“Oh, damn it!! And there are more petals than before… then, I’ll use all my magic power and… I can’t blow them all away…”

“Of course not! If you seriously blow it all away, you’ll take out the whole island!? Not just Earth, even that Amae girl!”

“Yeah, anyway, we just have to deal with that handsome man!”


“Anyway, these flower petals won’t do any damage, so I can plunge straight into it and land one shot…”

“Hey, you’re too straightforward…”

“Mamu, keep an eye on Earth! It would be troublesome if he ran off in the gap of this barrage with the steps he just used! Keep your eyes open!”


Battle…… if we attack, father and mother will act on instinct instead of thinking with their heads, and if that happens, we will all lose for sure.

Tre’ainar affirmed that.

If this is the case, the premise of not starting a fight will continue.

We would not let my brainless parents get into a fighting mood, make them think with their inferior brains, upset them, and not give them time to set things up.

In addition, they can’t even take simple actions like “just blow it all away” out of concern for me and Amae.

Then, will they force their way straight in and hit the prince to stop him?

Before they even tried to come that way…

“Fufufu, which is the real one?”


“Now, let’s see if you can find the real prince♪.”

Kron’s Daybreak Eyes glowed.

“Wh, hold on, what the, that girl has a magic eye too?! But those eyes… what?”

“Six-Gate Eyes? No… that’s… eh!?”

Then, one moment father and mother are wide-eyed at the sight of Kron’s evil eye, and the next, they’re…

“So, what will thou do with me?”

“”….. What the!?””

The prince with a refreshing smile appeared as hundreds of illusions.

“This is… no way!”

“An Illusion Technique!?”

Spectacularly, father and mother were at their mercy.

If this were also a battle, he might have blown away the entire area regardless of the petals or illusions, or used their wild intuition to identify the real thing in an instant.

But, with the prince and Kron still not attacking, my father and mother have not been able to decide whether to seriously fight back against them.

I see. If you put them on their heels, this is one way to fight.

And if it comes to this…

“Seriously… in the face of my nemesis and sworn enemy, to only give me such a role… Earth Lagann… unless thou bond with Lady Kron, I truly will not forgive thee.”

She can’t use magic. She can’t even use her Magic Eye. But still……

“Even so, it’s been too long… since I have ridden a Pegasus. Phew~…… Hiho!”

As a Seraph, only her skill to ride a Pegasus was still going strong.

While father and mother were stopped in their tracks against the prince who had split into numerous alters due to confetti and Kron’s Illusion Technique, Jamdi’el straddled the pegasus that the prince was riding and rushed forward alone.

“Huh!? Whoa…”

“Jamdi’el… is coming!”

Jamdi’el riding a pegasus ran through.

As expected, the color of their eyes changed as both father and mother reacted to Jamdi’el’s movements… but……

“It’s unfortunate, but… I cannot end thee as of yet.”


Even Jamdi’el, their nemesis, did not attack father and mother.

“Ha, fast!”


It seemed that father and mother reacted to Jamdi’el’s movements and thought of restraining her, but Jamdi’el…


“What beautiful riding posture…”

Kron and the prince gasped…

『Hoh~, Jamdi’el… apparently you were pursuing my riding form as well.』

With a beautiful riding form that received Tre’ainar’s approval, she rode her mount to its full potential, ran it faster than father and mother could intercept, and headed for me and Amae…

“Or rather… j, just now, even though she had a chance, she didn’t attack us at all!?”

“Hey, and… n, now… How Jamdi’el rode the horse …… somewhere…”

“Yes, I’m sure… a long time ago…”

“Ah! That’s right! At a horse race! A mysterious horse and jockey who won the Imperial Derby with overwhelming strength… the unidentified masked jockey riding Fuka Impact… ‘Taketoyo’ or something like that!”

“Ah yes! They won the race with the greatest winning ticket in history… why would Jamdi’el!?”

Father and mother who looked absurdly surprised.

I don’t think it’s all that surprising…

『Ah, incidentally, I was that Taketoyo in disguise♪.』


I’m not surprised anymore! Even if there was a salacious and outrageous fact.

And that’s why I’m not surprised, so I still held Amae in my arms…

“Earth Lagann! Amae! Get on!”

“Oh, good job!”

“Oh! High Priestess!”

I grabbed Jamdi’el’s hand as she ran towards me and jumped behind her.

“Hey, you!? Earth! H, hey!”

“Wait, you! O, of all people, to get behind someone like…!”

Hearing the screams of father and mother, Jamdi’el sent Pegasus flying far into the sky…



At the same time, one of the many princes who had multiplied by the illusion sounded his finger whistle.

In response to the sound, the Pegasus, who had carried father and mother all the way here, rushed to the prince.

“Fufufu, originally this one is also a Pegasus of the Seraph… that’s right!”

Saying that, the prince jumped on the Pegasus that ran up to him.

“Come, let us depart too!”

“Yes, Hilly!”

“Leave it to me!”

The next moment, Hilua with Kron on board also flew into the sky with the prince and Pegasus.

“Hey, wait! Where are you guys…”

“…… Ah!? Hiro! Oh, we…”

“Huh? …… ah!!”

Yes, my father and mother finally came to understand their situation.

They can’t fly. They forced a Pegasus to bring them here with guts, but now the prince was riding it.

In short……

“Hey, wait, you guys! Are you trying to run away!”

“Jamdi’el! You, fight fair and square! Why are you going away again, Earth!”

That’s right. They had no way to fly anymore. There was no means of chasing us.

Or rather, if this happens, someone would have to come to this remote island to pick them up, or they would have to swim to get off the island.

“Daaamn it! No matter what, I’ll chase you down! Even if it means swimming through the ocean!”

“Yes, we’ll do it!”

And sure enough, that brain-muscle couple declared they would swim after us with gusto.

Certainly, if it’s father and mother, they might be able to swim after us in flight.


“Now, Kron! I’m counting on you!”


Assuming they swim after us at a hundred paces…”which us” would they chase after?

The moment I gave Kron the signal, she raised her hands and made a circle above her head…

“Come on, Earth’s parents… can your eyes… properly discern what’s going on? Heeere~ Gooooes~♪!”


Kron’s eyes lit up. At that moment, me, Amae, Jamdi’el, and her Pegasus… the prince and his Pegasus… Kron and Hilua…

“Geh… what the heck!?”

“No, way…”

It was the same illusions as the prince alter egos from earlier.

But, it’s so elaborate and intense an illusion that it is indistinguishable from the real thing at a quick glance.

Hundreds more illusions that looked just like all of us appeared all over the sky, and flew apart in every direction.

“Ah… oh, ah… aaaaaahh!!”

“Kuh, this is bad! And, this illusion… it’s so strong!”

“What a trick… shit…… I was so surprised and shaken, it took me several seconds to undo it!?”

“Uh… ah… he’s already so far away… ah, no! What am I doing! It’s basic that you don’t make eye contact with a Magic Eye Owner and the Illusion User in ‘battle’… thoroughly…”

They can’t even focus on the target.

As a result, we all got away unscathed and not only was Amae taken away from father and mother, even the means to track us down was taken.

Yes, according to Tre’ainar’s strategy, we didn’t let father and mother “fight” from start to finish.

I roped in the two people who said that they were going to get serious, so that they couldn’t get serious.

As a result, we trapped those two in a fantasy, making them look like morons, and toyed with them.

『Fufufufufu, fuhahahahahahaha! Such ridicule! How pathetic, Hiro! Mamu! Fuhahaha, how do you feel? How does it feel?』

By my side, Tre’ainar couldn’t have been happier.

But I understand that feeling.

I was able to do exactly what I wanted from start to finish, and for the first time in my life, I was able to play with those two after showing them a glimpse of my power.

It felt good.

Actually, it may be a bad influence to say that with an innocent child like Amae in my arms, but… I’m sorry… I can’t help myself.

“Kuhaha, how about that! Did you see that, Father! Mother! Serves you right~~~!!!!”

I couldn’t hold back my laughter as the two stood there looking like they had eaten a bitter bug on a remote island.

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