Chapter 308 – Intermission (The Unmanly Dragon King)

――You want to make me yours? Shall I slice off that filthy used-up tail of yours?

Long ago. That woman said that in th’ spring of my youth.

――Shiznautmy will be destroyed. I will not change my mind… in return, no matter what battles we have with the humans, I will not forcibly summon you. Farewell, my friend

My one and only best friend, more powerful than I am, and th’ only one I acknowledge.

――Having my way with men? Hmph, the war is over now, so like, I can’t just keep doing that childish stuff. Anal is so trendy now… that’s not wh, ahem, there’s only one thing I want. Some backdoor action with that man’s technique… no I mean, anyway! I’m soo gonna make him take responsibility for deflowering me!

A corrupting, yet fun drinking buddy. She’s still alive, but we’ve been estranged for years.

――Will you lend me your strength, Dragon King of Hades? Well, I won’t force it just yet. However, our war is far from over. In the days to come, we’ll see each other again.

That demon, who was once my rival, still seems to be trying to resist th’ changing times, but I haven’t seen him for many years.

However, I may be th’ one who is left behind, unable to accept th’ changes of th’ times.

I can’t make fun of Hakuki.

After all, each and every one of them have left me behind…


I must have fallen asleep.

And it seemed as if I had indulged in a wee somber memory.

When I look at th’ wee ones living in th’ new era, I can’t help but remember my own shining days, try to compare them to th’ past, and even get nostalgic.

“So, it seems that didn’t work. Nuwahahahahaha, it’s about time… shall I go home as well?”

I open my eyes and there they are, th’ wee ones, kneeling on their knees, exhausted.

It seems that put in quite th’ effort while I was asleep.

“Haa, haa, damn,…”

“I can’t believe it… all of our attacks…”

“Seriously, this sucks… even though we attacked him with everything we had, he was asleep the whole time…”

“Not a single …… scratch on him at all…”

“I didn’t know such a creature existed in this world…”

“So this is… the World’s Strongest Class… as they say.”

I heard that th’ wee lad and his bride had also departed with Hilua, and I thought about returning to th’ Demon Realm immediately, when I met these wee ones.

Among them was a descendant of Kaguya. Well, that doesn’t really matter, but after we talked for a while, they somehow ended up asking to train with me.

How bothersome, I was reluctant, but on a whim I decided to give them a wee bit of attention.

However, all they had to do was “use whatever means to inflict some pain on me”.

However, I was in a completely defensive posture, flowing magic into th’ scales of my whole body and covering my whole body with both wings.

In this state, I am more ironclad than th’ “Zan(Mountain)” of Norja’s Fūrinkazan, and even Terra-class magic cannot hurt me.

In other words, I knew that they couldn’t do anything about it at their current level.

And sure enough, they were unable to exceed my expectations.

“Damn… not yet…… not yet, please! We can still move! Right? Rebal, Fu, Sadiz, Machio, Shinobu!”

Such ambition.

She seems to be a childhood friend of that wee lad and appears to be in love with him… regardless, they are gritting their teeth, trying hard to use me to keep up with th’ lad, who is in a higher realm than they are, so that they don’t get left behind.

They have a decent amount of talent.


“Well~, I don’t mind accompanying you a wee bit longer, but… it’s pointless to go on like this, yesh? You haven’t even reached th’ minimum level where I would be willing to converse with our might. So I lost interest, got bored and fell asleep halfway through.”

All of them only wield power within th’ limits of what is expected of them.

“At least, it’s not something that can change today or tomorrow. Th’ fact that your friend, that wee lad, had exerted more power than I expected, that was no awakening of his hidden powers or any such convenience. That probably blossomed after a long period of steady and diligent training. You don’t have that sort of thing at th’ moment, yesh? You seem to be training at th’ same level as most would.”

As long as this is th’ case, they cannot do anything against me, and above all, my flesh and blood does not surge. My soul does not tremble. I am not enthralled.

So, in th’ end, I remain idle.

But even so……

“Still… we can’t afford to end in failure.”

“At the end of it… we need more clarity about our own issues.”

“We can’t go on like this.”

“First of all, it’s not about how we climb the steep mountain… first, we climb. We’re still in that realm.”

“I won’t let Kron-san be called Honey’s wife forever. That’s why…”

“That’s why, Dragon King of Hades… please stay with us a little longer.”

For now, they’re still not broken.

Th’ fact that they’re still so determined is their only salvation for now.

“Oh~, fine fine, let’s keep each other company a wee bit longer. But, you know, I doubt you can do anything about it with mere grit, yesh? You’re just throwing all your strength around, yesh? There is no ingenuity, or trial and error. Then all I have to do is to strengthen myself with more power than you can dish out.”

Oh my goodness. why am I giving such small fry my attention… there is only one reason.

Although I claimed not to care who their parents were, but I had a wee bit of…

“Huh… it can’t be helped.”

It’s a whim, but… still, Kaguya’s descendant… and th’ children of th’ Heroes who defeated Tre’ainar… th’ thought of them remaining as small fries doesn’t sit well with me…

Oh my goodness, how unmanly of me.

“From what I’ve learned so far… what you lack is actual combat experience. A last-ditch battle, a fight with your lives at stake against someone who’s on par with you or a wee bit better… you don’t have that experience, yesh? Usually, it is through such experience that you can see th’ issues. And you can’t get that in a mock battle against a superior opponent like me.”

“We get what you’re saying. We have no experience in serious battle with our equals, and the only time we have had any experience is when we fought Paripi, of the Six Supremacy… no, it can’t even be called a battle. It was like being torn to shreds…”

“I guess so. But unless you do that, you won’t be able to break through th’ shell, yesh?”

“Then… we’ll have mock battles amongst ourselves…”

“No no, there is no point in mock battles. What you need is a serious fight.”

“But that’s…”

“I know, so I’ll teach you some interesting magic. Use it to ‘imagine’ an equally strong opponent of your own imagination, and experience a serious battle.”


That’s why I decided to teach you.

Once, at th’ drinking party with Tre’ainar… when I got drunk and cried about Kaguya… he taught me th’ only magic he knew that would comfort my unmanly ways…

“It’s called Fantasy Magic, 【Vier】. I don’t mind if you misuse it for purposes other than training, and that’s where th’ real pleasure is, but don’t use it too much ♪”