But before he could think further…


In the next moment, their attacks collided.

The huge dark red dragon head and the green jade lion clashed fiercely in the sky, erupting with terrifying fire power.

A gigantic explosion could be heard.

In an instant, dark red and green flames swept out. Force fluctuations swept in all directions.

An incredibly fierce gust of wind swept through the sky, sweeping away and lifting the yellow sand from the ground once again like a tornado.

Moreover, this tornado was wrapped in layers of flames.

Zhulong Shan's gaze was fixed on the spot where the colossal dragon head and the emerald green fire lion collided. He gripped the shaft of the dark red halberd tightly in his hand, and veins popped out on his thick arm.

The emerald green fire lion in front of him burst with terrifying power, making him somewhat unable to defend against it.

Boom! Boom!

The green flames completely overwhelmed the dark red flames. The scorching temperature swept towards Zhulong Shan, causing his pupils to shrink.


Suddenly, the huge dragon head exploded.

Even though the emerald jade fire lion had dimmed somewhat after the exertion, it still retained a sharp spear-like brilliance. It thrust towards Zhulong Mountain with fierce determination.

Zhulong Shan's expression changed drastically as he swung his halberd and hurriedly retreated.

But, it was too late!


The emerald green fire lion slammed into Zhulong Shan's body and instantly exploded, turning into green flames that swallowed him.

The heat of the Emerald Glazed Flame was so terrifying that Zhulong Shan instantly roared in pain.


In another area, the audience witnessed this scene and collectively drew in a sharp breath of astonishment.

Zhulong Shan's flames were wiped out by Wang Teng!

These spectators were either from various large factions or experienced seniors. They were familiar with the Solar Dragon Race and knew that the flames of the Solar Dragon Race could not be underestimated.

However, it could only resist Wang Teng's green flames for a moment before succumbing to them.

Furthermore, at this moment, Zhulong Shan was engulfed in flames and was roaring in agony.

It was unbelievable!

"What is that green flame? Even Zhulong Shan can't withstand it!"

"Has Zhulong Shan lost?"

"No way! Zhulong Shan lost so quickly?"

"Zhulong Shan should have grasped the power of a domain. He hasn't used it yet. He can't lose so quickly."

In the desert, Wang Teng narrowed his eyes as he looked at Zhulong Shan, who was enveloped by the Emerald Glazed Flame.


A furious roar suddenly resounded, and the green flames erupted. A dark red radiance burst forth from within and expanded rapidly.

Solar Dragon Physique? He finally used it! Wang Teng thought to himself.

The reason why he did not defeat him immediately was to farm some Solar Dragon Race attributes.

So far, he knew that the Solar Dragon Race had three innate abilities.

Solar Dragon Flame!

Solar Dragon Physique!

Solar Dragon Eye!

He wanted them all. He wouldn't let any of them go.


Reverberating roars continued to emanate, resounding through the sky. It was defeaning.

The mass of dark red radiance swiftly expanded to a thousand feet in size. Then, a huge dragon claw emerged from it. The sharp talons were enveloped in dark red flames, exuding a chilling gleam that seemed capable of tearing apart the void.

"What's this???" Many people who were watching the battle were shocked.

"Solar Dragon Physique!"

"This must be the Solar Dragon Race's Solar Dragon Physique!"

"Zhulong Shan was forced to use the Solar Dragon Physique. What exactly is that green flame?"

"Divine flame!"

"Only a divine flame can force a Solar Dragon Race to such an extent!"

"Wang Teng possessed a divine flame!"

Yue Qiqiao and the others weren't surprised by the crowd's discussion. Wang Teng had already used the divine flame during the League Of Talents previously.

That was why they found it funny when Zhulong Shan wanted to defeat Wang Teng with fire!

No matter how talented he was, could he defeat someone with a divine flame?

However, Yue Qiqiao and the others didn't expect Wang Teng to become so powerful. He only used one move to force Zhulong Shan to use the Solar Dragon Physique.

"Boss is so strong!" Wade couldn't help but exclaim, his eyes filled with respect.

"He's much stronger than before!" Even Yu Yunxian opened his mouth.

Wang Teng defeated him during the League Of Talents. Now, Wang Teng had ascended to the cosmos stage and due to certain reasons, he had yet to make that leap. The gap between him and Wang Teng was widening with each passing day.

He couldn't help but feel a little complicated.

"It's indeed very strong. Wang Teng's flames can restrain me too," Boret said fearfully.

"Didn't you want to fight him? What about now?" Yue Qiqiao smiled.

"I wish to fight him even more." Boret scratched his head and chuckled.

"You're brave!" Yue Qiqiao said with a strange look in her eyes.

Wang Teng looked at the dark red ball of light in front of him. As the massive dragon claw emerged, a colossal dragon head followed suit, covered in intricate dark red scales. A pair of dragon horns atop its head hinted at a sense of nobility, while a subtle aura of power emanated from its bloodline.

However, this dragon head was somewhat different from the real dragon head. It surprisingly bore a resemblance to a human face and there were still some of Zhulong Shan's facial features on it. Yet, it was covered in these dark red scales, presenting a peculiar yet harmonious appearance.