"It's so ugly!" Wang Teng exclaimed.


Zhulong Shan glared at Wang Teng with his dark red eyes.


The dragon head opened its massive maw, unleashing a deafening roar. A wave of heat surged out and gushed towards Wang Teng.

The next instant, Zhulong Shan's enormous body shot out from the radiance. He had fully transformed into a ferocious dragon.

He roared and charged at Wang Teng, tearing the air with his dragon claws.

"Get lost!" A cold glint flashed in Wang Teng's eyes as he fiercely thrust his spear towards the claw.


A metallic tremor resounded as the spear struck what seemed like an incredibly solid object. An immense force surged through the spear's tip.

What a great strength!

Wang Teng was thrown backward.

He didn't expect the Solar Dragon Physique to possess such terrifying power.

Last time, when Devil Emperor Bare Brain occupied the body of the Solar Dragon Race, he could only partially transform into a dragon. He was unable to display the true power of the Solar Dragon Physique.

However, the opponent was a high-tier devil emperor, which was equivalent to a universe-stage martial warrior. It was already quite scary.

Wang Teng always could fight beyond his tier. But, this time, even though Zhulong Shan was also at the Cosmos stage, the power he unleashed gave him a sense of pressure.

Wang Teng realized that he had underestimated the Solar Dragon Race.


Zhulong Shan roared. He coiled his body and swirled through the air. With a sweeping motion, he charged once more at Wang Teng. Suddenly, his giant dragon tail whipped forward.


The dragon tail left a trail of lingering shadows in the air as it swept forward. The space around it burst, unable to withstand the pressure.


Wang Teng snorted as he activated his Ancient God's Body. A pattern of golden lines emerged on his forehead. Blood churned within him and his power erupted.

The spear vanished from his hand. Wang Teng showed no signs of backing down and instead advanced boldly, grabbing the sweeping tail with his hand.


A dull thud was heard. Zhulong Shan's tail was stopped forcefully. It couldn't move an inch further.

"Roar!" Zhulong Shan bellowed in anger. Strength erupted from his body.

Wang Teng tightened his grip on the tail as the energy within his body flowed out relentlessly.

But, it wasn't enough!

Both sides were locked in a stalemate!

The power of the Solar Dragon Physique was truly frightening. Even after activating the Ancient God's Body, Wang Teng couldn't move the tail.

Dragon Blood Battle Physique!

The power of flames was unleashed. Flame patterns emerged on the surface of his body, exuding an intense heat that enveloped him.

Hiss! Hiss!

As he was pressing his hands on Zhulong Shan's body, Zhulong Shan could feel the scorching heat. His tough dark red scales gave off a hissing sound.

At the same time, Wang Teng's strength increased dramatically. The giant dragon tail trembled and gradually rose.


The next instant, Wang Teng let out a furious bellow and lifted Zhulong Shan's massive body into the air.


Zhulong Shan tried to resist, but it was all in vain. His body drew a beautiful and graceful arc in the sky uncontrollably.


Wang Teng swung his body angrily, slamming Zhulong Shan on the ground violently. Explosions were heard.



Zhulong Shan kept screaming in pain, his voice a mix of anger and suffering. His massive form writhed and struggled desperately, attempting to break free from Wang Teng's grip. It was useless.

His hands were like a pair of pincers, firmly clamped on his vulnerable point, rendering him powerless.

Furthermore, the searing heat emitting from his hands drilled into his body like fire serpents. It seemed to be burning his body from within.

Zhulong Shan was in disbelief. The ruthlessness in his dragon eyes was gone, replaced by astonishment.

As a race with exceptional fire talent, he was being tormented to the point of near death by the power of flames.

This was a humiliation!

These thoughts only lasted for a fleeting moment. Soon, he found himself unable to hold on any longer.

Wang Teng's frenzied movements left him dizzy and disoriented. His head was throbbing as if it were about to burst. He didn't have any mental capacity left to think about anything else.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After some time, Wang Teng finally let go. He threw Zhulong Shan on the ground like a dead snake.


The enormous body slammed onto the yellow sand, kicking up clouds of dust.


In the other space, the audience exchanged glances with one another. The silence was eerie.

After a few seconds!

"So… so violent!" Someone swallowed his saliva and stuttered.

"The Solar Dragon Race got thrown around. How terrifying is Wang Teng's strength?"

No one believed what they saw.

At the same time, they found it a little funny.

The arrogant and domineering Zhulong Shan was completely defenseless. It was unexpected.

"This is tragic. This is a humiliation to the Solar Dragon Race!" Everyone sympathized with Zhulong Shan.

"This fits his style!" Yue Qiqiao commented with a strange expression.

"I think I'm lucky that I didn't experience this kind of suffering," Wade said with relief.

"Erm… does Wang Teng like to hit people like this?" Boret asked awkwardly. He suddenly regretted his decision to challenge Wang Teng.

"No way!" Yue Qiqiao was caught between laughter and tears. "If you fight with him, he won't treat you like this."

"Really?" Boret asked naively.

"Of course, he's not that kind of person," Yue Qiqiao said firmly. She felt that she was too kind. She helped Wang Teng to salvage his image.

"That's good!" Boret heaved a sigh of relief.