In the desert within the Freshmen Leaderboard space.

Wang Teng lowered his head and looked down at Zhulong Shan. He saw the attribute bubbles floating around him and smiled.

At first, he was worried that attribute bubbles couldn't be dropped in this space. Now, he felt relieved.

This space must be special since it could project his spirit and fully unleash a martial warrior's strength. Thus, attribute bubbles could be dropped here.

In the past, Wang Teng was able to collect attribute bubbles within the virtual universe. This space seemed to share a similarity with the virtual universe.

Wang Teng didn't hesitate and immediately picked up the attribute bubbles.

Divine level Fire Talent*1000

Solar Dragon Flame*1000

Solar Dragon Flame*2000

Constellation Force (Fire)*2000

Constellation Force (Fire)*1600

Solar Dragon Physique*100

Solar Dragon Physique*200

He's wealthy! Wang Teng's eyes lit up.

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, he immediately felt the changes.

The harvest was quite impressive!

There were 1,000 points of divine-level fire talent. The Solar Dragon Race's fire talent was indeed exceptional.

Wang Teng's fire talent had already reached the divine level. With the addition of another 1,000 points, he immediately felt that his talent had become stronger.

Divine level Fire Talent: 6400/50000

Then, there were 3,000 points of Solar Dragon Flame. They were thrown into the Solar Dragon Flame in Wang Teng's Inner Cosmos. The flame grew stronger as if fuel was added to it.

The Solar Dragon Flame was quite powerful. Among all the flames Wang Teng had, the Solar Dragon Flame was second only to the four divine flames. It was much more powerful than normal beast flames, rock flames, and plant flames.

Of course, each type of flame has its unique characteristics and purposes. They couldn't be generalized.

Since they were free, Wang Teng didn't mind having more flames at his disposal.

Next was the constellation Fire Force. He gained 3,000 points in total. It didn't seem like much but it was a sizable amount.

Zhulong Shan and Wang Teng were both first-level cosmos-stage martial warriors. How much constellation fire Force could he drop?

Constellation Fire Force: 3000/10000 (cosmos stage first level)

The last attribute surprised Wang Teng.

Solar Dragon Physique!

It was the Solar Dragon Physique!

Last time, when the Devil Emperor Bare Brain took control of a Solar Dragon Race's martial warrior, he didn't drop any Solar Dragon Physique attributes. Hence, Wang Teng was surprised at this gain.

Was it because his Solar Dragon Physique wasn't complete? Wang Teng wondered to himself.

It wasn't entirely implausible. Talents were different from battle techniques and scriptures. You could find incomplete scriptures and battle techniques attributes, but not talents.

While he was thinking, Wang Teng sensed the additional knowledge about the Solar Dragon Physique in his mind.

Similar to Zhulong Shan's transformation earlier, this Solar Dragon Physique could take on the appearance of a solar dragon's body, possessing formidable strength, defense, and more…

Just the physical strength alone was comparable to Wang Teng's Ancient God's Body. This proved how powerful the Solar Dragon Physique was.

However, after executing the Solar Dragon Physique, one would completely lose its human shape!

This was a huge problem!

Wang Teng glanced down at the transformed Zhulong Shan. He looked a little frightening. This wasn't what he wanted to turn into.

He didn't mind transforming into a real dragon. It was at least more imposing and beautiful.

However, the solar dragon looked a little… unflattering.

Wang Teng expressed his dissatisfaction.

He would never transform.

No way!

At this moment, a slight change appeared on the attributes board.

At the end of the Solar Dragon Physique and Dragon Blood Battle Physique row, there was a prompt indicating the possibility of a merger.

Wang Teng was stunned.

How was this possible?

Upon closer consideration, it seemed logical.

They were both dragons. They might be close relatives.

Wang Teng chose to merge them. He wanted to see the outcome before making any judgments.

The attributes board immediately changed.

Solar Dragon Physique + Dragon Blood Battle Physique = True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo)!

True Dragon Battle Physique! Wang Teng pondered for a moment and closed his eyes to feel the changes. He was enlightened.

The fusion of these two constitutions into the True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo) undoubtedly resulted in a more powerful physique. Its transformation wasn't the same as the Solar Dragon Physique. Instead, it leaned closer to the Dragon Blood Battle Physique.

This meant that if Wang Teng executed the True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo), he wouldn't grow in size or transform into a dragon form. He would retain his human body but dragon scales formed from condensed flames would appear.

These dragon scales could enhance his defense, protecting his true form as long as the scales remain intact.

The True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo) combined the characteristics of both the Dragon Blood Battle Physique and the Solar Dragon Physique, allowing the user to unleash terrifying power.

Its power wasn't just double that of the Dragon Blood Battle Physique.

This was a combination where one plus one was greater than two.

Wang Teng's eyes shimmered with excitement. He felt that he had hit the jackpot. He didn't expect the system to have such an operation. He wished he could cheer for it.

With this, he could use the True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo) without worry. He wouldn't have to turn into that ugly creature.

Instead, as he envisioned, the result of the transformation would be quite cool and handsome.