But, why is there a 'pseudo'? Wang Teng looked at the words in the brackets and felt a strong sense of resentment.

You can call it the True Dragon Battle Physique but why add the 'pseudo' at the back? It lowers the grade of this technique instantly!

Could there be a True·True Dragon Battle Physique? Wang Teng rubbed his chin and speculated with a smile.

If the Pseudo·True Dragon Battle Physique was already so powerful, imagine True·True Dragon Battle Physique!

The level of the True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo) was at the fourth rank, just like the Dragon Blood Battle Physique. There was no change in level.

True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo): 2300/40000 (fourth-rank)

Looks like I can improve my True Dragon Battle Physique (pseudo) by improving my Dragon Blood Battle Physique. Wang Teng thought to himself. The glimmer in his eyes got brighter.

Having a way to improve was always better than having none!

This meant that he could continue collecting attributes from the Parkers family.

The fusion of these two "dragon-like" physiques even sparked an idea in him. Could he potentially obtain other "dragon-like" physiques in the future and then merge them?

As he accumulated more and more merged "dragon-like" physiques, would he be closer to achieving the so-called [True·True Dragon Battle Physique]?

Wang Teng felt excited just thinking about it. It felt promising!

All these happened within a few breaths.

A strange fluctuation suddenly erupted from Zhulong Shan's body. Immediately, a unique dark red domain spread out in all directions, pulling Wang Teng into it.

Wang Teng's expression changed slightly. He glanced around him.

This dark red domain was unique.

The sky, the ground, and everything around were tinted with a dark red hue, like cracked molten lava.

From those cracks, magma occasionally spewed out, filling the air with thick steam and scorching heat that permeated the entire domain.

Fourth-rank domain!

This was a fourth-rank fire domain!

As expected of a talent from the Solar Dragon Race. Zhulong Shan grasped a fourth-rank domain at the cosmos stage. His strength was not to be underestimated.

Wang Teng grew more serious. If he didn't manage to raise his Frost Domain and the Flaming Magnetic Domain to the fifth rank when he was in the Chaotic Uncharted, he would only be on par with Zhulong Shan now.

He stood on a piece of cracked magma and scanned his surroundings. He saw no signs of Zhulong Shan.

The massive body disappeared without a trace.

The power of this domain was truly peculiar!

However, it was impossible to evade Wang Teng's eyes.

Real Eye!

Wang Teng activated this skill in his mind.

His pupils turned golden as he scanned the domain, piercing through layers of energy barriers. He spotted Zhulong Shan.

He was still in his large solar dragon form. Wisps of peculiar fluctuations radiating outwards, exerting control over the entire domain.


Suddenly, molten lava erupted from under Wang Teng's feet, forming a column of magma that shot up into the sky, enveloping him entirely.

A sinister grin spread across Zhulong Shan's hideous face covered with scales.

"Are you happy?"

A calm voice appeared beside his ear.

The vertical pupils in Zhulong Shan's eyes constricted sharply.

Was he discovered?

This was impossible!

He merged with his domain and hid his aura completely. How could he be discovered?

But, when he looked up in the direction of the voice, he realized…

Wang Teng had somehow appeared above him. He was looking down with a calm and indifferent gaze.

Every scale on Chulong Mountain's body seemed to stand on end.

Wang Teng was looking at him!

This thought appeared in Zhulong Shan's mind almost instantly.

Despite feeling that he was well hidden, the expression in the other party's eyes told him that he found him.

Then, Wang Teng grinned at him.

F**k! Zhulong Shan cursed in his heart. He lashed his dragon body and fled immediately.


At the same time, the lava behind Wang Teng erupted once again, sending columns of molten rock flying toward him.

The power of the domain was infused within these lava columns. When they exploded, they sealed off the area around Wang Teng completely, leaving him no chance to evade.

A normal cosmos-stage martial warrior would have been defeated by now. Even if they survived, they would be severely injured.

Zhulong Shan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene.

What a close call!

He was nearly discovered. That bastard nearly smashed him into doubting his dragon bloodline. He didn't dare to let Wang Teng get close to him anymore.

He could guarantee that once Wang Teng touched him, he would face that hellish experience again.

He shuddered uncontrollably when he remembered that feeling.


The erupting magma columns became even more frequent and terrifying within the domain. He intended to exhaust Wang Teng to death.

"Light Bolt!"

A calm voice came from within the column of lava. Zhulong Shan's heart skipped a beat.

In the next moment, he saw a white light shuttled through the magma at an almost imperceptible speed. It appeared in front of him in an instant.

"What a fast speed. That's… a light element battle technique?!"

Zhulong Shan was flabbergasted. He suddenly realized something.

"Oh shit!"

He shouted and tried to escape. However, it was too late.