He lost!

In the end, he lost to Wang Teng!

His boastful words became a joke. Not only did he fail to retrieve the body, but he also lost 30,000 points for nothing.

He almost coughed up blood at this outcome!

The memories of his battle with Wang Teng in the Freshmen Leaderboard caused a hint of fear to flicker in his eyes.

How could this guy be so strong?

Both of them advanced to the cosmos stage recently and he was a genius ranked among the top ten in the Solar Dragon Territorial Domain. Yet, compared to Wang Teng, the disparity was unexpectedly vast. This was unbelievable.

Were the talents on the Star Rankings truly that extraordinary?

Zhulong Shan's expression kept changing. His eyes revealed a deep sense of unwillingness.

"Zhulong Shan's expression is so gloomy. He looks like he wants to eat us!"

"Well, he lost. If I lost, I will want to tear someone apart."

"I didn't expect the Solar Dragon Race to lose to Wang Teng."

"Zhulong Shan is so pitiful!"

"It looks like we need to reevaluate Wang Teng's ability. Those who wanted to climb over him to get ahead will have to think twice now."

"That's right. If they underestimate Wang Teng's strength, they might be the next Zhulong Shan!"

The crowd pointed and whispered about Zhulong Shan. The discussions never spread incessantly.

Ripples appeared on the Freshmen Leaderboard stone plate again. A tall and slender figure emerged. It was Wang Teng.

There was a moment of silence. Everyone shifted their gaze away from Zhulong Shan and focused on Wang Teng.

Coincidentally, a dazzling golden light suddenly radiated from the Freshmen Leaderboard stone plate behind him.


In an instant, that golden light ascended from the bottom of the stone plate, soaring in a matter of a few breaths to reach the very top. Eventually, it coalesced into a name.

Wang Teng!


There was an uproar among the onlookers. Even those who had witnessed the battle between Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan and had anticipated this outcome were still struck by the impactful sight of the rapidly ascending name.

Under the backdrop of the golden light, Wang Teng's figure became even more dazzling. He left a deep impression on many people.

"Wang Teng!" Zhulong Shan turned his head abruptly and looked at Wang Teng. He squeezed these two words through his gritted teeth.

His hatred for Wang Teng had reached an extreme point.

This honor should have belonged to him but Wang Teng ruined it all. He was greatly humiliated.

Everyone in the academy was probably laughing at him now.

He confidently asked Wang Teng to challenge him in the past, only to be defeated so miserably!

What a joke!

Wang Teng glanced at him and smiled calmly. "Zhulong Shan, you lost. I'm sorry, I can't return the body to you."

Zhulong Shan's face turned green in anger when he heard Wang Teng bringing up this matter.

He didn't have the confidence to ask Wang Teng to hand over the body anymore.

He couldn't win him. What else could he do?

"Wang Teng, this matter isn't over!" Zhulong Shan snorted coldly. "The body of the Solar Dragon Race will never be left outside. Even if I can't get it back, someone will take it back from you."

"Let them come and take it," Wang Teng said calmly. "However, if their attitude is the same as yours, don't blame me for being impolite. I'm more than willing to accept points from others."

Zhulong Shan furrowed his brows. He remembered his 30,000 points. It was a pain that made it hard to breathe.

If he could retrieve that body, then spending 30,000 points would be worthwhile. After all, he could find a way to get the points back.

But now, it was all in vain. He felt extremely frustrated.

"I think the Solar Dragon Race is quite wealthy. You should have some influence within the academy, right? You must have a lot of points. Feel free to come find me," Wang Teng said with a smile.

Zhulong Shan's face turned as black as the bottom of a pot. Wang Teng was treating him like a gullible fool.

No, he was treating the entire Solar Dragon Race as gullible fools.

The others listened to Wang Teng's words and their expressions turned odd.

Wang Teng was a ruthless man!

Wasn't he afraid of offending the Solar Dragon Race?

Many people's gaze flickered. Wang Teng's audacity forced them to reconsider whether they should risk offending him.

If they didn't have the confidence to defeat him, the consequences of offending him might not be any better than Zhulong Shan.

"Just wait!" Zhulong Shan's face turned ashen. The mocking glances around him prevented him from staying any longer. He left with a harsh remark and turned away.

"Goodbye!" Wang Teng waved his hands cheerfully behind him.

Honestly, he was disappointed. Zhulong Shan managed to control himself.

He missed an opportunity to get more attribute bubbles.

Well, he couldn't keep fleecing the same sheep over and over. He would let its wool grow longer first before fleecing it again.

I wonder if this will attract other Solar Dragon Race martial warriors. Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself in anticipation.

In the stellar academy, the Solar Dragon Race couldn't do anything to him. Only the students from the same batch as him could fight with him.

As long as they were in the same batch, Wang Teng wasn't afraid.

These thoughts flashed through his mind. He shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He landed on the ground and met up with Yue Qiqiao and the others.

"Boss, you're amazing!" Wade leaned forward excitedly when he saw Wang Teng.

"Of course," Wang Teng glanced at him and replied calmly.

Wade was speechless.

Yue Qiqiao and Boret burst out laughing. This fatty didn't understand Wang Teng well enough.