In Wang Teng's manor.

Wang Teng, Yue Qiqiao, Boret, Wade, and Yu Yunxian were all gathered together.

After they came back from the Freshmen Leaderboard, they came directly to Wang Teng's manor.

Wang Teng didn't care about what was happening outside.

The battle between him and Zhulong Shan stirred up quite a commotion. Many factions started acting in secret but these matters didn't affect Wang Teng.

The inevitable will come, and trying to stop it won't make a difference. Hence, there was no point worrying over it. He would just lie back and wait.

Even if he hadn't paid much attention, he could still guess what was happening.

It wasn't that he didn't prepare anything. He knew that the best preparation was to raise his ability.

As long as he was powerful enough, he could overcome any obstacles that came his way.

It was that simple!

At this moment, in the main hall of Wang Teng's manor, Wang Teng and his friends were discussing about the formation of the Mutual Help Association.

The Mutual Help Association originally formed by Wade was just a rudimentary organization aimed at sharing information and assisting each other. The group wasn't large.

That was why their interactions were relatively straightforward without much conflict of interest.

However, the Mutual Help Association that Wang Teng was planning to establish was different. They intended to use this platform to execute their plans and earn a substantial amount of points.

Once matters involved interests, they ceased to remain pure. There would inevitably be various issues that were not present before.

This was similar to how friends could turn against each other over a few hundred yuan. In this case, they were dealing with a huge amount of precious points.

"Boss, do you need me to contact them now?" Wade asked.

"There's no hurry. We'll inform them after we've finished discussing it. Those that want to join can do so. I won't force anyone," Wang Teng said.

"It's best if we can do a thorough review. We shouldn't just accept anyone," Yue Qiqiao contemplated for a moment and carefully suggested after glancing at Wade.

"I agree with Sister Yue." Wade nodded in deep thought.

Yue Qiqiao smiled. She was worried that the fatty would object but it looked like he was rather shrewd.

"Let me contact Ji Haochen and the others." Wang Teng asked Round Ball to contact them.

"They have a good relationship with you. You can trust them," Yue Qiqiao said.

"Knowing someone's background thoroughly is always a safer approach," Wang Teng nodded.

"Boss, are you trying to include the other several stellar academies too?" Wade asked in surprise.

"Whether we include them or not is another matter, but these guys are definitely getting involved," Wang Teng chuckled.

As soon as he finished speaking, Round Ball made the calls. Several screens appeared simultaneously. The faces of Ji Haochen, Timothy, Yu Yuanrui, and a few others appeared on the screens.

Even Leng Qianxue, Tu Xiaoba, Situ Wan'er, Ling Yangxu, Su Jianchen, Gaunt, Berkshire, and some others were present.

Wang Teng was more familiar with these people and had interacted with them before. Thus, even if they didn't make it into the top 10 of the League Of Talents, Wang Teng still decided to pull them in.

"Wang Teng, you've caused quite a stir recently. You broke two records in a row and defeated the talent from the Solar Dragon Race! I've heard about it even at the Second Stellar Academy. You are getting famous here," Ji Haochen was happy that Wang Teng contacted him. However, soon, his tone became more contemplative.

"It's nothing worth mentioning," Wang Teng replied calmly.

"Will you die if you don't show off for a day?" Ji Haochen was speechless. He whispered, "Anyway, you must have earned a lot of points, right? Breaking a record gives you 30,000 points. I'm very poor now. Could you sponsor me a bit?"

"I called you over because I have a business deal for everyone. We can earn points together," Wang Teng said mysteriously.

"Earn points!" Ji Haochen's eyes lit up.

The other people's eyes also shimmered. They had been listening to the conversation between Wang Teng and Ji Haochen, and now they couldn't help but speak up.

"Wang Teng, what business are you referring to?" Timothy asked.

"Huh? Everyone is here!" Ji Haochen exclaimed in surprise.

"We have been here for a long time," Tu Xiaoba said remarked playfully.

"Hey, little rabbit, you're here too." Ji Haochen didn't mind her teasing. He sized her up with interest.

"Don't give me that disgusting look, or I'll poke your eyes with a carrot," Tu Xiaoba bared her front teeth and said fiercely.

"I'm so scared," Ji Haochen patted his chest and quickly took a step back. However, his exaggerated performance lacked credibility.

"Hmph! Childish. I'm in no mood to play with you." Tu Xiaoba snorted with a look of contempt. "Wang Teng, chase this guy away. Childish. He's too immature to be a suitable partner for cooperation."

Yue Qiqiao had spoken to Tu Xiaoba and Leng Qianxue before this so they had some understanding of the business Wang Teng was talking about.

"Hahaha!" The others burst into laughter as they witnessed Ji Haochen being scorned by Tu Xiaoba.

Ji Haochen was speechless.

He was looked down upon by a little rabbit.

The other party even called him childish!

What a joke.

She was the most childish person. How dared she called him childish?

Ji Haochen was about to retort, but he was interrupted by Wang Teng before he could speak.

"Alright, alright, let's get down to business."

"Yes, that's right. Let's get down to business. I'm not as childish as someone here." Tu Xiaoba was sitting on her bed, surrounded by pink. There were pink bunny plush toys everywhere. However, when she said this, she quickly sat up straight and nodded with a serious expression on her palm-sized face.