In the alchemy room.

Wang Teng controlled the Emerald Glazed Flame, allowing it to envelop the Black Meteorite furnace. The green flame contrasted vividly with the black furnace.

Numerous round and smooth pills floated within the furnace, radiating a verdant green hue. These were none other than the Thousand Grass Elixir Wang Teng had previously made on the Yuming Planet.

This type of pill was tremendously effective in removing hidden injuries within the body, making it suitable for almost every martial warrior.

Since Wang Teng aimed to enhance his reputation, he needed to make some particularly unique elixirs.

As for the ingredients he needed to concoct these pills, they were leftovers from the previous batch. Wang Teng didn't need to spend any points to buy them.

He wouldn't make too many either, perhaps just a dozen or so pills from a single furnace. This should be enough.

Scarce items held greater value. Having too many would diminish their worth.

After he finished making the Thousand Grass Elixir, he would make the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill and the Xuanyang Soul Restoring Pill. These were all grandmaster-level pills he knew and were hard to find outside.

He had taken a look. There were many pills in the academy's Treasure Pavilion, but not these. Hence, he was certain that they had demand. There would be many people interested in purchasing them.

He had to admit that the Secondary Career Alliance had a strong foundation. Their top-tier pill prescription reserve was on par with the stellar academies.

As for ordinary pill prescriptions, they surpassed the stellar academies by a significant margin.

After all, the Secondary Career Alliance was an organization that encompassed the entire universe. Almost all the secondary profession practitioners chose to join it.

Hence, the prescriptions they possessed would differ.

For instance, the Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill that Wang Teng just received might not exist in the Secondary Career Alliance. This prescription was extremely rare.

At this moment, Wang Teng had been in the alchemy room for half a day. The Thousand Grass Elixir was almost complete. It was at the final stage.

Not only was Wang Teng's pill-making success rate high, but his speed was also very fast.

While it took others several days and a few hundred points to make one grandmaster-level pill, Wang Teng only needed 100… no, wait, 50 points. This was quite cost-effective.

Now that he had advanced to the eighth grandmaster level, he managed to shorten the time required to make the Thousand Grass Elixir by over an hour compared to his previous attempt.


Suddenly, his expression changed. He opened his eyes and looked at the furnace in front of him.

"It's coming out!"

The moment he finished speaking, he waved his hand and the roof above his head opened quickly.

Layers of dark clouds had already appeared in the sky. Lightning flashed within them like silver serpents dancing. They covered the entire area.

For those nearby, such a scene wasn't unfamiliar.

Lightning calamities often appeared near the volcanoes. It was just a common occurrence.


Suddenly, a column of emerald green light soared into the sky from the alchemy room where Wang Teng was situated. Intense fluctuations of Force spread out. The fragrance of the pill permeated the air, filling the surrounding of the volcano.

Many people were surprised when they caught wind of this scent.

"What a strong pill fragrance!"

"What pill is this? Just taking a whiff makes me feel refreshed. My body feels purified!"

"This pill is at least at the seventh or eighth grandmaster level. It's extraordinary!"

Many grandmaster alchemists who were resting walked to the rooftop of their room and looked at the pillar of light.

Even the staff in the office hall came out to take a look.

"Does anyone know which grandmaster rented this alchemy room?" Someone asked.

"I don't know."

"He didn't rent it from me."

"That looks like Room 085. I remember that it was empty this morning."

Everyone shook their heads in confusion, except for one lady who looked astounded and in disbelief.

"Qianqian, what's wrong?" A tall female student beside her asked.

"Sister Meng, that alchemy room seems to be the one I rented out this morning," Lin Qian said with uncertainty.

At first, she was certain. However, when she saw the rising column of light, she found it hard to believe and began to doubt whether she had remembered correctly.

Wang Teng had only been inside for half a day and he managed to make one grandmaster-level pill?

Moreover, judging by the discussions of the alchemists around her, this pill was a seventh-level and above grandmaster-level pill.

Was he rolling dough balls instead of making pills?

No matter how she thought about it, it felt somewhat impossible.

"Which one?" The tall and beautiful lady called Yang Meng asked in surprise. She hadn't caught on yet.

"You know, the one I told you about?" Lin Qian didn't say Wang Teng's name out loud. She glanced around and continued using voice transmission, "It's Wang Teng!"

"Wang Teng!!"

Yang Meng's rosy lips parted slightly and a bewildered expression crossed her pretty face. She almost blurted out the name but fortunately, she managed to cover her mouth in time and only spoke through voice transmission.

"That's right!" Lin Qian nodded and replied using voice transmission.

"Are you sure?" Yang Meng swallowed her saliva and asked in disbelief.

"I'm a little uncertain now." Lin Qian gave a bitter smile.

"Haha… you're right." Yang Meng laughed awkwardly. She could understand Lin Qian's concern. Anyone would suspect that they had heard wrong.

"Why don't we take a look?" She suggested after some consideration.

"Help me to take a look then." Lin Qian glanced around her.

Yang Meng made a thumbs-up gesture, signaling her to go quickly.

While the crowd was distracted, Lin Qian quickly went back to the main hall and began searching for information.