She handled Wang Teng's rental personally so she could see Wang Teng's name and the alchemy room he chose.

The other staff didn't have this authorization.

Of course, if the higher authorities of the academy wanted to check, they had the authority to do so.

When she saw Wang Teng's name, Lin Qian inexplicably let out a sigh of relief. It's really him!

There was a strange glimmer in her eyes. She returned to the crowd and met up with Yang Meng.

"So?" Yang Meng asked impatiently.

"Yes, it's him," Lin Qian took a deep breath and replied.

"Oh my god!" Yang Meng was mentally prepared but she still took a deep breath when she heard the confirmation. She then replied through voice transmission in astonishment, "He managed to make a grandmaster seventh-level pill in half a day. What level is he at?"

"Ninth level?" Lin Qian hesitated before replying to her.

"To be honest, I've seen quite a few ninth-level grandmaster alchemists. They weren't this fast. Yang Meng shook her head. "'I'm afraid this junior Wang Teng is truly a monstrous genius, not just in martial talent, but also in alchemy."

While the two whispered to each other, the others continued speculating.

Before long, bolts of lightning struck down from the sky. Everyone saw a purple light shooting up into the sky, forcefully blocking the terrifying calamity lightning.

Then, the pillar of light vanished. Over a dozen round emerald pills appeared in front of everyone briefly before disappearing. It was a stunning sight. Many people were astounded.

Over a dozen pills?!

Were those all from one batch?

Everyone was dumbfounded. They thought that they saw wrong.

This didn't make sense!

Compared to successfully making a pill, concocting over a dozen pills in one batch was undoubtedly even more astonishing.

Many people were eager to see who the grandmaster alchemist in that alchemy room was, but after waiting for a while, no one emerged.

They realized that this grandmaster probably hadn't intended to finish his alchemy session so quickly. He might take a few more days.

Generally, when alchemists entered these rooms, they would spend several days inside.

Everyone was disappointed but they had to leave and return to their respective duties.

In the alchemy room.

Wang Teng looked at the Lightning Slap in his hand in surprise and happiness.

"After the last lightning calamity, the Lightning Slap can withstand more and more lightning calamity."

The seven bolts of lightning were all endured by the Lightning Slap. Wang Teng didn't put in any effort.

This was a pleasant surprise.

When he was making the Thousand Grass Elixir on Yuming Planet, the Lightning Slap wasn't able to withstand all seven bolts of lightning. Now, it could. The change was significant.

This indicated that the potential of the Lightning Slap was indeed amazing. As it underwent more tempering by calamity lightning, its power would become stronger and stronger.

Wang Teng was now looking forward to testing its effect on someone. He wondered if a universe-stage martial warrior could withstand it.

Unfortunately, Zhulong Shan didn't manage to block his last blade attack. If he did, he could have tested the Lightning Slap on him.

Sigh, what a useless person!

Wang Teng casually flipped his hand and put away the Lightning Slap. He then looked at the jade bottle in his other hand which contained the 18 Thousand Grass Elixirs. They lay quietly inside the bottle, emitting a faint green glow. It was a pleasant sight.

It made one want to swallow them all in one go.

"There are two more than last time. It seems that my alchemist skills have improved a little after advancing to the eight-rank," Wang Teng muttered to himself.

The previous time, Wang Teng made 16 pills at once. This time, there were 18. While it might seem like only a measly two more, at this level, each additional pill becomes significantly challenging.

Hence, being able to produce two more pills indicated that Wang Teng's proficiency in alchemy had greatly improved.

"I'll make the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill now!"

A glint of determination flashed in Wang Teng's eyes. In the next moment, his figure disappeared and he entered his Space Fragment.

He found Catalpa and asked her to prepare two sets of ingredients for the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill.

After he made the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill the last time, he planted some spiritual herbs in his Space Fragment to make use of the thick Force inside. Those spiritual herbs grew rapidly and should be ready for use.

Catalpa didn't dare to slack off in carrying out Wang Teng's order. She immediately brought the floral fairies into the spiritual field to pick the herbs.

Soon, they gathered all the spiritual herbs Wang Teng required. Each of them carried a small basket and came to report.

"Master, almost all the spiritual herbs are here, but…" Catalpa hesitated.

"But what?" Wang Teng asked.

"But, there's one spiritual herb that hasn't matured." Catalpa looked at Wang Teng worriedly. She was afraid that he would scold her.

The other floral fairies looked at Wang Teng timidly too. They didn't dare to fool around since this was an important matter.

Planting spiritual herbs was their responsibility. Wang Teng entrusted this task to them so they felt a little nervous when they didn't complete it properly.

"Which one?" Wang Teng asked.

"Soul Congealing Flower!" Catalpa said nervously.

"Alright, I understand." Wang Teng nodded calmly. Then, he waved his hand and kept the other herbs before vanishing.

Catalpa was puzzled.

This was it?

Did nothing happen?

"Sister Catalpa, is Master angry?" Flower Angel pulled her sleeve and asked softly.

"Erm… I don't think so." Catalpa replied after some thought.