Volcano No. 6!

Volcano No. 6 had been exceptionally noisy these few days.

Many people were gathered around the volcano. They floated in mid-air, craning their necks in anticipation. Their gazes were all focused on a certain alchemy room.

Yue Qiqiao and the others were here too. The commotion was too great, and they couldn't afford not to come.

Besides, they also wanted to confirm if the grandmaster was Wang Teng as soon as possible to avoid getting their hopes up for nothing.

Some people went to the main hall to inquire about the news, but Lin Qian and Yang Meng remained tight-lipped. They didn't disclose any information about Wang Teng.

There were even people willing to use their points to purchase this information, but they controlled themselves.

Actually, there was no difference whether they announced it or not. Wang Teng would come out sooner or later.

However, they didn't want to be the ones spreading this matter.

Once word got out, it would be obvious that they were the ones who leaked the information. Wang Teng might develop a negative impression of them because of it.

Offending a grandmaster with huge potential for no reason would be more harm than good.

Wade, Yue Qiqiao, and the others were chatting using voice transmission.

"Sister Yue, when do you think Boss will come out?" Wade asked.

"I don't know. He didn't say anything." Yue Qiqiao shook her head.

"We have been waiting for a few hours. Is boss still making pills?" Wade asked curiously.

"I don't think he's that crazy. He has been making pills for three days. Even robots need to rest." Yue Qiqiao was speechless.

"Most importantly, he's fast enough," Wade replied.

"You might die if he hears this." Yue Qiqiao understood what he meant. She glanced at him and chuckled.

"Cough, don't let Boss know." Wade glanced around him nervously. His heart was trembling in fear.

"Let's see your performance," Yue Qiqiao said.

"Sister, I promise to be loyal to you from now on," Wade assured hurriedly with no shame.

"I wonder when that grandmaster will come out." Zhulong Shuang and the other members of the Solar Dragon Race were talking among themselves too.

"Let's wait and see. Since we want to pull him over, we have to show some sincerity," Zhulong Shuang said calmly.

"I wonder who it is? I don't recall hearing about someone like this before. Could it be someone from the new cohort?" Zhulong Hao speculated.

"A grandmaster among the freshmen? I think that's impossible," Zhulong Shan said.

"Who cares if it's possible? When he comes out, go and recruit him. Straighten up your attitude this time. Your brother entrusted me to keep an eye on you, so don't stir up trouble again," Zhulong Hao said.

"I understand." Zhulong Shan's expression turned gloomy when he remembered what happened in the past. However, when Zhulong Hao mentioned his brother, he didn't dare to say anything. He could only nod his head reluctantly.

"Haha, Zhulong Ye does dote on his younger brother." Zhulong Shuang smiled.

Zhulong Shan felt a little frustrated. The tone implied that he was finding shelter under his brother's wings.

"Keep quiet," Zhulong Hao said angrily.

Zhulong Shuang shrugged and kept quiet.

In the alchemy room.

Wang Teng sat cross-legged in front of the Black Meteorite furnace. He waved his hand and the lid of the furnace opened. The pills inside flew towards him.

The pills fell into the jade bottle, emitting a crisp and melodious sound. It was pleasant to the ears.

These pills were all below the grandmaster level. Hence, they wouldn't trigger the calamity lightning.

After he finished making the grandmaster-level pills, he started making the normal master-level pills.

"The time in the alchemy room is up. It's time to leave!"

Wang Teng stretched lazily. The Emerald Glazed Flame spiraled around him before disappearing into his body. He made a gesture with his hand and the Black Meteorite Furnace also vanished.

Without any hesitation, he headed toward the door.

He left right on time, not wasting a single point.

The door opened. It was already morning. Light streamed in and Wang Teng squinted slightly.

Then, he walked out.

But, the next moment, when he saw the situation outside, he was stunned.

What was going on?

Why were there so many people?

At a glance, there were people all around him. Also, they seemed to be looking at him.

Wang Teng suspected that he was seeing things. However, after looking around, he realized that they were indeed staring at him. They were not diverting their gazes.

Moreover, their gazes held a trace of astonishment and disbelief.

Did I cause too much of a commotion? Wang Teng wondered to himself.

As Wang Teng was looking at the people around him, they were sizing him up too. There was an immediate silence.

"How could it be him?" Zhulong Shan opened his mouth, his expression turning ugly at an incredibly fast pace.

Zhulong Shuang and Zhulong Hao exchanged glances with one another. Never before had they felt this twist of fate!

An unexpected figure appeared before their eyes, leaving them somewhat stunned.

Yue Qiqiao and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Wang Teng. They were elated and immediately flew down from the sky.

"Wang Teng!" Yue Qiqiao shouted.

"Why are y'all here?" Wang Teng asked in surprise.

"Why are you asking us? Your news has been uploaded to the internal web. Take a look yourself," Yue Qiqiao caught between laughter and tears as she replied to him.

At first, she wondered if this might be some scheme orchestrated by Wang Teng, only to realize that he was clueless about what was happening.

This was a little funny!

"Round Ball, what happened?" Wang Teng asked in his mind.

"Hahaha…" Round Ball laughed. It opened its wristwatch and pulled out a message. "Take a look at it yourself."