In the sky.

The dark clouds finally began to disperse slowly, causing many people to heave a sigh of relief.

The calamity lightning just now was too terrifying. One could feel the boundless heavenly might. Many martial warriors below the heaven stage almost couldn't breathe.

They gazed at the figure standing resolutely in mid-air, their eyes filled with awe!

"What kind of calamity lightning was that? There were ten of them!"

"That's right. Doesn't a ninth-level grandmaster pill only have nine bolts of calamity lightning?"

"You guys don't know this, right? Above the ninth-level grandmaster pill is an even harder pill to refine. It's called a supreme-rank pill and it's very rare!"

"Supreme-rank pill!!!"

"Supreme-rank pill? I've lived for hundreds of years and I only knew about this today!"

"That's not important. What's important is that Wang Teng can refine supreme-rank pills. Doesn't that mean that his alchemy skills have reached the peak of the grandmaster level?"

"That must be the case. Otherwise, how could he refine a supreme-rank pill!"

"He's insane. Wang Teng reached the peak of the grandmaster level at such a young age. This is unbelievable!"

"Most importantly, he can resist calamity lightning!"

"This doesn't seem right."


As the lightning calamity came to an end, the onlookers couldn't help but start discussing among themselves. The astonishment in their hearts remained for a long time.

The impact Wang Teng had brought to them was truly immense. They had thought that refining grandmaster-level pills 12 times in three days. was already remarkable, but they didn't expect there to be more shocking things to come.

That was a supreme-rank pill!

After many people understood what a supreme-rank pill was, they knew what it meant to be able to refine a supreme-rank pill.

It was safe to say that an alchemist who could refine supreme-rank pills was already half a step into the divine level!

To refine supreme-rank pills, relying solely on external forces and luck was insufficient. One's mastery of alchemy must reach a profound level. Otherwise, it was all just empty talk.

Wang Teng ignored everyone's expressions and picked up the attribute bubbles around him.

Constellation Force (Lightning)*2500

Constellation Force (Lightning)*3000

Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning*600

Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning*800

Not bad! Wang Teng's eyes lit up. He didn't expect to obtain that much attributes this time. It was even more than the amount he obtained during the previous 12 times.

The lightning constellation Force merged into his body and flowed through his limbs and bones, it entered his Inner Cosmos and turned into purple constellations!


There was a loud explosion. Wang Teng's constellation lightning Force had reached the third level of the cosmos stage!

Constellation Lightning Force: 2800/30000 (cosmos stage third level)

Wang Teng looked at his attributes board and nodded in satisfaction. No one would have thought that his realm would increase by one level after refining a few grandmaster-level pills.

He killed two birds with one stone!

The recent 12 calamity lightnings had provided Wang Teng with a lot of constellation lightning Forces. He was already at the peak of the second level of the cosmos stage. After obtaining another 5,500 points of attributes, his constellation lightning Force leveled up immediately.

Without any hesitation!

Then, there was the Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning. He had obtained a total of 1,400 points, which was not a small amount.

The calamity lightning caused by this supreme-rank pill was indeed extraordinary!

What made Wang Teng even happier was that after the 1,400 attribute points merged into the Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning in his Inner Cosmos. The ball of Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning underwent a mysterious change!

It seemed to be transforming!

The entire ball of Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning suddenly expanded. Lightning flashed continuously and erupted with a dazzling light.

Unfortunately, no one could see it.

That cluster of lightning, shimmering with silver radiance, was undergoing a transformation. Its color is deepening, gradually taking on a hint of purple hue.

His first-rank calamity lightning was originally silver-white, but the true calamity lightning was purple.

It seemed that Wang Teng's calamity lightning power was undergoing a true metamorphosis, displaying a trace of purple hue and significantly increasing in its might.

Wang Teng could feel that this ball of Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning had become stronger, emitting a faintly terrifying aura akin to heavenly might. It contained a dreadful power.

Wang Teng glanced at his attributes board.

Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning: 200/20000 (second-rank)

Second rank!

Wang Teng's Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning had reached the second rank!

During this period, Wang Teng had experienced many calamity lightnings. During the time in the Chaotic Uncharted, he had picked up a lot of attribute bubbles. In addition to the dozens of calamity lightnings in the past few days, he didn't realize that his Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning attribute had reached the peak of first rank. He could advance soon.

The 1,400 attribute points he obtained this time allowed his Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning to reach the peak of first rank. It finally advanced and transformed from the first rank to the second rank.

Wang Teng was in a wonderful mood. This was a pleasant surprise.

Moreover, there were two surprises, one big and one small.

If not for the fact that the situation did not allow it, he would have immediately experimented with the second-rank Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning.

But looking around, there were too many people. It was better to save it for later.

Wang Teng looked at the golden pillar of light below. After the calamity lightning disappeared, the pillar of light also dissipated slowly. Three round pills appeared in front of him, emitting an even stronger fragrance.

Many people smelled this fragrance and their spirits were shaken.

Wang Teng immediately kept the three pills into the jade bottle and sealed them. Then, he descended from the sky and disappeared in front of everyone.