Wang Teng was honestly greedy.

"Grandmaster Wang Teng, can we start now?" Hu Qi didn't know what benefits Wang Teng had just received. He couldn't help but nudge him.

"Alright, let's start now," Wang Teng nodded and said seriously.

The eternal-stage martial warriors' expressions turned serious.

"I'll have to trouble the two of you when I start refining the two star cores."

Wang Teng reminded him just in case. He didn't know if he could control the eternal matter now.

According to the system's nature, since he possessed eternal matter, he should be able to control it.

However, he did not want to appear too special in front of the two eternal-stage martial warriors.

Low profile! Low profile!

"Alright!" Both of them nodded solemnly.

"I'll refine the other materials now." Wang Teng didn't waste any more time. He started refining the other materials apart from the two star cores.

He was very fast. One by one, the spiritual herbs flew into the furnace and turned into refined matter under the embrace of the emerald flames. There were no mishaps.

Hu Qi and the other eternal-stage martial warrior watched in astonishment. They looked at each other and their admiration for Wang Teng's alchemical skills grew even stronger.

Not only was Wang Teng's refining speed fast, but his techniques were also extremely skillful and aesthetically pleasing. It was a sight to behold.

Ordinary grandmaster alchemists would not be able to do this.

The two of them were completely immersed in Wang Teng's refining process, oblivious to the passage of time until Wang Teng suddenly spoke up.

"Alright, throw the two star cores into the furnace."

Hu Qi and the other eternal-stage martial warrior instantly turned alert. They each handled a star core and threw it into the furnace according to Wang Teng's instructions.



As soon as the two titan-level star beast star cores touched the flames, they tried to break free. Specks of starry light emerged, transforming into two starlight azure dragons that let out roaring sounds.

"Hmph, sinful beast, how dare you resist!" Hu Qi snorted coldly and was about to suppress them.

"Senior, don't be too rough, a gentle suppression will suffice," Wang Teng immediately advised.

Hu Qi was stunned for a moment and immediately nodded. He somehow managed to trap the two star cores within the flames.

The two azure dragons were instantly dispersed and returned to their cores.

Wang Teng's eyes lit up. He saw more attribute bubbles appearing and floating above the two star cores.

Get them!

Eternal Matter*12

Eternal Matter*15

Eternal Matter*10

Eternal Matter*20

Awesome. A total of 57 points. It's even more than before! Wang Teng was elated. He almost laughed out loud. The corners of his lips curled up uncontrollably.

However, Wang Teng quickly focused and shifted his attention away from the eternal matter.

Now was the critical moment of refining the eternal matter. He could not afford to be careless.

Very soon, Wang Teng realized that it was extremely difficult to refine the star cores of this titan-level star beast. He had to exert all his efforts to activate the power of the divine flame, and only then did the two star cores show signs of melting.

It's not enough! He frowned again after a moment.

Hu Qi and the others also noticed this situation and their expressions turned solemn.

He didn't expect that even a divine flame couldn't refine the star cores.

Looks like I have to use the Soul Of Thousand Beasts Flame. Wang Teng felt helpless. Without any hesitation, he released the Soul Of Thousand Beasts Flame and it entered the furnace.


A scorching sensation erupted instantly as the collision of the emerald and red flames seemed to trigger a chemical reaction, causing the temperature to rise continuously.

"What!" Hu Qi and the others were shocked. They widened their eyes and looked at the red flames.

"A second divine flame!"

The two of them couldn't help but look at each other in surprise and joy.

Outside the alchemy room, Dong Yutang was stunned for a moment and asked, "Do you feel that the temperature seems to have risen a lot?"

"Indeed!" Pu Yuanzhong nodded.

"Could it be that divine flames are so terrifying that even the array formation in the alchemy room can't isolate the heat?" Cecilia asked.

"The wonders of divine flames are far beyond our understanding." Dong Yutang shook his head.

In the alchemy room, with the help of the two divine flames, the two star cores finally melted completely, transforming into two clusters of sparkling lights.

"Seniors, sprinkle the eternal matter on the other spiritual herbs. Remember to do it evenly!" Wang Teng said.

Hu Qi and the other eternal-stage martial warrior nodded and did as they were told.

They were very cautious as they scattered the eternal matter evenly. Fortunately, it wasn't difficult for eternal-stage martial warriors.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that. Then, he started fusing the various spiritual herbs.

Time passed slowly…

The anticipated mishaps did not occur, and the final process of pill condensation proceeded surprisingly smoothly. Within the furnace, four rounded pills began to take shape.

Hu Qi and the lady stared at the furnace nervously. Their palms were covered in sweat.

Ever since they advanced to the eternal stage, it had been a long time since they had been so nervous.

However, at this moment, they couldn't spare much thought for anything else. Their hearts were focused solely on the Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill. As long as they could succeed, everything else paled in comparison.


After some time, a loud rumbling sound suddenly echoed from within the furnace. A rich medicinal fragrance filled the air as the Force reverberated against the walls of the furnace, creating a series of clangorous sounds.

"Is it going to succeed?" Hu Qi and the lady were shocked as they stared at the furnace intently.

"Open the dome!"


As soon as he finished speaking, another loud rumble echoed out. A pillar of light shot into the sky from the furnace, and the four pills turned into four Azure Dragons, intertwining and soaring into the sky.