At least when Wang Teng saw this scene, he couldn't help but feel his heart trembling. He turned to glance at Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan, who was beside him.

Sir, are you sure this is alright?

The scene before them was like the apocalypse itself – a pitch-black expanse that seemed to have no end.

Thick and mighty lightning bolts flashed within the dark clouds, resembling thunderous dragons with unparalleled might.



Roars echoed from within the Chaotic Star Sea. It was drawing closer to the Seven Stellar Academies continents.

The Chaotic Star Sea churned like ocean waves. It appeared that a dreadful presence was about to emerge beneath. Countless streams of chaotic energy surged, reaching high into the sky. It was an awe-inspiring sight.

"Scary!" Wang Teng's expression slightly stiffened.

Even Hu Qi, an eternal-stage martial warrior, could feel the pressure and his expression turned extremely serious.

"Come, follow me!" Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan said to Wang Teng when he saw the eternal stage martial warriors in the distance.

"Me? Follow you?" Wang Teng was surprised.

"This is most likely caused by you. If you don't go, who will?" Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan laughed.

Wang Teng's expression turned bitter.

He felt wronged!

He was just refining a pill. He never expected such a thing to happen. This felt like a prank.

Wang Teng had no choice but to follow Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan. They flew towards the eternal-stage martial warriors.

Dong Yutang, Hu Qi, and the others followed him too.

Wang Teng was astounded when he saw this bunch of eternal-stage martial warriors. The academy's foundation was incredibly strong. There were at least 20 to 30 eternal-stage martial warriors among them.

Most importantly, the eternal-stage martial warriors felt even stronger than Bai Shanhou.

Bai Shanhou was an eternal-stage marquess. His ability exceeded that of an ordinary eternal-stage marquess.

These eternal-stage martial warriors were stronger than Bai Shanhou. This meant that they were either eternal-stage dukes or eternal-stage rulers.

"Are you surprised?" Hu Qi smiled and asked.

"Yes!" Wang Teng nodded.

"This is just a small portion of eternal-stage martial warriors in our academy," Hu Qi smiled and mysteriously remarked.

"A small portion?!" Wang Teng was shocked.

Was this exaggeration necessary?

There were many powerful martial warriors, yet they were just a small portion!

He noticed that Hu Qi said "a small portion" rather than "a portion", implying that the Stellar Academies had even more eternal-stage martial warriors hidden behind the scene.

Perhaps these eternal-stage martial would only appear when the situation became extremely dire.

"Look over there," Hu Qi motioned for Wang Teng to look upward.

"Those are…" Wang Teng's eyes widened slightly as he followed Hu Qi's gaze, and his pupils contracted suddenly.

In the sky above, several figures as grand as deities stood in the air, radiating a profoundly awe-inspiring presence.

They were just standing there, but they seemed to be in another part of space. Many people couldn't notice them.

Even Wang Teng didn't notice their presence.

God stage! They must be god-stage martial warriors! Wang Teng was dumbstruck. He knew that they must be above the eternal stage.

Above the eternal stage was… the god stage!

That was an existence that had truly transcended everything, holding up the divine kingdom and being gods themselves!

"Do you understand now?" Hu Qi chuckled when he saw his expression.

He enjoyed looking at Wang Teng's expression. This junior loved to boast. If he wasn't taught a lesson, he wouldn't realize that there was always someone better than him.

Wang Teng didn't know what to say anymore. Indeed, the academy had such existences and there was more than one!

Before he could think further, Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan had already brought him in front of the eternal stage martial warriors.

"Tao Yuan! Why are you here?" An eternal stage martial warrior asked in surprise.

"I was unoccupied so I came to take a look," Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan said with a smile. "Furthermore, I speculate that this matter might be related to the pill refined by this young friend Wang Teng. That's why I brought him here. It will be great if we can resolve this matter without shedding blood."

"Wang Teng!" A few eternal-stage martial warriors recognized Wang Teng. They were Sikong The Second, Shu Chu, and Geng Zhizhen.

Lately, Wang Teng had been anything but quiet within the academy, and even eternal-stage martial warriors like them heard some rumors.

Thus, when they saw Wang Teng, their expressions turned strange.

"Wang Teng, what pill did you make?" Sikong The Second was surprised and asked curiously.

The other eternal stage martial warriors regained their senses upon hearing his question. The most important thing now was to understand what was going on.

"Erm…" Wang Teng felt a little nervous under the gazes of so many eternal-stage martial warriors, especially when they looked as if they wanted to dissect him. It was quite unsettling. He didn't dare to waste any time and took out the Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill. "It's this Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill."

"Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill? What pill is this?" Sikong The Second frowned and asked, "Tao Yuan, are you sure that these pills are enough to cause such a huge commotion?"

The other eternal stage martial warriors also found it a bit absurd. If Tao Yuan, the Alchemy Saint, didn't say it, they would have dismissed it outright.

"I knew you would underestimate these few pills." Tao Yuan smiled calmly. "You might not know this, but these Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pills are grandmaster-level supreme-rank pills…"