They felt at ease after realizing that the commotion was caused by the pills.

Now, they had the initiative.

They wouldn't need to fight!

And might even be able to gain some benefits from the other side.

Even if it came to a confrontation, they weren't afraid. The reputation of the Seven Stellar Academies wasn't just for show.


At this moment, a violent roar erupted from within the Chaotic Star Sea. Endless chaotic energy surged into the void, resembling a column of water connecting the void's dark clouds.

Wang Teng hurriedly looked in front. He saw a terrifying black shadow in the 'water pillar' formed by the energy flux.

However, the figure vanished in an instant. Instead, the dark clouds in the air began to churn, accompanied by thunderous roars.

Following that, a massive head slowly emerged. A pair of majestic giant eyes fixed their gaze upon Wang Teng and the others.

"Azure Dragon!" Wang Teng was astounded. He almost shouted.

This was a real Azure Dragon star beast!

Judging by its size alone, it was undoubtedly a Universe Behemoth. The sheer enormity of its head left people awe-struck.

Of course, the scariest thing was its stage. The pressure it exuded was akin to the might of the heavens themselves. It was definitely above the titan level.

"It's you."

A calm voice was suddenly heard in the air.

The voice wasn't loud but it resonated clearly in everyone's ears. It was shocking.

The god-stage martial warrior has spoken! Wang Teng thought to himself.

Only god-stage martial warriors had the right to interact with such a presence.

"Give me the pill and I'll leave immediately." The Azure Dragon opened its mouth and its voice echoed in the sky.

"It came for a pill!"

The students around them finally understood the origin of this commotion. They were stunned and amazed.

"What can you give us in return?" The god-stage martial warrior asked calmly.

"I can guarantee 30,000 years of peace for the Seven Stellar Academies." The Azure Dragon's gaze turned sharp.

"Not enough!" The god-stage martial warrior said.

"What do you want?" The Azure Dragon's voice was emotionless.

"100,000 years!" The god-stage martial warrior replied calmly.

"Impossible." A hint of anger appeared in Azure Dragon's calm voice. It stared at the god-stage martial warrior with his dragon eyes.

"In that case, there's no need to discuss further. If you want to fight, we'll fight with you," the god-stage martial warrior smiled and replied.

In the next moment, with a casual wave of his hand, a powerful sword radiance streaked through the sky and sliced into the dark clouds.

The gleaming sword light illuminated the entire sky.

Only the astonishing sword remained in everyone's eyes, leaving them dazed and unable to recover for a long time.

Even Wang Teng was shocked. The brilliance of the sword reflected in his eyes and left him bewildered. He hadn't expected the god-stage martial warriors to act so quickly. Their attitude was truly unyielding.

The Azure Dragon's pupils constricted. It opened its massive jaws and spewed forth a golden light, meeting the terrifying sword radiance head-on.


In an instant, the two attacks collided, producing a terrifying explosion.

Force surged, and the flux in the Chaotic Star Sea turned violent. It was like a tsunami.

Numerous massive star beast silhouettes emerged from within the Chaotic Star Sea. They were directly killed by the residual impact of the two attacks. Blood and flesh scattered, staining a large area red.

Wang Teng looked down at the Chaotic Star Sea in astonishment.

There were so many of them!

Countless star beasts were present within the Chaotic Star Sea. He could see an overwhelming number of them with just a glance.

At the same time, the dark clouds in the sky split into two. The lightning temporarily subsided and the Azure Dragon's huge body was forced back.


The Azure Dragon was shocked and furious.



Wang Teng was filled with respect.

The formidable warriors in the stellar academies were indeed incredible. They didn't show any fear even when facing this terrifying Azure Dragon and chose to fight with it head-on.

How unyielding!

The Azure Dragon was infuriated. He glared at the real god-level martial warrior from the Stellar Academies with a trace of dread in its eyes.

For a moment, the atmosphere froze.

Many individuals grew tense, feeling that a battle could break out at any moment.

However, Wang Teng felt that a battle was unlikely. Their side was powerful so they had no reason to fear.

On the other side, the Azure Dragon seemed to be the only god-stage presence on the other side. It was improbable for them to engage in a fight.

As expected, the Azure Dragon remained silent for some time before speaking again.

"50,000 years, no more. I can't make the decision alone!"

"80,000 years!" The god-stage martial warrior replied.

"60,000 years!" Azure Dragon suppressed its anger and replied.

"Deal!" The god-stage martial warrior said.

The Azure Dragon: …

"Pfft!" Wang Teng burst out laughing. This Azure Dragon was scary but it didn't appear very smart.

The Azure Dragon lowered its head slowly and looked at Wang Teng. Its expression seemed somewhat embarrassed.

"Ahem!" Wang Teng noticed the stare and immediately cleared his throat. His expression returned to normal as if he hadn't been laughing just now.

"Young man, give it the pill." The voice of a god-stage martial warrior sounded beside Wang Teng's ear.

"Yes!" Wang Teng nodded, respectfully acknowledging.

He couldn't refuse this request and Alchemy Saint Tao Yuan already mentioned that the academy would compensate them.

His contribution to this matter was quite substantial.

He believed the stellar academy wouldn't let him go unrewarded.

Wang Teng took out two Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pills and placed them in another jade bottle. Then, he wrapped them with his spiritual power and sent them towards the Azure Dragon.

The jade bottle only flew halfway before Wang Teng's spiritual power got detached. The jade bottle was swept towards the Azure Dragon by another force.

"Farewell!" A hint of barely noticeable delight flashed in the Azure Dragon's eyes. Its massive body flickered within the dark clouds and vanished from everyone's sight.


The Chaotic Star Sea below churned violently. The Azure Dragon had entered the Chaotic Star Sea and disappeared.

This terrifying presence came and left in a hurry.

However, it left a deep impression on many students.

For many students, encountering a true god-stage martial warrior was extremely rare. Some had never seen one before.

But today, they saw more than one god-stage martial warrior!

And an Azure Dragon that was as powerful as a god-stage martial warrior.

It was truly an eye-opening experience.

Even though the Azure Dragon had left, many were still fervently discussing the event, displaying great excitement.

Meanwhile, as the origin of this commotion, Wang Teng had also left a deep impression on many.

The fact that Wang Teng's pills could attract such a terrifying presence was truly beyond imagination. His prowess in alchemy was astonishing!

Wang Teng didn't care about this. He stared at the space in front with a burning gaze. He was elated.

More than ten attribute bubbles were floating at the spot where the Azure Dragon star beast appeared.