Wind God Sword Art!

Since it was named with the word 'god', it must be extraordinary.

However, there was only one stance for now. It was called the Gale Slaughter.

The instructions and insights related to the cultivation of the Gale Slaughter appeared in Wang Teng's mind. He was enlightened and immediately entered the foundation stage.

Dragon God Roar: 1200/10000 (foundation)

Wind God Sword Art (First stance: Gale Slaughter): 1600/10000 (foundation)

Divine-level battle techniques require 10,000 attribute points to advance to the next stage. Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.

These divine-level techniques were undeniably powerful but the difficulty of improving them was quite high too. He couldn't just follow behind the two god-stage martial warriors and wait for them to drop attribute bubbles.

Well, he didn't even know if he could find them.

Even if he could get close to a god-stage martial warrior, if Wang Teng dared to do this, he would probably get slapped to death by one of them.

I guess I can only use my blank attributes! Wang Teng thought to himself.

Fortunately, he had saved a large number of blank attributes earlier, thinking they might be useful when he created his technique. Little did he know that he would create a technique based on the insights he gained from the Chaotic Uncharted, which was quite a pleasant surprise.

Hence, he managed to save the blank attributes.

After picking up the attribute bubbles left by the two god-stage martial warriors, Wang Teng looked at the Chaotic Star Sea again.

The previous clash between the two god-stage presences caused a huge Force impact that killed quite a number of star beasts within the Chaotic Star Sea. Naturally, there were attribute bubbles.

As expected, after sensing his surroundings carefully, he realized that there were many attribute bubbles beneath the chaotic currents of the Chaotic Star Sea. They just hadn't surfaced, which was why he hadn't noticed them before.

It's a good thing I thought of this.

Wang Teng immediately released his spiritual power into the Chaotic Star Sea. He picked up the attribute bubbles.

Constellation Force (Water)*800

Wood Constellation Force*1200

Blank Attribute*1200

Metal Constellation Force*1000

Constellation Force (Fire)*700

Blank Attribute*1800

So many attribute bubbles! Wang Teng felt extremely lucky today.

He picked up numerous attribute bubbles from the Chaotic Star Sea.

Although the value of each attribute bubble wasn't a lot, when accumulated, they amounted to a significant sum.

There was also a variety of attributes present. In just a short moment, all of Wang Teng's Forces received a tremendous boost.

Constellation Metal Force: 13500/40000 (cosmos stage fourth level)

Constellation Wood Force: 3200/20000 (cosmos stage second level)

Constellation Water Force: 2800/20000 (cosmos stage second level)

Constellation Fire Force: 2100/20000 (cosmos stage second level)

Constellation Earth Force: 2500/20000 (cosmos stage second level)

Constellation Wind Force: 12800/40000 (cosmos stage fourth level)

Constellation Lightning Force: 5600/30000 (cosmos stage third level)

Constellation Ice Force: 6300/10000 (cosmos stage first level)

Constellation Poison Force: 5100/10000 (cosmos stage first level)

Among them, the five basic elements underwent a substantial chance, with some achieving a breakthrough. Apart from Metal Force which recently advanced to the fourth level, all his other Forces had reached the second level of the cosmos stage.

The other four special Forces rose too, even though they didn't reach the point of breakthrough.

In addition to this, Wang Teng acquired a considerable amount of blank attributes. He received 135,300 points of them!

Wang Teng looked at his attributes board.

Blank Attribute: 4028500

I have more than 4 million blank attributes! Wang Teng was elated. He suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction.

It wasn't easy to collect this many blank attributes.

Wang Teng had never been so well off before.

Although the description of events sounded lengthy, in reality, it all happened in just a short period. After collecting the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng heard Hu Qi speaking to him.

"Grandmaster Wang Teng, since this matter has ended, we should take our leave."

"Alright!" Wang Teng turned and nodded at Hu Qi and his wife. He smiled and said, "In that case, I'll congratulate you in advance on the impending arrival of your child."

"Hahaha…" Hu Qi laughed heartily, "Thank you for your well-wishes!"

"Oh right, this is the Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill made from the star core of an ultimate-stage imperial-level star beast. It's of no use to us now, so we'll give it to you."

He took out the three Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pills and passed them to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng nodded and accepted them without refusal.

At his current level, Wang Teng probably wouldn't need these items. He would only need them at the eternal stage or even higher. By then, he could certainly refine even better Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill for himself.

However, after witnessing the attraction of this pill to star beasts, Wang Teng felt that it might come in handy someday. So, he decided to keep them for now.

"Let's exchange contact information. If you have any issues in the future, feel free to reach out to us," Hu Qi opened his wristwatch and exchanged contact information with Wang Teng.

"You're too polite." Although Wang Teng said this, he still chose to exchange contacts with them.

Hu Qi admired his straightforward manner. He laughed and didn't mind at all.

"Huh? Senior, why did you transfer 100,000 points to me?" Wang Teng was stunned.

"That's a token of appreciation for your assistance. You made two batches of pills for us consecutively. How can we not show our gratitude?" Hu Qi said.

"You're too polite!" Wang Teng said hurriedly but he was actually quite delighted.

100,000 points!

Even when he broke two records in a row, he didn't earn this many points. Making pills for these two eternal-stage martial warriors was indeed worth his time and effort.